Chapter 2630: Always Invincible

Li Qiye’s finger was still on the flat side of the blade yet Tingyu was turned into blood before having a chance to scream.

He probably never expected that death would come so swiftly for him, not allowing him the privilege of struggling.

Even his backer, Puresword True Emperor, didn’t have the chance to try and help him.

In the beginning, he dared to come here because of the emperor’s presence granting him both confidence and power.

He believed that regardless of Li Qiye’s strength, the guy wouldn’t be able to harm him under the emperor’s protection at all.

Who would have thought that destruction and death came so quickly? In the final second, he felt nothing but regret for being so suicidal.

“Boom!” Su Mobai’s sword crumbled as well into a million pieces.

The sword god was astounded at the sheer disparity between the two. He instantly retreated with lightning speed back towards the camp, realizing that only someone as strong as his master could take on Li Qiye.

“Isn’t it too late to leave now?” Li Qiye chuckled and started walking forward.

The sword god’s speed was brilliant but Li Qiye only needed one step to block his path.

“Whoosh!” The sword god instantly took action and unleashed a sharp slash. Though he didn’t have a sword, his heart certainly had one. The dao of the sword and lacerating arcs engulfed the sky.

This destructive move carried the lightning affinity, issuing loud crackles and metallic hums.

Lightning bolts in the form of swords instantly surrounded Li Qiye. The sword intent sealed the world, trapping the target.

Swordless yet even better than possessing a sword - the sword god’s most dominating move.

“No big deal.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye even though the lightning swords were inches away from him. The sword dao gathered into an extremely sharp edge trying to penetrate his throat.

Strangely enough, all these various sharp manifestations couldn’t continue forward. Something extremely tough blocked their path and froze them in place. Even the main thrust aiming for Li Qiye’s throat was stopped despite the sword god mustering all of his strength.

“Even your master can’t amount to anything against me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He raised one finger again and flicked. “Boom!” The frozen time began to flow again.

The sword god’s dao crumbled in entirety into bright particles.

“Crack!” The sword god got blown flying with bones breaking and blood gushing all over.

This flick was unbelievably destructive. The youth was still being ravaged by its power. If this went on, he could turn into a pulp before smashing into the ground.

“Bam!” A palm appeared in the sky and quickly caught the youth, wanting to save him from this agony.

This palm was surrounded by imperial laws and auras. However, the sleeve covering it still got cut to a thousand scattering pieces.

Blood also gushed out - who knows if it was from the sword god or the hand?

“Puresword True Emperor!” Someone shouted.

His master clearly joined the fray during this moment between life and death.

“Kill him!” The army of the Mu roared furiously. These elites wanted to save their master. Their battle cries assaulted the sky and the stars like a tsunami.

They all thrust their spear upward in unison and accumulated into an incredible force in the shape of a dragon spear.

“Raa!” The dragon roared and raised its claws, wanting to lacerate him.

“Boom!” Li Qiye casually unleashed a palm strike, successfully crushing this draconic energy and hitting the army below.

He tore the heaven asunder with this casual blow. It was as if the entire sky vault was falling down on the army.

Once he raised his palm again, the ground has become stained with blood. The army was no longer there, replaced by flattened flesh and bits - a meat patty of sorts.

“How boring. Why do people always think they can challenge and kill me?” He yawned and said.

The world became silent. Though the emperor managed to save the sword god, he couldn’t save the army so they were massacred.

Everyone held their breath. The Mu has been reigning as one of the three behemoths for a long period of time. Their position was virtually unshakable.

Now, someone has just declared an all-out war on them by destroying this particular regiment.

Few have dared to do this. Fiercest became the second after Jade-break True Emperor to attack the Mu.

“Sir, you are too cruel.” The resonating voice of the emperor appeared again. Though he himself hasn’t shown up, just his words alone awed the crowd.

His failure to save the army was rather humiliating. This was a slap challenging his prestige and his clan’s authority.

“Indeed, no need to preach though, just be ready to accept death after coming here, regardless if you’re a True Emperor or whatever daoist.” Li Qiye replied, showing clear disdain towards these top beings.

The crowd quietly accepted the outrageous declaration. This was true to his style.

“Ignorant fool, today will be your last day in this world!” Lu Weijun shouted after hearing this.

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