Chapter 2628: Domineering

Lu Weijun was simply no match for Fiercest in terms of personal power level. The latter was simply insane and only the two emperors could have a shot against him among the young generation.

Lu Weijun would be courting death in a one-on-one fight. However, people were afraid of his backer, Solar Daoist.

An Everlasting has always been a dreadful existence even during the golden age of Imperial Lineage. Few could actually match them in power.

Anyone would fear an Everlasting right now, the three behemoths included.

“Will Fiercest dare to oppose Solar Daoist?” Someone said softly.

The lawless and arrogant fella has never given a damn about the experts and system in Imperial, evident by his previous butchering. So now, with the appearance of an Everlasting, people started wondering if he would still act in the same manner.

“I think he’ll do it.” One expert quietly said: “He has never been afraid of anyone since his debut. Not to mention the Trade Alliance and Hidden Gold Grotto, we can see from his words and actions that he doesn’t care about the behemoths either. So what if this daoist joins the fray? I'm sure that's what he's thinking."

Many agreed with this comment. Just the reputation of the daoist alone might not be enough to scare Fiercest. All eyes turned towards him now.

“Dogs and cats may play outside the city. Take one step in and face the consequences.” A leisure voice responded from the hall.

The crowd got what they wanted. Those who were here early have experienced his overbearing style before. 

“That’s Fiercest for you.” In fact, people would find it rather uncomfortable if he wasn’t acting in this manner. Lu Weijun and the daoist’s reputation weren’t enough to intimidate him.

“Ignorant fool.” Weijun was easily provoked. He shouted: “You think you’re invincible, daring to spew these outra-...”

“Yes, your father is indeed invincible.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

The youth began shaking with anger from the blatant disdain. He came from a prestigious clan and his cultivation wasn’t shabby either. This background of his demanded respect.

Now, his ancestor has become an Everlasting. His clan and himself were propelled to another level of prestige; he became the star of the show overnight.

Not to mention the young geniuses, even the famed ancestors needed to be polite or even respectful towards him.

For example, whenever he came to visit, the ancestors from the Mu would need to have an extravagant reception ready. The deer merchant and four Esteemed Kings weren’t spared from this either.

Thus, whenever he spoke, everyone needed to listen attentively. No one has ever shown disrespect by interrupting him!

Fury spewed out of his eyes along with murderous intent. He would need to show Li Qiye the consequences of his transgression!

“Just a junior like you claims invincibility? Don’t you know that there are plenty of hidden masters in Imperial? Numerous beings stronger than you? Countless characters that would be memorialized in history…”

“Stop the meaningless adulation. You are just praising your ancestor, that Solar Daoist or whatever.” Li Qiye interrupted him again.

“That’s right, my ancestor is the strongest being right now, an Everlasting unmatched by all in Imperial. An arrogant junior like you is nothing before him, he could crush you without any difficulty.” Weijun directly brought up his ancestor.

No one dared to refute this arrogant and unpleasant claim since they actually agreed with him. An Everlasting was indeed untouchable in Imperial right now.

“Hundred days or hundred legs, whatever, I’ll hang his head on the gate if he dares to come here.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

“You!” Weijun was shocked because this was the first time he heard such a fierce retort against his ancestor.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that only suicidal people would make this type of comment towards the daoist. In fact, the daoist didn’t need to do it himself. Plenty of others would kill the perpetrator to curry favor.

“I can’t believe it.” The crowd still took a deep breath despite knowing Li Qiye’s personality.

Normally, juniors would spout unsavory comments during minor skirmishes. A supreme like the daoist wouldn’t pursue these little problems.

But now, Fiercest announced his intent to decapitate the daoist then desecrate his corpse in public. This wasn’t something that could be overlooked. A battle between these two was inevitable.

“The daoist can’t swallow this down. Even if he won’t do anything, his descendants will have to make a move or they’ll lose all face.” One expert said.

“Fiercest went overboard and didn’t leave any space to back off once necessary.” An ancestor smiled wryly: “This is an Everlasting we’re talking about, a being that can hurt a progenitor. I don’t think Fiercest can take him.”

Of course, the ones most excited about the comment were the deer merchant and the four kings. This development was exactly what they wanted.

Weijun’s face turned red and couldn’t muster up a response.

“We didn’t come here seeking revenge.” Suddenly, a clear and powerful voice came from the mound of the Mu: “Mingluo City is my disciple’s home. He came back today to help his family.”

This voice had a certain order to it, sounding just like a mantra.

“Puresword True Emperor!” People instantly knew who it was right away.

“Yes, Mingluo is my home, is it a crime to return to my own home? That’s too unreasonable.” Yang Tingyu stepped out and snorted.

“No one is allowed to stop others from coming home.” The deer merchant added.

“Only the cruelest devil would take another’s home as their own. Such a person should be persecuted by the rest of the world.” One of the four kings supported.

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