Chapter 2662: Crossing The Line

Li Qiye traveled through numerous spatial realms with unimaginable speed. Time beneath his feet seemed to be slowing down to a snail’s pace.

“Buzz.” The area around him had ripples and waves of fluctuation. 

His foot touched the ground again and the scenery changed. He was now inside the royal palace of Nine Secrets.

The distance between Mingluo and Nine Secrets would take others a long period to get through, but Li Qiye only needed one step.

Of course, he wouldn’t use this supreme technique for speed over nothing.

The palace was a mess now with clear signs of a battle. Several pavilions nearby have collapsed with dust scattering nearby. It must have been recent.

“Buzz.” Several people appeared before him.

“Young Noble.” They were ecstatic to see Li Qiye, almost like seeing much-needed reinforcement.

The group consisted of Ill Lord and others, also Southpeak Woodcutter.

“Where’s Chuqing?” Li Qiye looked around with chilling intensity in his eyes, causing the group to shudder.

“We were useless and couldn’t stop the enemies. She has been taken away.” The five got on their knees.

“It’s not their fault, the two enemies came prepared. They hid in the palace and took Her Highness away in the blink of an eye. I was also one step too late and couldn’t hold them back.” The woodcutter smiled wryly.

So it turned out that Poison Phoenix Lady and the other three got caught off guard. Moreover, these two together might have been stronger than them as well.

When Ill Lord joined in, they have already taken her away. The worst part was that these two knew the palace like the back of their hands and avoided all the formations. The five masters didn’t share the same familiarity so they couldn’t keep up.

At that moment, the woodcutter noticed it as well and used a peerless speed to arrive. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the other two from escaping.

Li Qiye showed up exactly when they were thinking about pursuing.

All of this happened in a second or so. The enemies’ efficiency was truly impressive. This effectiveness was thanks to their knowledge of the imperial palace, seemingly aware of every entrance and sentry location. This allowed them to elude all the guards and traps.

“The two bastards are definitely Lucidity King and Sun Lengying. I can recognize Lengying’s  sword even if it turns to ashes.” Wild Bull shouted and had a deep gash on his arm.

During the sudden ambush, Wild Bull jumped in the way and blocked a slash with his arm.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Ill Lord was hesitant to speak without proofs: “They shielded everything earlier so we can’t be sure. Plus, Lucidity King is dead.”  

“Hmph, who else can it be? I can recognize the arts of Nine Secrets even if they deliberately try to hide it.” Wild Bull angrily said.

“It should be them since they are far more familiar with the palace than us.” Poison Phoenix felt the same way.

Ill Lord sighed and said: “The evidence does point to them.”

He also thought that it was these two but he didn’t wish to speak without having solid evidence, unlike the rash Wild Bull.

“I’ve cut down some hair from one, we can pursue.” The woodcutter spread his palm, revealing some gray hair.

“They’re courting death. To actually scheme against me.” Li Qiye uttered coldly as murderous intent erupted from him.

The group could tell that Li Qiye wanted to kill so they became afraid.

He grabbed one strand of hair and melted it down. “Buzz.” Space started to melt as well, refined by his amazing technique.

This heaven-defying method allowed him to see everything going on in Imperial.

The group took a deep breath after seeing this. Li Qiye could refine space on a whim.

This power exceeded their imagination. They started thinking that joining him was very wise.

“Clank.” The melted hair turned into a law resembling an iron link. It started chasing into the melted dimension and locked on a particular coordinate.

This coordinate meant the two enemies have run there.

“Hmm, this is very close to the Mu System. They’re heading for that clan.” The woodcutter was surprised.

“I’ll show them what a butcher is. Rain of blood will descend down that place.” Li Qiye chillingly declared.

Having said that, he stepped into the melted dimension as well and traveled through the realms.

The group glanced at each other in a daze, not knowing what to say. Li Qiye has always kept a cool and nonchalant demeanor, doing everything with a unique poise. Nothing in this world could affect his emotions, so this was their first time seeing him angry.

They felt that this rage was more terrifying than anything else. All gods and supreme existences would tremble beneath him. A terrible massacre was on the way.

“They need to start praying. Sun Lengying and the Mu will turn to ashes beneath the young noble’s fury. Nothing will be left of that invincible system but scorched earth! Imperial will heave with terror as a result. Everyone will remember this day.” The woodcutter shook his head, speaking with fear in the depth of his eyes. Even a hidden master like him was truly intimidated.


Sun Lengying and his ally flew through space towards the Mu. However, they didn’t have Liu Chuqing.

“Such failure, we stalk the cicada, unaware of the oriole coming from behind.” The deep voice sounded exasperated and slightly furious.

They have spent so much effort to kidnap Liu Chuqing from the palace in order to lead Li Qiye into the trap.

Alas, they didn’t make it far from Nine Secrets before being ambushed themselves and Liu Chuqing got taken away. 

They tried to pursue but the ambusher was already nowhere to be found.

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