Chapter 2663: Oriole From Behind

Sun Lengying and his companion knew that capturing Liu Chuqing would truly infuriate Li Qiye.

It would become an irreconcilable feud until one side is dead. Keep in mind that they have been hiding and mobilizing in the shadows. They haven’t had a direct confrontation with Li Qiye or did anything against his interest. In fact, Li Qiye might even owe them.

However, this kidnapping changed everything. They were stepping from the shadows to the light. Nevertheless, there was no other choice.

They needed to do this in order to lead him into the Mu. That’s why they took a big risk, albeit with ample preparation. This ended with them successfully taking Liu Chuqing despite her being under the protection of Ill Lord’s group.

Though the actual kidnapping only took a second or so, they expended plenty of effort so the failure was quite a blow. The ambusher was extremely powerful and caught them by surprise, quickly leaving before they could react.

Remember, these two were mighty enough to kidnap Chuqing despite the masters guarding her. However, this ambusher was superior to them. They couldn’t think of someone else being so strong in Imperial outside of Solar Daoist.

Of course, it couldn’t be the daoist because he was also preparing a trap for Li Qiye back in the Mu Clan.

“Who is it?” Lengying looked at his companion and wondered.

The companion didn’t respond. In fact, they both had the same idea but didn’t want to say it out loud.

“Go, Fiercest is coming. He doesn’t know that we don’t have the hostage.” The companion said seriously while speeding for the Mu.

Lengying had no choice but to follow. They hoped that Li Qiye would follow them or trying to bait him again would be quite difficult.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, deafening explosions detonated all over Imperial. The world seemed to be on the verge of exploding into ashes.

Black clouds gathered and showed up everywhere. Terrifying lightning currents surged among them, resembling gigantic dragons wanting to tear the world apart.

These wild bolts seemed eager to strike with enough force to destroy systems. At this time, a monstrous aura ravaged Imperial. The situation didn’t look optimistic.

“What’s going on?” Many trembled in response.

These experts have never seen such a terrifying scene before in their lives. The black clouds looked like a prelude to the apocalypse.

“It’s the wrath of a supreme master…” The powerful Eternals could sense it and knew that this wasn’t a natural disaster.

“A power comparable to a progenitor…” An ancient Eternal shuddered.

“Damn, please don’t hit our system or it’s over.” Another master murmured in horror.

Eternals like them were monstrous compared to regular people. However, they were only ants before this presence capable of flattening Imperial. They felt a force on the same level as a progenitor - simply unstoppable.

“Rumble!” The living beings in Imperial became paralyzed on the ground due to the pressure, unable to muster the courage to get up. 

“Buzz.” The spatial fabrics of Imperial became twisted and transformed.

Space seemed to be crazily concaving downward to form multiple stacking layers. This made it possible for two coordinates to be next to each other, meaning that one person could instantly move from one realm to another.

“This is insanity. Whoever doing this is stacking dimensions on top of each other. No need to move through space, just one step alone is enough to go wherever.” A top Eternal felt his heart skipping a beat. This ability has exceeded their limits.

“Pop!” One could see this magnificent scene anywhere in Imperial.

A person came out of the folded dimensions. His next step perfectly landed him onto the right coordinates. In other words, he could manipulate and fold spatial dimensions to make distance meaningless. Just one step could take him to his desired location.

“It’s Fiercest!” Someone screamed after seeing the figure.

“Yes, the supreme king of Nine Secrets System.” No one could stay calm after seeing him, not even the Eternals.

Fiercest’s battle feat at Stone Harmony has spread across Imperial. His title intimidated all the living beings.

Venerable Deer Merchant, Four Esteemed King, and the Tree Observer were annihilated. The heaven’s favorite, Puresword True Emperor, almost lost his life before being rescued.

Everyone was speechless to hear about this. Not many dared to talk about it. Fiercest has firmly established his status in everyone’s mind. People shuddered from just hearing his title.

They came to find that Fiercest was actually the king of Nine Secrets. This made him seem even more unstoppable.

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