Chapter 2644: Destruction

Stars fell from the sky due to the corrosive miasma like dumplings into a boiling pot. They eventually disappeared into the horizon while leaving trails of smoke and fire.

The miasma swallowed Li Qiye. The spatial-temporal space around him turned into dust and scattered, leaving behind a terrible black hole.

The crowd became afraid. One guy blurted out: “That’s super dangerous, will Fiercest be able to handle it?”

The dark octopus’ miasma came without warning and caught everyone off guard, instantly taking down Li Qiye.

The deer merchant’s group celebrated innately. Nothing could be better than this miasma managing to injure Li Qiye.

They wanted these two to kill each other since that would save them a lot of trouble.

“Pop!” The world gently trembled as rays showed up in the darkness and expanded rapidly.

“Buzz.” The miasma turned into ashes and scattered away.

Li Qiye appeared once more with a sacred glow. The rays emanating from him looked like crystals without any imperfection.

This type of holy light could wash away any darkness and illuminate every nook and corner of the world.

“What else can you do?” Li Qiye laughed before tearing into the monster’s actual body, ripping it out piece by piece.

It bellowed pitifully while trying to squirm its way out of his grasp. In fact, its shaking was powerful enough to destroy the spatial fabric nearby, breaking it like glass.

This was proven to be futile since it couldn’t escape. Being torn apart by Li Qiye seemed to be its ultimate fate.

The crowd became horrified by the ripping noises. The monster was as big as a planet so it had plenty of flesh and blood to go. Its black blood poured down like the rain.

“Ooo…” Its miserable scream echoed across the realms. Everyone got cold sweat from hearing this.

The more cowardly couldn’t help but puke after seeing the scene of carnage. Such a powerful monster was so helpless before Li Qiye.

There were myths and folklores about heroes who tear dragons apart with their bare hands. This seemed to be similar.

The poor monster screamed and wailed, not expecting to meet such a hellish foe. It had killed numerous experts in the past including Eternals and True Emperors. How could this guy take it down so easily?

The greater the dismemberment, the more blood rained down in an endless manner.

With its head being torn apart, people could see a large black stone - bigger than a round table. It was as shiny as jade with mysterious flowing runes. The stone seemingly contained supreme texts.

“Boom!” One could hear thunderous explosions from the black bolts surging around the stone.

“That stone must be at the overlord level.” One Eternal shouted.

All eyes were fixated on it right away with greed.

“This is the mother stone of all the black stones? The greatest of them all?” One expert said.

“This is an ultimate treasure, truly priceless.” One ancestor started swallowing his saliva.

Just a while ago, the stones from the zombie corpses sold for a sky-high price due to their effects.

Remember, these stones were only the size of a finger with a faint luster.

This particular one from this monster was as large as a table and shiny with magical runes. The black bolts around it clearly indicated its level. Even a fool could see this.

That’s why people started exchanging glances and became overwhelmed with greed. The deer merchant and the other three felt the same way. Remember, the Trade Federation didn’t mind human sacrifices to get more stones. 

Before their very eyes was a priceless one right now. How could they not be tempted? Old Eternals like them wanted nothing more than life prolongment.

“Boom! Boom!” The black bolts around the gem suddenly came together to form a maelstrom.

“Zzz! Zzz!” Suddenly, multiple whooshes could be heard as more black bolts appeared.

“Ah!!!” Screams also accompanied the surging bolts.

In the near vicinity, these black bolts escaped from the body of some spectators by penetrating through the chest, leaving behind a trail of blood.

“Whoosh!” All the bolts gathered at the maelstrom created earlier.

“What is happening?!” Those next to the victims were horrified and became pale.

“It’s the black stones from the corpses. They all used it before. Only the ones who used the stones would have black lightning bolts inside them.” One keen observer loudly stated.

This created a furor with people started backing away.

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