Chapter 262: Competition for the Rotten Underworld Bean

Chapter 262: Competition for the Rotten Underworld Bean

So when this Profound Vessel Wood appeared, it became very popular, especially towards the gifted young crowd. To them, breaking through Royal Noble and becoming an Enlightened Being was only a matter of time. Even Royal Nobles of the last generation who wanted to reach Enlightened Being did not want to miss out on this block of Profound Vessel Wood.

“150,000 Enlightened Being Refined Jades!” The first to bid was Sima Longyun. He immediately raised the price by 50,000 with a must-win attitude.

“160,000.” Even though ordinary experts were wary of Sima Longyun, this did not mean that no one else would dare to compete against him!

“170,000...” The competition for this piece of wood was mainly amongst Royal Nobles. In the end, they wanted to become Enlightened Beings so they had to face the inevitable Fate Calamity!

“3,700,000 Enlightened Being Refined Jades!” In the end, this Profound Vessel Wood had a sky-high price, and the person who crazily bidded such a high price was Sima Longyun!

Bidding more than 3,000,000 jades immediately made many people give up. This price was unreasonably high. Even if some other buyers had the money, Sima Longyun acted as if he must have it, so they were not willing to compete with him any further. In the end, it was not a wise choice to become enemies with the Furious Immortal Saint Country.

“The third item is an urn of Ivory Rock Water. We’ll start at 320,000 Soul Creation Refined Jades.” The third item’s value was worth far less than the previous two items.


Each buried item was brought out one after another for the auction after being evaluated by the Inheritance Ancient Pavilion’s appraisers. The majority of these items had something to do with spirit medicines and soul grasses. There was no doubt that the owner of this tomb was indeed a Legendary Alchemist; only an alchemist of this level would be able to seal so many ancient medicines to bury alongside them!

After seeing that the buried items all had something to do with ancient medicines, Chi Xiaodao and Chi Xiaodie became quite spirited! Maybe there will really be a Rotten Underworld Bean that they needed amongst the buried items.

“The forty-fifth item for auction is a pot of Rotten Underworld Beans.” Under Chi Xiaodao and Chi Xiaodie’s eager anticipation, a pot of Rotten Underworld Beans finally came out.

A rotten smell rushed out the moment the auctioneer opened the pot. It was really a pot filled with Rotten Underworld Beans. Each of them was the size of a soybean and had a brown color.

Li Qiye sniffed right when the pot was opened to carefully check the smell of the Rotten Underworld Beans.

“This pot of Rotten Underworld Beans will start at 4,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades.” The auctioneer declared.

The Chi sister and brother duo were ecstatic because this was the thing they needed. Even though the price was higher than their expectations, they were still able to afford it.

“I will…” The moment the auctioneer finished naming the price, Chi Xiaodie was unable to hold back. However, before she could say anything, Li Qiye immediately interrupted her and pulled her to the side.

Chi Xiaodie, who was dragged by Li Qiye, immediately glared at him and shook his hand off. She then drily said: “What are you doing, we need the Rotten Underworld Bean.”

This scene was caught by Sima Longyun who had always been watching Chi Xiaodie. He stared at Li Qiye with cold glimmers flashing in his eyes, but he gently talked to Chi Xiaodie instead: “Sister wants the Rotten Underworld Bean? How about I buy it for you?”

Chi Xiaodie looked at him and said: “I will buy it myself!” Finished speaking, she wanted to bid but was stopped again by Li Qiye, who was shaking his head.

A fiery anger flared in Sima Longyun’s heart. He didn’t know the relationship between Li Qiye and Chi Xiaodie, but his Furious Immortal Saint Country had proposed to the Lion’s Roar Gate.

“I bid 5,000.” At this time, someone else decided to bid on this pot of Rotten Underworld Beans.

“I bid 10,000!” Sima Longyun immediately challenged the bid and then spoke to Chi Xiaodie: “As long as you need it, I will help you get it!” With that said, he then snorted and glared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye immediately laughed after seeing Sima Longyun’s attitude as he leisurely offered: “I bid 20,000.”

Li Qiye’s attitude was a challenge in Sima Longyun’s eyes and thus, his eyes turned fierce. A nobody actually dared to provoke him!

“What are you doing!?” Chi Xiaodie immediately glared at Li Qiye. Even though they must obtain the Rotten Underworld Beans, bidding required a particular method. If someone acted like Li Qiye who was only raising the price without any finesse, then they would only lose out in the end.

Li Qiye looked at her, then he nonchalantly smiled and said: “As long as you like it, I will grab it for you. Money is not an issue as long as you like it.” Having said that, he then revealed an ambiguous and misleading smile.

“Disgusting…” Chi Xiaodie felt the creeps and uttered after seeing Li Qiye act like this. She didn’t know why Li Qiye suddenly became crazy and spoke such words!

“I bid 30,000!” Sima Longyun was furious after seeing such a display. A nobody was competing for his woman? Truly tired of living!

Li Qiye raised his eyelids once, then he slowly said: “I bid 40,000!”

Chi Xiaodie glared at him and coldly asked: “Are you out of your mind?”

They truly needed the Rotten Underworld Beans, but their refined jades were not earned without any effort. It was all from Chi Xiaodao’s tedious gathering — completely unlike the carelessness of Li Qiye’s bidding.

“It’s no problem. I might be missing a lot of things, but money is not one of them.” Li Qiye leisurely answered. People who didn’t know better would actually think that he was trying to win her favor.

The flashy point garnered from this scene — in the eyes of the spectators — was that Li Qiye wanted to please his beauty and didn’t care about throwing money away like trash. And Chi Xiaodie, on the other hand, was worried about her dear lover’s money so she didn’t want her beloved to spend too much. They looked as if they were quite in love.

Sima Longyun was particularly annoyed by such a scene as his expression dimmed with surging murderous intent. The Saint Country had proposed to the Lion’s Roar Country so this matter was eighty to ninety percent certain. Yet at this moment, a nobody suddenly appeared and competed for his woman; he must be tired of living.

“I bid 50,000!” Sima Longyun looked a Li Qiye and proudly said: “My Furious Immortal Saint Country does not lack anything, especially refined jades!”

“I bid 100,000.” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye and bid a higher price with complete ease.

“You…” Chi Xiaodie was driven mad by Li Qiye. Would they even need to buy it when the price of the bean was this high now? This was truly insanity!

Chi Xiaodao, on the other hand, kept quiet. He was personally delighted to see the two getting together because he wanted them as a pair. Meanwhile, Sikong Toutian was hiding to the side, waiting to watch the fun for he knew it was fast approaching.

“Really crazy.” There were a few people who wanted to bid on the beans, but after seeing Li Qiye and Sima Longyun’s attitude, they immediately dropped the thought. This matter was as clear as day to anyone; they wanted to have a competition of wealth! Only big losses would come from this if other people were mixed in.

“Lacking experience, full of vim; lacking age, full of money. Such a good thing!” A cultivator from the previous generation couldn’t help but lament. Everyone was quite perplexed by Li Qiye, this nobody who appeared out of nowhere yet dared to compete with wealth against Sima Longyun, who came from the Saint Country.[1. Two statements that probably sound better in its original prose. A youth lacking experience is filled with vigorous and red-blooded energy. A youth lacking in age has a lot of money. These are just phrases to describe Li Qiye and Sima Longyun in this particular situation; and I do say that they are quite apt.]

“100,000! 100,000 going once. Any other bidders?” Naturally, the auctioneer was quite excited. This price was far higher than his expectations so he immediately shouted.

After being provoked by Li Qiye like this, especially in front of the lover in his dreams, how could Sima Longyun swallow this anger? He immediately exclaimed: “200,000! I bid 200,000!”

“500,000!” Li Qiye’s demeanor remained calm as he bid a new price in a carefree manner.

“You…” Chi Xiaodie was shaking from anger and wanted to explode into a tantrum. This price had completely exceeded their hopes.

On the other hand, Chi Xiaodao only awkwardly smiled. The situation had escalated to a point of no return.

At this point, Sima Longyun gazed intensely at the smiling Li Qiye who simply shrugged and said: “Money is not something I lack. 500,000 just to see a smile from a beauty is not an egregious matter.”

“1,000,000!” Sima Longyun’s enmity pierced the sky itself. He came from the Furious Immortal Saint Country, thus he was always high above everyone else; who would ever dare to offend him?

“5,000,000…” Li Qiye slowly enunciated.

“Crazy, this is truly crazy!” There was a sudden uproar right after Li Qiye’s bid. Even buyers with some wealth were startled by this price. This was a hundred times more than the price of a Rotten Underworld Bean.

“5,000,000! 5,000,000! Is there anyone else with a higher bid?” The auctioneer was crazily ecstatic. This would definitely be the most exciting scene of this auction.

“10,000,000!” Sima Longyun decisively made a decision and looked at Li Qiye in disdain as he sneered: “I have plenty of money!” In fact, 10,000,000 Royal Noble Refined Jades to buy one pot of Rotten Underworld Beans was extremely insane, but since Sima Longyun’s arrow had been shot, he had no choice but to follow through even if it was a big loss. However, he couldn’t lose face, especially in front of Chi Xiaodie.

At this time, Li Qiye cheerfully smiled and leisurely gave him a thumbs up as he spoke: “So rich! 10,000,000 to buy one pot of Rotten Underworld Beans... I quit.”

Li Qiye’s sudden withdrawal left an annoying sensation in Sima Longyun’s mind. It was as if he mustered all of his strength to deliver one devastating blow only to find that it missed completely. Nevertheless, Sima Longyun still sneered and proudly said: “Competing with me with just someone like you? Still so lacking!”

“10,000,000! 10,000,000! Is there anyone else who wants to go even higher?” The auctioneer shouted with much excitement. This was most likely the most expensive pot of beans in his auctioneering life. It was hundreds of times higher than the ordinary price — extremely ridiculous!

“10,000,000. This bottle of Rotten Underworld Beans goes to Young Noble Sima of the Furious Immortal Saint Country!” Ultimately, the auctioneer repeated three times without anyone else bidding, so Sima Longyun became the highest bidder.

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