Chapter 2649: A True Emperor’s Advantage

An inherited ancestral weapon wasn’t considered that big of a deal. After all, Imperial Lineage still had several systems with these treasures.

However, everyone felt that this particular inheritance was special after seeing the emperor and the sword.

He seemed to be fusing with the sword and becoming one. Because of this, the emperor himself emitted the aura of a progenitor.

“Buzz.” This special strands of energy emanated from him, albeit relatively weak. Nevertheless, he still looked like a progenitor.

“Incredible, the ancestral weapon accepted him as a master. He can unleash the strongest move from the sword now.” Many Eternals were impressed at this perfect fusion.

This sword was unique in that Progenitor Mu Yun spent great effort to craft it on top of taking it everywhere. Remember, its previous master was a supreme existence.

Thus, even though it was passed on from one generation to another, the descendants still had a hard time controlling it. Not everyone was qualified to do so, and even if they could, it wouldn’t accept the user as a master. This weakened its true potential.

However, Puresword True Emperor was accepted by the sword, only further proving his value.

“Rumble!” Loud detonations interrupted the musing crowd.

The sky vault was split apart and one could see a visual phenomenon of a boundless system.

It had an oceanic level of dao energy. Inside were bright and holy lights illuminating the ages. Great mountains existed everywhere, tall enough to pierce the sky. Billions and billions of beings were prostrating and worshipping in reverence…

“The Mu System!” Many recognized this majestic place right away.

It was an immortal-level system that fell into Imperial World. Later on, the clan rose again so it became one of the three behemoths.

It contained the efforts of numerous descendants after the progenitor. True Emperors and Everlastings blessed this land, so its true power was unfathomable. One should never underestimate this great power.

“Why is it appearing here?” The crowd exchanged glances of confusion.

Everyone knew that it was incalculably far from Stone Harmony System, multiple galaxies apart. 

“It’s only a visual phenomenon, not the actual system.” One Eternal gently shook his head: “The emperor is controlling the power of his system, wanting to borrow it for his own use.”

“How can he do so when the Mu is so far away from this place?” Many youths were skeptical.

It was one thing for him to do so on his own dao land, but this distance was questionable.

“That’s why a True Emperor is special.” The Eternal looked very envious while staring at Puresword: “For them, a system is never far away. They could feel the strength of their land regardless of where they are. That’s why this distance doesn’t matter, they can still borrow the system’s power.”

Any member of a system could attempt to do so if they have cultivated the right merit laws. They became attuned to the forces within the dao land.

Because of this, powerful members could borrow this power and increase their battle potential. Usually, this was only effective when they were on their own territory. To do so on someone else’s system was nearly impossible.

People usually call this having home advantage. This could make all the difference between two otherwise evenly matched cultivators.

However, one couldn’t borrow this power after leaving their system, not even Eternals. This wasn’t the case for True Emperors. Just as this Eternal said, they would be able to tap into this source wherever they are.

This was a big reason True Emperors had more advantages than an Eternals. When they had evenly matched personal cultivation, an emperor would win.

“He can really do that?” The youths couldn’t believe it.

“Pretty much, but of course, the amount will be somewhat affected.” The Eternal said while staring at the system above the emperor.

“Boom!” Endless divinity poured out of the system in the form of a blinding radiance, completely covering the emperor.

Everyone could sense the power from the system channeling into his body despite the massive distance between them. The resources accumulated over the ages from the Mu finally showed off its heaven-defying potential.

“Boom!” The strands of light oozing from him tore apart the primordial chaos, bringing the area around him back to the origin.

“Clank!” His sword also became dazzling and as white as snow. Its progenitorial rays could cut anything apart.

The supreme laws of the emperors shot up to the sky like reversed waterfalls. He had transformed into an ultimate progenitor in just a split second.

“What a transformation!” The crowd cried out in astonishment.

“That’s the power of a system.” An old master took a deep breath: “He has understood the profundities of his system and even has control over its dao source. Everything from that system is empowering him right now.”

“Yes, his battle potential has risen by several levels.” One frightened spectator agreed.

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