Chapter 2653: To Smitheereens

Once Li Qiye took a step backward, he returned to the present in the same spot. That’s why the emperor clearly felt his sword touching Li Qiye’s head earlier. 

It had indeed touched Li Qiye’s hair but because of his extreme speed, the slash felt so slow. Just by moving forward in time, the slash became nullified.

The emperor couldn’t read this during the heat of the moment but he could see this clearly now. That’s why he was pale because he notices that Li Qiye was standing at the door of the Everlasting realm.

He wasn’t something they could handle. Only Everlastings and progenitors could match him. Anyone else was no different than worms.

He took a deep breath to compose himself. Although his power has reached an insane level with the help of his system and the other three, it still couldn’t break through the next level.

Reaching that next step required more than external help. One’s personal cultivation needed to be there.

“I don’t have any cool move, so just one punch then.” Li Qiye smiled and declared.

Having said that, his fist glowed brightly.

“Boom!” It shook ever so slightly before exuding a golden radiance.

“Boom! Boom! Boom…” It trembled for a total of twelve times. 

Most people only took note of one vibration.

“Myriad Dao Fist, twelve as one!” Li Qiye smiled and let it loose.

“Bang!” The high heaven and the great earth shattered before this punch.

Everything was pushed back to the origin, to the very start of the world. Only primordial chaos was left as far as the eye can see.

This fusion punch was unstoppable, rending all other affinities back into the start.

The inhabitants of this realm could only shudder and pray that he would show mercy instead of destroying all things.

“Go!” The emperor had no choice but to slash forward again.

“Clank!” The power similar to that of a progenitor with endless vitality and life force shot out. 

Same as before, this slash didn’t have any dao and variation, only pure murder and absolute power.

Everything else was meaningless before absolute power. This was the only way to fight.

“Boom!” The shockwaves from the impact swept through the world. The stars in the sky turned to specks of dust, even the huge planets!

Everyone watched nervously while being on the ground. Lowly characters like them could only wait for death before such annihilation.

The ultimate slash robbed the world of light again so it plunged into darkness.

When everyone could see clearly again, the Purecloud Sword has been blown flying by Li Qiye’s punch. It started fleeing into the horizon.

The personal weapon of a progenitor has shown fear and started to run before this mighty opponent.

Li Qiye punched directly at the three halos around the emperor, or the three treasure souls of the esteemed king.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” They couldn’t hold up and cracked starting with the outer layer, completely crushed by his fist.

“Bam!” The punch finally struck the emperor.

“Ah…” Strangely enough, the one screaming was Four Esteemed King, not the True Emperor.

This was because he and his treasure souls were attached to the emperor. The first one to take the hit was him, not Puresword.

The golden glow on the emperor receded like the tide and the king was forced out in the open.

However, he has suffered a terrible blow and instantly turned into a bloody mist.

The emperor still had the blessings from the Tree Observer and the deer merchant. A green glow remained. This powerful force still faltered against the punch.

“Pluff!” The green affinity was instantly extinguished.

The Tree Observer was pushed out. He didn’t have the four treasures to protect him like the king so he couldn’t even scream before being turned into blood.

“Boom!” Next came the sound of bones breaking. The emperor didn’t have a single bone left intact. His plentiful vitality has been defeated.

Because of this, the deer merchant was also forced out. He vomited blood with numerous broken bones.

These two were far luckier compared to the king and Tree Observer. The latter experienced the brunt of the punch.

Without them, perhaps the emperor and the deer merchant would be dead as well.

“Bang!” The merchant slammed into the ground.

He couldn’t get up before Li Qiye stomped down on him.

“No!” He shouted but it was too late to beg for mercy.

“Crack!” Li Qiye grabbed the antlers and pulled up. Not only were the antlers pulled out but also the merchant’s skull and spine - a gruesome scene indeed. The deer bellowed before his last moment.

The crowd was horrified while looking at Li Qiye holding the bloody antlers.

“Buzz.” In this split second, a great hand from the Mu Clan up above suddenly appeared, reaching for the emperor.

It was filled with an Everlasting’s aura to the astonishment of the crowd. It successfully pulled him into the horizon.

This happened too quickly. The crowd couldn’t react before someone had saved the emperor.

Li Qiye didn’t give chase and only gave it a cold glare. He threw the antlers down and looked up at the sky with a smile: “A monk can run but not the temple.”

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