Chapter 2643: Dark Abomination

One couldn’t see the bottom of this pitch-black abyss. Perhaps it didn’t have one at all.

The tentacles came from there as if there was a terrible existence below. Its reach extended to the entire system. The ground beneath has been wrapped and overtaken by its countless tentacles.

“So what is this thing?” The horrified crowd wondered.

Just one black tentacle alone was enough to crush a mountain, due to their immense size.

“Boom!” The tentacles attacked again, turning into another flood of darkness.

There were far more tentacles than previously, making the last attack seems like a stream of tentacle versus this tsunami.

Everyone felt as if the sky was being drowned out by an ocean of darkness. Something even more terrible accompanied this attack.

“Sizzle…” The tentacles were burning up space and turning this affinity into powder, leaving the void behind in its wake.

“My lord…” The spectators screamed in horror.

Puresword True Emperor and his allies exchanged glances while watching the dark beast attacking Li Qiye. They were more than happy to watch on the sidelines, perhaps waiting for the right time to join.

“You court death.” Li Qiye raised his palm, creating a massive image of a hand in the sky. 

It was larger than anything else; he had the entire universe in his grasp. Galaxies above paled in comparison.

The tentacles got crushed by this palm into a single lump of flesh. This flesh still emitted a burning darkness, wanting to incinerate his gigantic palm. However, the palm exuded sacred light to nullify any damage.

The lump of flesh looked like a gigantic pillar growing from the abyss, still continuing to build up.

“Up!” Li Qiye roared and forcefully pulled up in order to see the creature below.

“Rumble!” The ground was being destroyed right away. A monstrous creature was being dragged out by him.

Its body was illogically huge, smashing and destroying the ground beneath.

“Boom!” Miles and miles of land were extracted as the body of the creature came into plain view.

“Look at that!” People became slack-jawed after seeing the monster.

It looked like an octopus with millions of tentacles on top of being black from top to bottom.

This dark octopus looked like a planet floating in the sky due to its sheer size.

It had a pair of big and round eyes with a dark glow akin to two black holes - capable of devouring everything.

When people saw its eyes, they felt their souls leaving their body and started falling to the ground.

“Don’t look at the eyes!” Ancestors warned their groups.

“You can’t afford to provoke me! I will still destroy your true source if it comes, let alone a worm like you!” Li Qiye bellowed with a voice full of divinity. Every existence wanted to prostrate after hearing him.

He swung the creature around before throwing it away.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” One star got smashed after another and instantly exploded. It looked like fireworks in space.

Multiple galaxies were damaged as a result. Li Qiye didn’t let up and continued to smash this creature to pieces in space.

“So domineering…” The crowd took a deep breath after seeing this. The dark octopus couldn’t put up a fight at all.

“This brat is a monster…” The deer merchant’s expression darkened. The octopus was on the same level as him, at the very least. However, despite crazily struggling, it still failed to do anything and could only be tortured to death.

The other members of the alliance became afraid. Li Qiye in this furious state was an unstoppable storm.

“Shouldn’t have messed with me!” Li Qiye laughed and started wringing the tentacles in his grasp.

“Boom!” The gigantic tentacles got pulverized as a result despite their toughness. Smaller bits of flesh rained down from the sky.

“Zzzz!” The dark octopus cried from the pain and tried to swing its large body at Li Qiye.

Alas, he easily stomped down on this planet-sized octopus. Resistance was futile. It could only watch more tentacles being crushed to a pulp. 

“I can’t believe how brutal Fiercest is. I bet he can kill a true dragon with his bare hands.” One spectator shuddered.

The dark octopus made a grand entrance, surely scaring the crowd with its might. But now, it was nothing more than an insignificant ant.

People realized that going against Li Qiye would only end in miserable and helpless death.

“Boom!” The octopus made one last attempt by spewing out a black fog.

It has been gestating this miasma for millions and millions of years so its power was immense. The miasma engulfed the nearby space and destroyed numerous stars.

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