Chapter 2631: Exploiting The Tiger’s Might

“As if a useless descendant like you can carry it out.” Li Qiye looked at the youth and said: “I might take a second look at you if you are the least bit capable. Unfortunately, you’re nothing but a piece of trash fully reliant on your ancestor. I’ll kill you first before taking care of the others.”

Weijun’s face turned as red as can be after hearing this, nearly vomiting blood. He couldn’t come up with a response and stood there, trembling with anger.

The crowd actually enjoyed this comment since they found Weijun’s arrogance annoying. He looked down on others just because his ancestor was an Everlasting.

Many geniuses found this guy below them, whether it be in terms of talents and power. What gave him the qualifications to look at them with disdain? There was nothing special about him outside of being lucky enough to have a good ancestor.

Alas, they couldn’t express their displeasure so Li Qiye’s comment basically spoke their mind, making them feel quite good.

“I’m starting to be a fan of Fiercest, he’s so direct and always domineering.” One youth gave Li Qiye a thumbs-up and enjoyed Weijun’s annoyed expression.

“I will flay you, drink the blood, rip out the tendons, and eat your flesh!” Weijun gritted his teeth while putting on a twisted expression; his eyes flashed with brutality.

There was no way he would let this public humiliation go unpunished!

“You four, go, cut him to pieces!” He ordered the four Eternals behind him.

“Right away, Young Noble!” The four affirmed and went forward.

They were numerous times stronger than Weijun who should only be their junior. Alas, they could only follow all of his orders because of the daoist’s command.

They surrounded Li Qiye and sealed all directions, wishing for a match.

“Sir, it’s better to drop than to add a problem, you can’t afford to provoke our young noble.” One of them said: “It’s not too late to apologize or a calamity will be descending, not only for you but for your system. Your sect and home will turn to ashes. No one will be able to shield you from our master’s wrath. He’ll annihilate everything you hold dear…”

“That’s what you think.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Only an Everlasting, not a progenitor at the immortal level, just another worm that can’t reach the apex. It’s not too late to run or I’ll kill all of you.”

Hearing Fiercest referring to the daoist as a worm rendered the crowd speechless. They didn’t know what to think.

Not even Gu Yifei could handle this Everlasting right now but Li Qiye still didn’t care. Was he arrogant or was he truly this powerful?

People carefully thought about this question and found that it wasn’t within the realm of possibility. How could such a young person be stronger than the daoist? One needed to be a progenitor to fulfill this requirement.

However, everyone would know about the existence of a progenitor in Imperial. There was no way of hiding this.

“Kill him already!” Weijun wildly roared, nearly falling into madness. He seemed eager to have a taste of Li Qiye’s flesh and blood.

“Excuse us for this then.” The four Eternals exchanged glances.

They had no other choice but to move on despite knowing how strong Li Qiye was. Not to mention a one-on-one, even the four of them together wasn’t enough.

Li Qiye chuckled, completely indifferent: “You four are courting death. Do you think you’re stronger than the five merchants or the ten Vajras?

They felt suffocated. In terms of personal power, they believed that they were on the same level as any of the ten Vajras.

However, they were certainly inferior to the five merchants. These beings were famous far before their time and were stronger than them.

These five together still died to Li Qiye. How could they do anything to Li Qiye? It was already optimistic to try and stay alive.

“What are you waiting for?! Use the move the ancestor gave you. He gave it to you not only to protect me but to also kill my enemies!” Weijun lost his patience. He was used to acting imperiously towards Eternals by this point.

The four Eternals wanted to slap the boy while quietly thinking that he was an idiot. Alas, they owed the Everlasting a debt and needed to be loyal by carrying out orders.

They put on a serious expression and each took out a cauldron. The four bronze cauldrons had a metallic shimmer, seemingly passed on from an ancient era.

“Buzz.” They opened at the same time and started pulsing with a bright red glow.

A visual phenomenon instantly appeared in the sky. Flower petals scattered everywhere like the opening of a paradise.

A rather pleasant musky fragrance permeated the world, causing others to take a deep breath.

“That smells great.” They felt something incredible as if they have just been washed.

The red light continued to pulse. Tiny laws came out from the cauldron resembling the stars in the sky. They were gestating multiple worlds.

People became tense at this sight, feeling an oppressive pressure from a peerless existence.

“That’s… true blood… the true blood of an Everlasting.” An ancestor murmured in a daze.

“Solar Daoist’s blood…” People were shaken to hear this.

This blood was a priceless treasure due to the daoist’s power level. Obtaining this blood would grant a lifetime of benefits. It seemed like there were more inside the cauldrons.

The daoist clearly refined some of his true blood and sealed them within the four cauldrons before giving the items to these Eternals.

The crowd finally understood why these four Eternals were so subservient toward Lu Weijun.

Weijun wasn’t qualified to have servants like them. The only reason why they agreed to stick around was due to the great benefits granted by the daoist.

This true blood could make them much stronger in a short time on top of prolonging their lifespan and increasing their cultivation. Their choice of serving the youth was understandable.

Some became tempted while others realized how much the daoist loves Lu Weijun. It looked like he really had the daoist’s primary bloodline.

Though the Lu had plenty of descendants, few of them actually inherited his bloodline. This was why the daoist expended his precious blood just to have these four Eternals help Weijun.

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