Chapter 2632: All Are Worms

The pulsing, bloody lights from the cauldrons emitted the aura of an Everlasting. People couldn’t help but feel reverence as if there was a supreme existence standing before them. The weak felt like getting on their knees.

“Buzz.” The blood from the cauldron rushed out and attached to the four Eternals before fusing with them.

After a full fusion, a massive aura erupted. They became full of vitality and divinity. This influx of power far exceeded their regular limits, allowing them to feel like an Everlasting.

They turned into four giants. When they opened their eyes, the world paled into insignificance. There seemed to be eight suns hanging in the sky. The real one lost its splendor in comparison.

“Rumble!” Dao laws appeared around these Eternals; not their own but rather an Everlasting’s looking just like waterfalls from heaven. The divinity of an Everlasting swept through the entire realm in this blink of an eye.

“Everlasting…” The crowd was stunned and felt nothing but fear.

These four Eternals have suddenly reached the next level, looking just like the avatars of Solar Daoist. They potentially possessed the power to look down on the rest of the world. 

The experts nearby took a deep breath and exchanged glances after seeing this.

“Buzz.” As they took one step forward, the area beneath their foot started to melt along with the grand dao of the world.

“What power is this?” Numerous experts felt their own dao power flowing away.

These four Eternals have started melting the worldly orders so everyone was losing control over their own dao like a flood breaking the dam.

This naturally scared everyone and made them retreat farther away.

“Buzz.” A tiny dimension opened above each of their head and a total of four suns came out.

The four suns were different. One was the color of a lake; another was red; one more was a metallic gold; the last was a deep yellow.

“They’re borrowing the daoist’s techniques. The blood contained these arts so when they fused with his blood, they could use his techniques too.” One ancestor saw the clues.

“Excuse us!” The four roared at the same time.

“Boom!” The suns above them emitted engulfing flames and instantly drowned out Li Qiye.

His location and all the dao powers there instantly turned into dust. The world seemed to lose its power and became a withering prison.

“Boom!” If Li Qiye were to activate his vitality even a little bit, the flames would start burning away with increasing temperature. They continued to spread in an endless manner, leaving only a black hole behind where Li Qiye stood.

“It’s not a regular fire that burns away the flesh, it’s burning away the grand dao, vitality, and true energy. If Li Qiye were to activate his various powers, the flames would grow stronger. It’s the same as pouring oil on fire.” One expert said.

“Yes, it’s taking away his abilities and forces but he needs to deal with the flame somehow, what a dilemma.” One ancestor nodded.

“It’s a living flame that feasts on dao vitality. The more it consumes, the stronger it becomes.” Another expert became startled: “One can only wait to die in this situation since resistance only makes things worse.”

“Rumble!” They were right. The moment Li Qiye activated his vitality, the flames from the four suns intensified and began burning his dao power even more.

His vitality and grand dao only served as oil for the flames, slowly burning away. Once depleted, that would also be the end of him.

“How does one get out of this? The fact that he’s so strong only worsened the situation. It’ll extract his power before leaving him as a pile of ashes.” Someone shook their head.

“Solar Daoist is frightening. Just his blood alone is already so mighty. Imagine if he were here in person.” One ancestor said in fear.

The spectators didn’t know what to do and were amazed at the effectiveness of the true blood.

“Hahaha, see, ignorant fool, you’re done for!” Lu Weijun heartily laughed: “This is my ancestor’s Daoburn’, your powerful vitality and power will only feed it!”

Daoburn consisted of using the self as the flame and the enemies’ powers as fuels. The stronger the fuel, the greater the flame.

Thus, most enemies had no way of resisting or breaking Daoburn and could only wait for death.

“My ancestor’s technique is supreme. A junior like you deserves a terrible death for challenging his authority.” Weijun confidently snorted while staring at Li Qiye.

“This is only taking a force-reversal technique one step further, nothing’s too exceptional.” Li Qiye was still leisure while being ravaged by the flame: “Just watch, let’s see if the flame will burn out the oil or if the oil will destroy the flame.”

“Boom!” He unleashed more vitality and power.

The world suffered a terrible blast, seemingly on the verge of exploding.

Li Qiye’s vitality contained a domain larger than three thousand worlds. Once he opened it, the forces began destroying everything else, expanding in an endless manner and pushing the physical limits.

The regular world was being overfilled to a dangerous level. It looked like a tiny ship being rocked back and forth amidst a terrible storm.


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