Chapter 2619: Matchless Young Noble

“Keep on, don’t stop moving.” Seniors yelled at their juniors during the exodus from Mingluo City.

Since Li Qiye was watching with a cold stare, even the strongest among the crowd didn’t dare to disobey him.

Some ancient ancestors were stronger than the five merchants but they still obediently complied.

Li Qiye seemed to be unstoppable after his two recent battles. Everyone understood how accurate his title was. Once provoked, he would send anyone to their death regardless of their status and backing.

Just his presence alone deterred and intimidated the crowd. Not one single soul tried to hide in Mingluo during the commotion.

Even if they weren’t afraid of death, they didn’t want to drag their sects down with them since Fiercest would probably destroy everything to make a point.

It didn’t take long before the visitors were gone from the city. In fact, some even moved quite far away from the walls before making camps.

“Okay, as you please now. Don’t leave the city.” Li Qiye clapped his hands and said before leaving.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, may you live forever!” The natives got on their knees and started showing him respect.

They considered him to be the savior and king of Mingluo right now since their head would be rolling on the ground right now if it wasn’t for him. They wouldn’t stop showing their gratitude and continued bowing their head. 

“May His Majesty lives forever!” This chant echoed across the area.

Li Qiye stopped and looked at the kneeling crowd. He said: “That sounds unpleasant. You all may call me a young noble instead.”

“Young Noble, may you be forever matchless!” Lin Yixue shouted. 

“Young Noble, may you be forever matchless!” The crowd chanted sonorously in unison. [1]

This particular legend and phrase would pass on for generations in this city.

The area became quiet after all the outsiders have left. Nevertheless, they still stared at the bright city.

The gates were closed and it was defenseless yet no one dared to take a step inside or attempt to sneak in.

Li Qiye’s declaration became the strongest line of defense. The city has turned into a forbidden ground. Only suicidal people would try to enter.

“We need to back off whenever and wherever we see Fiercest from now on.” A senior coldly told his juniors: “If anyone happens to offend him, then just kneel and offer your head to him, don’t bring us down with you!”

The realization that Fiercest usually took things to the extreme has convinced the rest of the world to obey.

“Looks like we’ll have to give up on the immortal stone then.” One expert sighed with disappointment.

A few ancestors have speculated about its appearance in Mingluo City. Unfortunately, no one could take this stone unless they wanted to risk it all.

“No rush, there will be a chance.” One ancestor calmly said: “Mingluo will be very lively soon enough. Venerable Deer Merchant and the four Esteemed Monarchs won’t let this go. Both the federation and the grotto will have their revenge. Moreover, the three behemoths haven’t joined yet. The Mu, the Li, and especially someone like Jade-break True Emperor aren’t that easy to negotiate with. When the three of them come, that’s when the true storm will happen.” His eyes became serious as if he could see this scene already.

“Okay, Fiercest is insanely strong and can take several masters on by himself, but what about the rest? He might be able to handle the grotto and the federation, how about the three behemoths? It’s still a mystery whether he can be Gu Yifei or not.” Another ancestor agreed.

“We just need to be patient, this isn’t over yet. Save our strength to fish in troubled water.” The first ancestor said.

Regardless of these schemes, no one has violated the declaration so far. The city became more serene and peaceful than ever.

On this night, Yixue and Youzheng have taken care of the natives in the city. They returned to the palace and prostrated before Li Qiye again: “Young Noble, the city will always remember your kindness.” 

“Go now. A storm is coming, don’t leave the city.” Li Qiye opened his eyes to speak before closing them again.

“We’ll never forget you, Young Noble.” The two bowed their head again before slowly leaving.

They were right about the city’s gratitude. Li Qiye has given the natives another chance at life. He was like another parent to them.

Thus, on the next days, the households here erected a longevity plaque to worship him. Some also created statues of him and began recording his great deed.

At the same time, Wu Youzheng has somehow summoned back the disciples from Stoneclearing School.

No place was safer in Stone Harmony than Mingluo right now with Li Qiye around. That’s why he decided to call them back. These disciples were naturally happy to be back home.

This peace didn’t last long. With a wind-breaking sound, an imperial banner crossed through the air like a shooting star.

“Boom!” It landed on a mound right outside the city.

“Someone’s here.” The experts camping outside took note of this.

They looked over and saw the character, “Jian”. It pulsed with a frightening aura like an unsheathed sword. [2]

“Puresword True Emperor, he’s coming here.” Everyone knew its owner.

“The Mu Clan is coming…” This caused quite a stir since one of the three behemoths was coming here.

“Buzz.” Imperial laws flowed around the banner like streams of water, filling up the area around the mound.

Next, they pinned themselves on the ground and came together to create a portal.

1. All of these chants and worships sound out of place in English, but it sounds normal in CN. I can’t find a perfect transliteration

2. Jian means sword

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