Chapter 2624: One Palm Strike

“Buzz.” Dao runes spread around the mound like rippling waves. This imperial aura resembled an emperor marching to battle.

The ones outside the city became alert by this aura.

“So are they doing this or not?” One guy whispered.

“Not that fast.” An expert shook his head: “Puresword True Emperor hasn’t arrived yet. How the hell is this group going to face Li Qiye? Lightning Sword God alone isn’t enough to be an appetizer.”

“True, without the emperor and their strongest ancestors, attacking will be suicidal.” One ancestor nodded.

Eternals were slaughtered like pigs. Anything less would be a joke against Fiercest.

Lightning Sword God was strong indeed, but that was only relative to the young generation. He was nothing before Fiercest. Maybe his master would be a better match.

“The emperor will come, it’s only a matter of time. The Mu won’t let go of this chance.” One expert said while looking at the Mu camp.

Though the clan hasn’t done anything yet, the imperial aura engulfing the sky there showed their intent. They would definitely march into Mingluo. The question was, when?

“Fellow Daoist Li, we wish to enter the city.” On the second day of Mingluo being covered in brilliance, Lightning Sword God finally revealed his stance while embracing his sword.

“It’s happening.” This attracted everyone’s attention.

“The Mu is still giving Fiercest some face; courtesy first, fight second.” This was surprising to some people.

The Mu was one of the three behemoths and had an amazing True Emperor as their clan master right now. They were famous with few peers.

Virtually everyone needed to give them face. Under normal circumstances, most would become elated and felt honored if Lightning Sword God were to ask them before visiting their city. They would rush out to greet him.

“Scram.” However, Li Qiye answered in a direct and aggressive manner, not caring about the sword god’s status.

The crowd smiled wryly after hearing this. That’s Fiercest for you, always overbearing and unreasonable regardless of the other party.

Fiercest seemed to not care about offending anyone in Imperial Lineage. He didn’t mind going against the rest of the world.

“What a monster.” Even those who didn’t like him found some admiration: “He wants to offend all the great powers in Imperial, the only one who would dare to do so.”

Offending people was inevitable in the cultivation world. Alas, Li Qiye’s action was still unique and strangely admirable.

Lightning Sword God showed no emotion after hearing the rude response. He stood there quietly.

“Li, you’re out of line!” On the contrary, Yang Tingyu furiously shouted: “I am a member of Stone Harmony, my Luo Faction is the greatest sect in Stone Harmony and this city is ours, you’re simply taking over our place!”

“Death to all intruders.” Li Qiye didn’t bother commenting on Tingyu’s claim. His simple answer stopped all further justification.

Tingyu said all of that just to prove that he was a disciple of Stone Harmony and the master of Mingluo. On the other hand, Li Qiye was only an outsider; he didn’t have authority over the city.

Unfortunately, this failed because Li Qiye didn’t play along and stopped it right away.

He had plenty of justifications ready but nothing could come out now, leaving his mouth awkwardly open before the crowd.

“You… one day, you will be tied up to a pillar and chastised by others for taking over someone else’s system!” Tingyu furiously said.

Li Qiye didn’t respond to this. However, the Mu was in a difficult situation.

Their clan and the sword god were certainly strong but dealing with Li Qiye demanded extreme prudence. His few words weighed a thousand pounds - he would absolutely kill any intruder.

“Hmph, you are being very unreasonable!” Someone scoffed with the intensity and outbreak of a sudden thunderstorm in spring. A great divinity exploded at the top of the Adamantine Tree and poured down the world like a flood.

“That’s the heavenly monarch, Sha Yucheng.” Someone whispered.

The leader of Famed Bamboo has stated his stance, clearly standing on the side of the Mu. Of course, this wasn’t surprising since he was the emperor’s sworn brother.

“The world is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Don’t think of yourself as being invincible or you will die without a burial.” His mighty Eternal aura covered the land in an effort to intimidate and warn Li Qiye.

“Is the monarch starting?” Another spectator said.

“Boom!” A palm strike suddenly emanated from the palace in the ruins of Mingluo - one as casual as someone swatting a fly.

It crushed through the void and instantly arrived on top of the great tree.

“Rumble!” The tree exuded a green light full of life. Laws appeared with boundless power. It has activated various barriers in order to stop Li Qiye’s strike.

The strike rendered them ineffective and crushed these laws into smithereens, causing loud explosions. More deafening destruction ensued.

“Not good!” The tree was drowned in chaos with people fleeing and shouting. Branches and leaves were scattering down. The buildings and numerous disciples also fell down along with the thick branches.

The tree became a mess with damages everywhere, no longer as majestic as before.

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