Chapter 2659: Sun Lengying’s Plan

While holding the jar, one would feel as if they were holding the three worlds as well - quite a domineering feeling.

“Three Immortals are mine now, old man, what will you give to redeem them back?” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the flashing tree.

Of course, this was only a casual comment. He wasn’t actually that moved because everything has been going to plan.

He put away the jar and left the inner world.

“Young Noble!” He returned to his palace and saw the master-disciple duo kneeling on the ground. They didn’t really know what to say.

What Li Qiye has done for them and the system - this debt and their feeling of gratitude couldn’t be expressed with words.

He glanced over and casually threw a big spatial pouch in front of them: “This is the treasures and manuals left behind by your wise sages. They will see the sun once more.”

The two opened the pouch and were met with blinding lights. Numerous weapons and armors emerged along with scrolls containing lost arts and secrets.

These things were left behind by the three True Emperors and Eternals of Stone Harmony. They left them on the ship, hoping that their descendants would one day make it to the inner world and use them to revitalize the system. Li Qiye casually took them since he was down there anyway. 

The two’s eyes became agape in disbelief. They have never seen so many treasures and such powerful weapons before.

“Young Noble!” The two kowtowed with tears all over, unable to control their emotions: “How can we ever repay your kindness? Our system will be your servants for generations to come…”

Remember, these items were virtually priceless, capable of tempting just about anyone. Plus, no one else knew that Li Qiye had found them.

Alas, he didn’t take a single one and gave the entire pouch back to Stone Harmony. The two continued to show respect by knocking their head on the ground. This was their way of showing gratitude.

“Cultivate well and bring the system back to grace, that’s one way of repaying me.” Li Qiye said.

“We will not let you down, Young Noble.” Youzheng tightened his fists and swore.

“Go now, I want to be alone.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The two bowed once more before slowly leaving the palace.

Li Qiye then sealed off the entire palace and took out the black stone taken from the dark octopus. His eyes surged with lightning as he focused.

“I want information, how did you make it to Three Immortals?” Li Qiye wondered.

Though that dark creature was insanely strong, it was still only the tip of an iceberg - a very, very tiny portion of a massive monster, just another tentacle or so.

Just imagine, one tentacle was already so terrifying, then what about the actual thing?

Li Qiye knew that this monstrosity wouldn’t be able to reach Three Immortals. It couldn’t even come to the nine worlds or the thirteen continents or there wouldn’t be a high heaven above the sky vault. 

But now, this tiny tentacle has shown up in Stone Harmony in order to search for the stone jar. In other words, it came for the tree and the three worlds.

A thing that shouldn’t be here had arrived in the impenetrable Three Immortals World. Remember, numerous worlds have fallen across the ages but Three Immortals remained untouched.

Its appearance indicated a gap in this world’s defense! If this was the case, then what about the nine worlds and thirteen continents?

The world didn’t know about these secrets but Li Qiye did. If such a thing were to happen, the word “terror” wouldn’t be enough to describe the future.

The existing darkness alone was frightening enough for his old worlds, but now, this monstrosity was something else! The former couldn’t reach the apex in comparison.

If it could infiltrate Three Immortals, then it could definitely enter the other worlds later on. 

“Maybe I’ll find an answer with this.” Li Qiye looked at his black stone. Perhaps he could find the source of it all in here.

“Let’s begin.” His eyes narrowed as he started to peel away the stone. This wasn’t his first time doing this so the process moved along smoothly.


Meanwhile, in the Mu Clan, a furious ancestor marched towards a residence.

“Boom!” He kicked down the door and sat down before an old man.

“Brother Sun, this all started because of you but all you’re doing is sitting here. It makes my clan suspicious of your true intent.” The angry ancestor sat down before an old man.

He was talking to Sun Lengying who sat there calmly. Lengying blew on his hot tea before taking a sip then slowly put the cup down.

He looked at the Mu ancestor and said: “Brother Mu, you need to think before speaking.” 

“Think before I speak? You have dragged our entire clan into this mess, do you even know of our losses? Yet all you’re doing is just spectating!” The ancestor only grew more exasperated after seeing Lengying’s calm demeanor.

The Mu lost many disciples and their emperor almost died as well in the battle. On the other hand, Lengying and his legion didn’t do a damn thing, so the Mu became suspicious.

“I didn’t do anything? If it wasn’t for me, Puresword True Emperor wouldn’t have come back alive.” Lengying stared straight at the ancestor.

“... Brother Sun, what do you mean?” The ancestor paused for a bit before asking.

“I’m telling you, Brother Mu, that I’ve done many things that you didn’t notice. Do you know how many descendants are in the Lu Clan? And you certainly know how strong Fiercest is by now. Do you think an Everlasting like Solar Daoist would actually challenge Fiercest over the death of one distant descendant?”

The Mu ancestor didn’t expect this response. Indeed, the daoist joined the fray to save their emperor at that crucial moment. They assumed that he did so in order to declare war on Fiercest and eventually have revenge for Lu Weijun.

“Brother Mu, your clan’s relationship with the Lu alone is not worth it for the daoist to save the emperor, am I right? Virtuous Nephew Mu Jian is strong, but not much in the eyes of Senior Solar.” Lengying calmly said.

“Brother Sun, you invited Solar Daoist?” The ancestor became serious.

“That's right. My late master had dao discussions with Senior Solar in the past. I was naturally there with my master and had served tea to the senior as well.” Lengying revealed.

Back before the daoist became an Everlasting, Lucidity King was qualified to have these discussions with him.

“I had to beg and beg in order to invite the senior yet you still think I didn’t do anything but watch. There are many ways to contribute, not limited to the battlefield.” Lengying’s voice turned cold.

The ancestor stared at him, still with skepticism.

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