Chapter 2623: Gold Gourd

The master put on a serious expression while looking at the massive gourd. He slowly explained: “Very powerful, rumor has it that a system was destroyed by it before.”

“An entire system?” His disciples shuddered in response.

A system wasn’t that easy to destroy due to its dao source. This was something left behind after a progenitor proved his dao. Destroying one was extremely powerful for anyone below the progenitorial realm.

“It signals the start of war since that’s the grotto’s symbol. Wherever it appears, it means that the grotto wants to destroy the sect, maybe the entire system.” One ancestor understood the implication.

Everyone naturally understood that Hidden Gold wasn’t here for Stone Harmony System. It has declined already and wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow. Hidden Gold didn’t need to use its gourd for this reason. They instantly thought about Fiercest.

This gourd obviously came for him. The destruction of their armada was a grave loss, perhaps their biggest one since their foundation.

There was no way they would let this go, no way that they would let the ten Vajras die in vain.

“I heard that only the four Esteemed Kings can use the gourd to its full potential. Looks like they’re here too.” An ancestor commented.

At this point in time, everyone believed that Li Qiye belonged to the highest order. Just one king wouldn’t be enough to take him down. All four of them needed to be here just for a chance to kill him. Anything less would be suicidal.

“It probably has been a while since all four have appeared and worked together.” Another person joined in.

A knowledgeable Ascender said: “In recent years, people said that they are strong enough to challenge the three behemoths. Their fleets were flying all around Imperial with wanton regard for anything. However, one event changed that and they started acting with reservation, especially towards the Li Clan.”

“What does the Li have to do with this?” One listener asked curiously.

“I was told that Gu Yifei personally came to visit Hidden Gold Grotto. The four kings were all there to greet him.” The Ascender said.

This attracted everyone’s attention. Was it really only a normal visit from Gu Yifei? Did all four kings need to be there for the reception?

“They must have fought, right?” A big gossiper instantly asked.

“The details eluded me, but many speculated that the four kings fought together against Gu Yifei. All in all, after this visit, Hidden Gold Grotto cooled down a bit and stopped blatantly challenging the three behemoths.”

“So the four of them still aren’t enough to take Gu Yifei on.” Another said.

“There’s no shame in losing to Gu Yifei. Everyone knows that he’s the strongest in the Li. Don’t you know that some say that he is an Everlasting?” An expert quickly revealed.

“Whether he’s an Everlasting or not is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure, he’s not only the number one in his clan, he is definitely the number one in our world. He swept through the realms in the past and no one could stop him. I think this is still the case in the present.”

Gu Yifei was once a brilliant prodigy who roamed in an unstoppable manner. Later on, he became reclusive and rarely asked about mundane matters. Even the members of his clan rarely got a chance to see him.

Another expert said: “Lucidity King reigned for three generations and never gave a damn about anyone. He visited the Mu before and looked down on the Mu Clan Master then, demanding to see the strongest ancestor of the Mu. See how arrogant he was? However, he still addressed Gu Yifei as Elder Brother.”

People nodded in agreement. Lucidity King’s legends and arrogance were known by all. He always put on an arrogant act before anyone, ranging from powerful Eternals to domineering ancestors. There was nothing he didn’t dare to do.

However, he still treated Gu Yifei with respect. This spoke volumes on Yifei’s abilities.

“The Mu is here, Famed Bamboo too, and now the four kings of Hidden Gold.” Someone quietly said: “A storm is coming, and who knows if Stone Harmony can weather this storm? This might be the end of this system.”

A world-breaking fight was inevitable, turning this land into a battlefield. Just one mishap and it might be penetrated completely or turned into ashes.

“Stone Harmony is powerless in the past but it looks like Fiercest is standing on its side now. People will need to watch out for him if they want to stir things up here.” 

People realized this after watching Li Qiye saves the natives. Thus, treating Stone Harmony the same way as before was suicidal.

“Two fists can’t beat four punches. The Li will be coming too, so can Fiercest take everyone on? Maybe he’ll be the one to die by joining this mess.” One ancestor shook his head, not feeling too bullish about Fiercest.

No one denied Fiercest’s might at this point. However, it would be hard for him to leave this place alive if he takes on the entire world.


The city remained quiet despite the arrival of these powerful forces. The natives didn’t know how strong the Mu were. Li Qiye was unbeatable in their mind.

They kept on living normally regardless of the commotion outside, believing in Li Qiye. On the other hand, experienced experts like Wu Youzheng became worried. The fate of the system rested on Li Qiye’s shoulders. If he couldn’t take them on, it would be the end for Stone Harmony.

Tonight was another serene night but this didn't last long.

“Buzz.” Bright rays emanated from the ground in the city, brimming with divinity.

Though they weren’t especially blinding, the night made them more conspicuous. Everyone woke up and looked towards the city.

“Is the immortal stone about to come out?” Excitement rose. The ancestors from the great powers also took note of this change. 

“Should we kill our way in?” A few people lost their patience.

“Sure, if you want to die. You forgot about Fiercest’s declaration?” An ancestor rolled his eyes.

Many trembled after recalling the warning, not wanting to die like the ten Vajras and five merchants.

“Just wait for the Mu and the rest to take action first. They won’t be able to wait.” Another wily ancestor said.

Sure enough, an imperial aura erupted from the Mu’s camp.

“They’re doing it.” One shouted while looking at the bright camp.

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