Chapter 2650: Combination Attack

The emperor’s sword technique rose to the sky and assumed an unbeatable position. Its hymn echoed across the nine firmaments.

He became the master of heaven and earth, the ruler of the universe and all else within. Everything other than him and his sword became insignificant.

“Boom!” The tyrannical aura of a progenitor poured out, rendering him peerless.

He had the style and bearing of a progenitor now with enough power to destroy a world then create a new one.

“That’s the might of a progenitor…” Many shuddered after sensing this and felt a primal fear. This was instinctive when seeing a supreme existence, a showing of respect. Some got on their knees, more than willing to be bathed by the progenitorial aura.

“So strong, he might be on the same level as the deer merchant, maybe even stronger.” An Eternal said with envy. Only a True Emperor could enter this explosive state.

“A bit interesting, but you alone are still too weak. All come now.” Li Qiye reacted nonchalantly.

Everyone felt as if there was an invisible hand gripping them by the throat - ‘still too weak’? 

It seemed as if he didn’t even care for progenitors. This statement accentuated his domineering legends even more.

“We’ll assist you, Virtuous Nephew.” The rest knew that defeating Li Qiye was extremely difficult. The emperor alone wouldn’t be able to do so.

They had no choice but to infuse their own energy into him.

The merchant transformed into a blood deer - his true form. It was red from top to bottom almost like a resplendent ruby carved into this shape - truly beautiful.

One could see the precious blood flowing through its flesh. Each drop of blood was shiny, seemingly able to bring people back from the brink of death.

“A blood deer reaching the dao; a very precious creature in and of itself. Each part of its body is immensely valuable, let alone one so powerful.” People salivated while looking at the merchant.

This was a perfect creature for pill refinement. Of course, people could only think this; no one would dare to carry it out.

The blood deer shouted before jumping into the air and creating a spatial ripple. It then melted along with the myriad laws, just like snowflakes meeting the first sun of spring.

“Boom!” The emperor’s vitality and power surged to the next level.

The emperor who was shrouded in a progenitorial aura earlier suddenly had a surge of bloody glow around him. He was already bright before this, but now, it seemed as if he had eaten an extremely old ginseng root. His vitality rose at an insane level; his expression became ten times more spirited, seemingly high.

Everyone felt as if there was an endless grove of blood inside that continuously feeds him power. Numerous dragons were howling within.

A bright, bloody seal appeared on his forehead. At the same time, his eyes turned red and resembled two rubies.

“Blood transfusion…” Even Eternals gasped at this sight: “The deer merchant is truly going all out, going as far as directly letting the emperor borrow his true blood, fusing it into the emperor’s body.”

In other words, the merchant was using his precious true blood as nutrients for the emperor.

Just think about it - the true blood of a being at his level was incomparably valuable. Just one drop alone could grant great benefits.

The emperor seemed to have taken several hundred bottles worth of immortal pills. He was brimming with power.

The merchant must have paid a great price in order to perform this blood transfusion. This compounded with his old age must have truly negative effects. Nevertheless, he still made this choice.

“Allow me to aid you too, Virtuous Nephew.” The Four Esteemed King shouted. His four treasures suddenly melted.

The golden robe on his body liquified. Buzzes could be heard as another scary change happened.

The emperor’s flesh started to melt before being rebuilt. His new form was one of golden brilliance.

Each inch of him seemed to be cast from gold and would certainly feel that way to the touch.

He turned into a golden statue, tough and impossible to break.

It didn’t stop there. Three divine halos took form around him in layers, serving as impenetrable barriers.

“The treasure souls are entering him!” One Eternal murmured: “The king isn’t holding back either, he’s imprinting his treasures’ soul onto the emperor. This is everything he got!”

The three halos and the golden body were actually the four souls of the king’s treasures.

Rumor has it he used them to protect his own true fate. With this, even if he exploded into ashes, his true fate would still be unharmed.

People believed that in order to kill him, one must destroy these four treasure souls. However, they were virtually invulnerable. Thus, many considered him to be unkillable; even those capable of annihilating his body.

These souls were his life, his everything, yet he still channeled them into the emperor. This served as a perfect line of defense. No armor or regalia could match them.

“I will give you everything I can!” The Tree Observer joined in.

“Boom!” A colossal Adamantine Tree emerged and took roots inside the emperor.

A pulsing green glow was added along with a flood-like power influx coming from Famed Bamboo System. The fusion granted him an endless life force.

He started making a move as well by rapidly absorbing the resources and strength of his own system, pushing it to the limit.

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