Chapter 2654: Invincible

The world seemed to be frozen, whether it be the cool breezes, gurgling rivers, and roaming beasts…

Everyone stared in astonishment and didn’t move an inch - frozen like wooden chicken. The scene of carnage was too much to handle, especially a top existence like the deer merchant having his skull and spine ripped out.

The weak-hearted ones twitched a bit before vomiting. Everyone felt their hair standing on end. Mouths were wide open. Some wanted to scream and shout but nothing would come out. An invisible hand gripped their throat firmly, rendering them breathless and muting them.

An audible gasp could finally be heard from someone managing to get sound out of their throat. It didn’t take long before screaming, shrieking, and puking ensued.

The ancient ancestors, many of whom were Eternals, were cool and collected at the start. Alas, their legs trembled now while gazing at Li Qiye with respect.

Three dead, one escaped - that’s the fate of Li Qiye’s opponents. This news would shock everyone in Imperial, no exception.

Plus, the teamwork of the four was exceptional. They have exceeded the limits of teamwork and fused together perfectly, resulting in a state very similar to a progenitor - unlimited vitality, life force, and defense.

No one could come up with a being capable of taking them down. Only Solar Daoist would put up an even fight.

Alas, Li Qiye destroyed them with a single fist. Two were turned to blood while the deer merchant had his spine ripped out while still alive. Only the emperor was saved by someone else. This unbelievable result firmly established Fiercest’s dominance.

Some lost the courage to look at him and meeting his gaze.

“So strong.” The mighty Eternals murmured with paleness.

Not to mention the fusion state, just the deer merchant alone was an apex existence in Imperial. They weren’t on the same level as the deer merchant, so what would be the outcome of them if they were to oppose Fiercest?

They didn’t dare to imagine this. Plus, they no longer had the courage to go against him anyway.

“He’s invincible.” This was the only way to describe Fiercest.

Though many have been called “invincible” before, this was more of a flattery word choice, just a general description. [1]

However, when using this word to describe Fiercest, it became an unquestionable reality.

A while ago on the subject of the strongest being in Imperial, many would definitely think of Solar Daoist first. Now, rumination and hesitation joined the fray.

They haven’t seen this Everlasting in action before, only Fiercest’s invincibility.

They were aware of the significance behind the Everlasting level, especially the Eternals present. Nevertheless, they still couldn’t answer who was the stronger being between these two.

“Can Fiercest fight against an Everlasting like the daoist?” One expert quietly asked after calming down.

It was as clear as day that only the daoist was qualified to fight Fiercest now. No one else should even attempt to do so unless they felt like dying.

“It’s coming soon, a battle between those two.” One Eternal looked up and said.

“Really?” His group was skeptical since high-level battles wouldn’t happen so easily.

“Didn’t you see, Solar Daoist has already gotten involved by saving Puresword True Emperor. These two are definitely having a fight.” An Eternal said.

A palm appeared earlier to save the grievously wounded emperor. It carried the aura of an Everlasting. The daoist was the only one strong enough to save Puresword True Emperor then.

“So a contention over the title of strongest in Imperial.” Someone said.

No one took this lightly among the crowd. Both Fiercest and the daoist were terrifying existences in their mind.

“Game’s over.” Li Qiye said, trivializing the murders earlier as if he didn’t just kill three top-level masters.

“Buzz.” Meanwhile, the immortal light in Mingluo has finally reached its brightest point.

From highest prosperity to declination was the natural order. Thus, this light began to dim as well, flickering and seemingly on the verge of extinguishing.

“Good, I’m not too late.” Li Qiye returned to the city with a serious gaze.

He raised both hands and this immortal light experienced a powerful attraction. The rays began to flow towards him.

Everyone watched with bated breath as he gathered the light.

“The immortal stone is real, it’s right inside that city.” One spectator said.

Numerous sects and masters have gathered outside of the city. The immortal stone was the reason for their long journey.

Despite knowing that it was about to come out, no one dared to even think about attempting to take it. They knew that it already belongs to Fiercest. In fact, even if he were to throw it down on the ground, no one would dare to pick it up.

1. Some readers have asked me about the usage of invincibility even for cannon fodders. Why use that word when the narrative indicates otherwise? Why not pick another adjective for strong instead of being literal and inaccurate? Thank god the author is justifying his usage right now

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