Chapter 2657: Mysterious Stone Jar

A dao source was the very foundation of a system. Its absence signaled total destruction in just one night. All of the inhabitants there would die as well.

Thus, nothing was more important than the ao source. As long as it was still around, there were still hope and possibilities left. Once it withered or exploded, so would the system.

Everyone in Imperial knew about the decline of Stone Harmony but strangely enough, it remained in Imperial.

That’s why some progenitors believed that its dao source was still around and didn’t weaken at all.

This statement was paradoxical and hard to believe. Keep in mind that the disciples and living beings in a system had a symbiotic relationship with the source.

A disciple would cultivate the system’s merit laws and feel the grand dao power here. During this entire process, this disciple would be nourished by the system.

As for the system, having more powerful disciples only fertilized the grand dao power and the source itself.

Thus, a well-nourished dao source would result in an increase of powerful disciples, and vice versa.

As generations passed, the members of Stone Harmony only decreased in strength and number. The system no longer received the nourishment from its members so the dao source should be weakened or even withering.

However, the dao source inside the jar was still dazzling with immortal rays. Its grand dao power has materialized into extremely concentrated grand dao water.

This dao water was unbelievably dense and ancient after years and years of accumulation and refinement. It has become the purest form of grand dao water. Just one drop could greatly benefit an entire kingdom. For example, Mingluo would be full of life after one drop. Its disciples would obtain majestic dao energy.

Strangely enough, Li Qiye had no interest in the dao source. His focus was on the stone jar instead.

Any reasonable person would know the significance behind obtaining a dao source. It was akin to controlling an entire system. Li Qiye didn’t share the same feelings.

It looked as if the jar was the priceless treasure in his eyes, the thing worth getting.

Well, in reality, there were numerous dao sources in Imperial and Immortal Lineage similar to this one, but this stone jar was one-and-only.

“This is the so-called immortal stone.” Li Qiye said after long observation.

This stone was the reason why the dao source manages to stay fresh through the eras.

“Old man, I’ve found what I needed to. Time for an answer.” Li Qiye grinned: “I don’t like being a good guy for no reason and my price isn’t cheap. Are you all ready to pay?” 

He certainly wasn’t afraid of the person not paying because the guy was a big shot. Of course, the exorbitant price was going to hurt. The guy would certainly bleed with pain.

Li Qiye smiled with nothing but amusement in his eyes: “Three Immortals World... though I’m not a savior and I have no intention of becoming one, since someone has paid me to do so, then why not, let’s get the best out of it.” 

The thing he wanted was certainly extraordinary. He wondered what the guy’s expression would be like after being asked for it.

He eventually gave the dao source a look and said: “This system found fortune in a calamity. A golden age will come after this decline if its descendants put in the effort.” 

After enough years, this dao source has accumulated enough grand dao power to turn into this liquid form.

Once it returned to Stone Harmony, the system would be full of life once more and ready for a complete revitalization. Geniuses would appear in waves and bring glory back to the system.

“You all have done your best against the calamity and successfully defended the system.” Li Qiye looked at the three emperors and Eternals.

He was right. Stone Harmony’s lucky survival was due to the effort of these sages.

Their system stood at the apex back then with three emperors and countless Eternals. However, the evil entity from the sky descended and instantly drilled into the ground.

They went all out in order to kill it. The resulting battle was brutal, resulting in losing ninety-percent of their masters.

Nevertheless, they still managed to destroy it, albeit unable to slay it completely. The group here consisted of the few survivors.

They realized that the escaped limbs of this creature would return one day. Thus, they decided to hide the dao source and the immortal stone while still hoping that their descendants could make something out of themselves.

Unfortunately, not a single new emperor came out of Stone Harmony after them.

Meanwhile, the limbs of the evil creature healed for many years and eventually grew a complete body once more. It started looking for the stone and dao source by swallowing up entire cities.

Alas, it came back at the wrong time since Li Qiye was around and got annihilated by him.

Li Qiye told the corpses: “Forget it, this is also fate. I shall help your system instead of taking its dao source.”

If Li Qiye willed so, he could have refined this dao source and take its power for himself. This mighty and pure dao source would be extremely nutritious for him. He decided otherwise; greed didn’t prevail this time around.

He made his move without being affected by the existing defensive measures. They couldn’t stop him anyway, not even if they were alive.

“Here is Stone Harmony’s chance.” He said flatly before grabbing the dao source with both hands: “Up you go!” 

“Rumble!” Loud explosions detonated as he slowly lifted up the dao source. It seemed that the entire world was being dragged up by him as well.

A dao source was immensely heavy. No one else but him would be able to do this.

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