Chapter 2618: Death To All Opposers

One must be impressed by the merchants’ escaping speed. They instantly crossed through the realm and nearly left Stone Harmony System in the blink of an eye.

However, this still wasn’t enough to escape the scope of the great palm. It seemed futile to even try since this palm was larger than the world. Thus, as long as one was still within the confinement of the world, escaping was impossible.

Once the palm grasped them, they were transferred into a different realm. They looked up at the sky and couldn’t leap out. 

This dimension of the palm was unimaginably vast, probably ten times larger than Stone Harmony. The five became extremely tiny and insignificant, akin to specks of dust.

“Ants.” Li Qiye’s voice frightened the world regardless of how strong the listeners were. So many were forced to the ground by his thunderous voice and couldn’t get back up.

“No!!” The five merchants bellowed after being trapped. Despair overwhelmed them.

They have never considered themselves to be insignificant before. Remember, they might not be the top Eternals but they were strong enough. At their level, they could decide life and death for other people. Now, Li Qiye could decide their fate and they were powerless to stop him.

“I refuse to accept this!” Golden-horn Heavenly Merchant screamed; his voice filled with unwillingness and anger.

It was too late. When Li Qiye’s palm began to close, the world beneath compressed and crumbled. All of its power pushed on the five merchants, rendering them helpless.

“Pop!” All five turned into bloody mists that scatter to the wind. They were trivial compared to this great world.

The spectators shuddered in response. Not many would claim to be stronger than the five merchants. Of course, some of these ancient ancestors could be stronger, but not by much.

These five were crushed so easily by Li Qiye - truly a shocking spectacle. This was even more stirring than the death of the ten Vajras.

Li Qiye did it with such ease as well, not resorting to using any weapon from start to finish. One could only imagine the destruction once he actually uses one.

Li Qiye began shrinking down. It looked slow relative to his massive size, but this process was quite fast.

He eventually regained his original appearance, looking as ordinary as ever like another random person in a sea of people. No one would remember him at all.

Alas, despite his misleading appearance, he had just taken care of the five merchants and an armada from Hidden Gold Grotto.

Would anyone think that he was an ordinary person now? 

They looked at his common face, thinking that it was more horrifying than the grimace of a furious god. In fact, just one glare of him right now could scare a True God to death.

The bloody rays around him began to burn and turned to ashes and bright particles. They belonged to the blood mirror so they were created from the vengeful blood of the sacrificed. The attempt was to seal Li Qiye’s grand dao, performing something akin to a curse to shrink him down to a tiny ant.

In reality, this type of blood couldn’t seal his grand dao.

He chose to block his own grand dao on a whim, wanting to reverse the particular seal. That’s why when he reserved it, he became incomparably large and shattered the entire kingdom.

Bright particles appeared, seemingly floating up from the depths of hell and heading for heaven.

At this particular juncture, the spectators could see faces in the particles with a smile of liberation, going from hell to heaven. It was true satisfaction and salvation to leave the darkest despair.

“Though there is no heaven in this world, I will still send you on your way.” Li Qiye said.

These particles were clearly the sacrificed ones trapped in the bloody mirror. They have been crossed over by him; their hatred refined away so they returned to the light.

Everyone held their breath at this sight and didn’t know what to say. The smiling faces actually left them speechless. For a few of them, light and kindness actually blossomed in their heart and mind.

It was a sentimental moment. Several million lives have been refined by Lu Keweng’s group but Li Qiye had saved them now.

“Young Noble!” Lin Yixue couldn’t help but cry, wetting her dress with tears.

Li Qiye was a supreme existence in her eyes right now - the savior and protector of the world.

After the particles dispersed, he turned towards the crowd and declared: “From today onward, all outsiders must leave Mingluo. Take one step inside and it'll be your demise!”

No one could question his declaration.

“That’s, that’s too overbearing, Mingluo isn’t your home…” One expert was bold enough to show some dissatisfaction.

“Pluff!” Li Qiye pointed at him, turning him into a bloody mist.

Everyone quickly moved away from where he was pointing while turning pale.

“Yes, I am overbearing, a true tyrant. I don’t care for logic and reasons since my words trump all. All you need to do is obey, there is no room for negotiation.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye after that move.

The crowd shuddered after hearing this.

“Let’s leave.” No one dared to refuse him now.

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