Chapter 2629: Entering The City

It was as clear as day that an alliance has been formed between these various powers to oppose Li Qiye.

“No one can stop me from going home!” Yang Tingyu shouted.

This was a chance for them to pressure Li Qiye. After all, Tingyu was indeed an inhabitant of Mingluo.

It seemed unreasonable for Li Qiye to stop him from returning home. Thus, he had the perfect reason - taking care of his friends and families who were still in Mingluo.

He had the moral high ground on top of being the victim while Li Qiye was the heartless oppressor.

“Boom!” Yang Tingyu marched out of the Mu’s camp with an army behind him. Su Mobai acted as an escort as well.

“It’s about time!” One spectator knew the Mu’s intent. Everyone became excited as a result.

The immortal pulses inside the city left them restless. The stone was about to come out but Li Qiye had the entire city sealed off. How were they going to get the stone?

If this group from the Mu could actually enter the city, they would leave behind a hole in Li Qiye’s defense. It would make it easier for them to sneak inside later on.

“The Mu has all the right conditions right now to go.” One commenter added.

Yang Tingyu had ample reasons to return, allowing the Mu to join in. Plus, the clan also had the support of other powers. This was the perfect time to strike - a godsend opportunity.

“Boom!” The army stopped before the gate. They lined up quietly and perfectly, instilling chills into the spectators. This was a battle-hardened group, leaving no room for others to question their abilities.

The gate remained closed. Of course, it wasn’t enough to stop the group from breaking in if they wanted to.

Everyone watched with bated breath, waiting for the next move from Fiercest.

“I, Yang Tingyu, grew up in Mingluo City. This place is my home, my everything, where my brothers and sisters reside along with my aging seniors. Returning home is a universal right…”Tingyu started a sorrowful speech, putting himself in the role of a victim whose home has been wrested away.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was a bully taking over someone else’s home.

Of course, the natives were listening too. The majority actually looked down on him, including members of Luo Faction.

In their eyes, Li Qiye was their guardian deity, the savior of Mingluo. Where was Yang Tingyu - the number one expert of Mingluo - when disaster struck? Li Qiye, an outsider, was the one who saved them.

Plus, they felt safe under his protection. On the contrary, Yang Tingyu wanted to bring outsiders into the city - akin to bringing wolves back home. They naturally opposed his return despite not daring to protest.

“So what if you’re as pitiful as you make it sound? Same thing as before, no mercy for those who dare to enter the city.” Li Qiye appeared on the city wall and looked down at him: “You’re nothing but an insignificant pawn. Puresword True Emperor, Esteemed Kings, Venerable Deer Merchants, whatever, all come together. I’ll destroy all of you at the same time to avoid incessant jabbering.”

The crowd was in awe at this blatant declaration of war and could only smile wryly. 

“He’s the only one worthy of the title ‘Fiercest’ in Imperial Lineage.” One of them said.

“Fellow Daoist, if you wish to fight, I’m always ready to entertain you but that’s for another day.” Puresword True Emperor answered with his powerful voice: “Today, I’m not here to cause trouble. My disciple is homesick and wishes to return so please, open the gate so that he can be freed of this affliction.”

“Scram to the edge of the world if you want to live.” Li Qiye leisurely replied.

The crowd wondered why all of his responses have to be so domineering and unreasonable? He didn’t show an ounce of restraint and politeness towards the True Emperor.

“You’re an outsider and I’m a disciple of Mingluo! This is my home!” Yang Tingyu angrily shouted.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve in response: “How bothersome, alright, everyone will die today, starting with you.”

Having said that, he casually pointed at the youth without adding any power.

Tingyu saw this and retreated with full haste. He had fought against Li Qiye before and knew just how terrifying the guy was.

Without his master around, he wouldn’t dare to stand in this place and challenge Li Qiye right now. Unfortunately, though he mustered all of his efforts, the finger strike continued to head for him. Just looking at the raising finger scared Tingyu to the core.

“First Brother, save me!” He couldn’t help but cry out during this crucial moment.

A sword flashed right away. Lightning Sword God’s unsheathing speed was incredible. People could only see its flash and not his actual action.

When people could see again, they noticed the sword’s flat stopping Li Qiye’s finger. Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind the gentle parry at all.

“Clank!” The sound of unsheathing finally came. One could imagine the immense speed necessary for this phenomenon to happen.

“You’re the best, First Brother!” Yang Tingyu heaved a sigh of relief and excitedly said.

Unfortunately, the sword god himself couldn’t celebrate. He used all of his power and abilities to barely stop this casual finger strike. He had reached his limit and found himself shaking.

There seemed to be countless mountains pressing down on his blade. Just holding the hilt became a struggle.

“Li, see, plenty of people in the world are stronger than...” Yang Tingyu gloatingly added.

Li Qiye responded by adding more strength to his fingertip and the sword failed to hold.

“Pop!” Yang Tingyu turned into a mist of blood before he could finish his taunting.

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