Chapter 2656: The World Inside

Li Qiye found that this was an independent realm, seemingly not located within Stone Harmony System.

Of course, not all systems have something like this. A progenitor certainly had their reason for creating one within the system.

This particular realm had a water affinity. One would find lakes and rivers everywhere. The large ones looked like dragons sleeping on the earth. They crisscrossed together to form a complex system and a great momentum within.

The world seemed to be connected in one piece and the momentum permeated across every inch in this area. This momentum was personally created by the progenitor of the system. It stole the fortunes of the heaven and could activate the profundities of the grand dao.

Thus, just one wrong step could result in death or being lost forever, unable to leave this complicated “water” system.

Mist and fog occupied the majority of this realm. One couldn’t see a complete picture of this world, making it harder to lift the curtain of secrets here.

“This is indeed a good place to hide items.” Li Qiye smiled, appreciating the complexity.

He took one step into the river from him and started riding the waves and winds.

Remember, transformations and shifts happened continuously in this system. The flow of the rivers would change each day.

Without understanding the mysteries behind this and being able to speculate the changes, one would never be able to leave this system. Of course, this wasn’t a problem for Li Qiye.

Each of his steps was magical and created numerous laws and dao. It was as if he wasn’t walking on water but rather the grand dao itself.

In reality, the rivers and lakes were only visual phenomena derived from the grand dao. The path opened, allowing him to maintain a straight direction in this maze despite the constant shifts and changes.

His pace looked slow but this wasn’t the case. His speed has reached a near unfathomable level. Just like that, he eventually made it to his destination.

There existed an ancient boat with timeworn spots everywhere on the hull. Who knows how long it has been floating on this river?

It was made from extremely precious divine woods with clear markings of powerful runes. Some came from progenitors; others from True Emperors and top Eternals…

It has been blessed with multiple layers. This was a priceless and heaven-defying treasure, certainly at the progenitorial level. The augmentations from the various existences granted it ample strength, allowing it to survive the flow of time.

It also had a mighty defense that can stop any evil intruders. Taking this down was no easy task.

One could see multiple people sitting down in a circle on the deck with a certain thing in the center. They seemed to be guarding it.

Upon closer inspection, he found that they were all dead for a long time now. Their body has decomposed and withered. Nevertheless, one could see that they were masters back in their prime. 

The three with imperial crests were strongest among this group since they still had an inviolable aura to them causing others to feel respect. There was no doubt that they used to be True Emperors.

Another ten or so participated in this circle - no imperial aura and power but there was still divinity left. These were powerful Eternals; some perhaps rivaling the emperors or weren’t that far off.

There were no wounds on any of these corpses; they all died from old age here.

As one looked even closer, they would notice the sacred mudras formed by these corpses, still maintained after millions of years with faint glows. These lights could dispel and refine any evil. It was easy to imagine how powerful these lights used to be since they are still around after so long. 

The group was protecting a boulder that closely resembles a jar. It wasn’t carved into this shape and had a big gap in the middle from the start - hence its semblance to a jar.

The outside was coarse and could scrape someone touching it. It hadn’t experienced any polishing and looked quite ordinary with an ashen shade. 

There was nothing special about it but people at Li Qiye’s level noticed that it was an unopened world in its purest pristine form.

Of course, just one glance wasn’t enough to see the mysteries within.

Immortal rays emanated from the top in a tempting manner. However, it didn’t come from the jar itself but from the thing filled to the brim and stored inside.

It contained a dao source that could easily be mistaken for liquid. It had numerous floating runes with transforming dao laws. Tiny these laws may be, they seemed to have numerous stars engraved on them. Each was akin to a galaxy.

This was the dao source of Stone Harmony.

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