Chapter 2622: Famed Bamboo’s Adamantine Tree

“Rumble!” The tree’s ascension spelled doom for the surrounding area.

The lakes dried out and the mountains crumbled. The lush, verdant plains turned into a barren wildland.

“Famed Bamboo System is here.” The crowd realized what was going on.

“What kind of method is this, it’s pretty damn powerful.” Someone shouted in astonishment.

“It’s a tree from that system named Adamantine, possessing immense growth and stealing affinity, extracting everything from the land.” An expert from the last generation said.

“All newborn trees are part of it, only acting as its nourishment in the end.” An ancestor was aware of the secrets within.

Adamantine was a special breed of trees and also the name for this particular one.

Their progenitor left a seed in Famed Bamboo that eventually grew into this tree.

It was both strong and magical. For example, if one were to break a branch and leave it somewhere else. This branch would grow in an insane rate and absorb the energy and water nearby, leaving nothing left for the land.

After it became big enough, it could stay or fly back to Famed Bamboo. It would wither then and all of the absorbed energy would be taken by the mother tree.

Because of this, the original one continued to become stronger with many heaven-defying techniques. Numerous Eternals and previous emperors in this system viewed it as a guardian senior.

This was indeed the case for millions of years. The system grew under its protection. Many powerful intruders have come only to leave empty-handed before the might of the tree.

“This tree is so overbearing.” An envious spectator could see the streams pouring down the sky-blotting tree. It was full of life taken from the nearby area.

“Famed Bamboo is just as famous as Hidden Gold. They don’t wage war as much as the latter, but they don’t play that nice either. Plenty of sects have been destroyed by them.” An old expert said flatly.

One ancestor shook his head and said: “Normally, Famed Bamboo wouldn’t willy-nilly use this tree. They’re serious about this matter.”

He paused for a bit and smiled: “There’s a reason why they usually stay away from conflicts too. Just look, this tree is simply too much. If they keep on stealing the resources of the world, it is going against the heaven on top of creating enemies everywhere. They’ll be courting death at that point.”

“Buzz.” The tree has grown to its maximum size. The branches morphed into pavilions and temples, looking quite beautiful.

The doors to the buildings opened and revealed many people inside. At the highest point was a stately hall with an impressive figure sitting inside. 

It was as faint as a shadow yet people could still sense its pressure all the same.

“Who is that?” Everyone noticed this presence looming above everything else.

“I believe that’s Famed Bamboo Heavenly Monarch, Sha Yucheng.” An old expert murmured while looking up.

“Just one branch can travel across the world and create this amazing tree. It seems so safe too, look, the disciples from this system travel more comfortably than anyone else.” One youth said with envy.

The quiet Lightning Sword God climbed up the tree and stood before the highest hall. He said: “Junior Su Mobai respectfully visits you, Heavenly Monarch.”

“Come in, Virtuous Nephew. How is Brother Puresword doing?” A young yet imposing voice came from inside.

“Thank you for asking, Heavenly Monarch. My master is doing well and has come out of his cultivation. He’ll be here soon.” Mobai bowed before entering the hall.

“It really is the monarch.” One expert nodded after seeing this.

“The monarch is Puresword True Emperor’s sworn brother. I suppose the Mu and Famed Bamboo will work together for this event.” Another murmured.

This made the crowd exchange glances with a strange expression on their face.

The Mu was already strong enough but adding another system on top of this? Who else could stop them?

Remember, everyone was here for the immortal stone since all Eternals coveted immortality.

“Maybe it’s time to find some allies.” The Eternals present became serious. This was the only way to oppose these two powers.

“Boom!” A loud blast detonated in the sky and made the world tremble. The sky suddenly turned dark.

“What is that?” Everyone looked up and saw a massive monster.

It was as big as a meteor and robbed the light from Stone Harmony due to its sheer size.

“Bam!” It smashed onto a wide-open plain inside the system.

Strangely enough, there was no major upheaval, betraying everyone’s expectations. Only a deep trench was left in its path.

People finally saw its true shape - a gigantic gourd with a golden glow. It seemed to have been taken off the vine not long ago since it was still full of life.

Dao runes flowed on the surface in a profound manner, almost like a supreme melody filled with the dao.

It resembled a towering mountain with clouds blowing by the midsection. It became the tallest peak in this area.

“A treasure gourd from the sky?” People instantly knew that it was an amazing item.

“Master, a gourd has just fallen from the sky. We need to pack up and go take a look, maybe we’ll get lucky.” A youth thought that this was a great opportunity for an adventure.

“Lucky my ass.” The master smacked him on the head before smiling: “Go over there if you’re tired of living. It’ll turn you into blood right away. That’s Hidden Gold Grotto’s Gold Gourd.”

“Gold Gourd? Is it that powerful?” The disciple asked his master right away.

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