Chapter 2661: The Third Person

“As long as your clan agrees to go all out, everything will be simple. I have a method of baiting Fiercest into your trap. You just need to prepare sufficiently.” Sun Lengying seemed to have it figured out.

“Very well, we shall go all out! It is better to just get it over with, rather than prolong the agony.” The Mu ancestor gritted his teeth and declared.

They had no other choice because of Fiercest’s overbearing and merciless style. This was their only chance with the daoist’s hope. Once he left for Immortal Lineage, no one else in Imperial could take on Fiercest. 

It would be too late for them to try and stop him then. They would become fish on the chopping board.

“Don’t worry, Brother Mu, I will assist with everything I got. My Silver Secret will take camp at your clan and fight to the death against Fiercest.” Lengying resoundingly announced.

“Thank you, Brother Sun. I’ll also lead the baiting to you.” The ancestor took a deep breath and cupped his fist.

“I already have a great plan, Brother Mu.” Lengying nodded: “You just need to prepare an inescapable trap then Senior Solar will join as well to kill Fiercest. Imperial will belong to the two of us afterward.”

“Good, it’s decided.” The Mu ancestor nodded before leaving.

Lengying watched the departing ancestor’s back and took another sip, seemingly as calm as ever.

“It’s over for the Mu.” A deep voice came from inside.

“We’ll follow the plan. It will be even more perfect if Fiercest and Solar Daoist fight each other to the death too.” Lengying agreed.

“We need to create the best circumstances for that to happen.” The voice answered but no one was in sight.

“It won’t be easy.” Lengying hesitated: “Fiercest is unfathomable and this daoist is certainly not his match. Even if they are evenly-matched, we can’t actually control the conditions for a double kill due to their power level.”

“Lengying, no need to be so pessimistic. Plus, we have lived long enough, it’s time to take a risk. The bigger the risk, the more amazing the harvest. The Li won’t be able to take us on afterward and will obediently submit. Imperial will be ours, no one will dare to disobey our commands then.” The voice was quite confident and aggressive. It must be a powerful character speaking.

“True.” Lengying eventually agreed: “I’m still worried about Fiercest. That monster might kill the Mu and the daoist then the two of us might not escape unscathed either.”

“So what? As I’ve said, the harvest is proportional to the risk. Of course, even if we fail, the worst thing that can happen is death. Think about it, with the Mu gone, Nine Secrets will take over this world anyway, that’s still our lineage. Our death will not be in vain.” This speaker seemed quite carefree about the possibility of dying.

“I guess so.” Lengying sighed.

“Everything is going exactly to plan.” The voice was very satisfied with the current developments.

“Fiercest isn’t, his power is far beyond our imagination and his personality is too unpredictable.” Lengying lamented.

“It’s fine. Fiercest will certainly come head-first into the trap. We’ll just watch on the sideline and see how the Mu and that daoist will fare.” 

“Yes.” Lengying accepted. Nevertheless, he still had qualms about opposing Fiercest.

“Death is inevitable.” The voice continued: “The two of us can’t live forever, no one can, so why not do some incredible matters before death? That will make our lives worth living. All in all, I’m satisfied with how long I’ve lived. We’ll see if Fiercest is ready for death! Hahaha!” The person laughed heartily.

Lengying only smiled wryly and shook his head, not bothering to respond.


Back in the palace in Stone Harmony, Li Qiye has finished peeling the black stone but couldn’t reach the source this time around.

A pitch-black dao law was left behind. The light couldn’t illuminate this gapless law. It seemed to be full of possibilities and impeccable. No one could solve this.

“A flawless plan in case of failure. Unfortunately, you are facing me. I’ll wait for you to make a mistake.” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this.

He sealed this law using his primordial will, aiming to use it as a bait for the opponent.

“This is quite unexpected.” Li Qiye looked up at the sky with a profound gaze and said: “Looks like someone has really infiltrated Three Immortals. A great disaster is coming.”

The world didn’t know that an apocalypse could erupt at any moment. 

“I suppose this is an opportunity as well. I shouldn’t miss this chance to investigate.” He smiled.

“Don’t be caught by me now or I’ll extract everything I can out of you, I swear it.” Li Qiye’s eyes flashed with an extremely cold glint.

All existences would run after seeing this terrifying glint or risk facing death.

He then stored this dark law into his dao heart, treating it as bait for a fat fish. This was a reckless endeavor.

Any cultivator with a sliver of rationality wouldn’t do this. Just one wrong move and the darkness could devour their dao heart. However, Li Qiye had complete confidence in his dao heart.

He knew the capabilities of his opponent. Techniques, merit laws, and the grand dao couldn’t suppress this being.

In order to capture someone like this, it was best to have a dao heart battle at the very start. Once Li Qiye’s dao heart had the upper hand, he would be able to capture the opponent alive.

After all, this being didn’t need a physical form. It could transform into just about anything. 

In case of success, Li Qiye would extract all the useful information from it. He has never fought an unsure battle.

His enemies in the future were insanely terrifying. He needed to grasp as much information as possible, beyond what he had figured out from Moneyfall.

The final battle was looming in the future, one that could end everything. He needed to know the opponents like the back of his hand.

He patiently waited for the fish to bite since he had time to stay in Three Immortals right now.

Unfortunately, others had a different idea.

On this day, his meditation was interrupted by a mental fluctuation.

“Ignorant fools, to actually touch my followers. It looks like I need to make blood flows like rivers and make them wail. Only then will they learn my brutality.” His expression soured while his eyes became murderous.

He suddenly disappeared from the spot while crossing through the realms.

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