Chapter 2609: Stepping Up

The Trade Federation resumed the blood offering activities on the second day. Green-robed Heavenly Merchant presided over the event while numerous experts brought the natives over.

More spectators joined today, lining up along the walls or floating in the air. Some conjugated into big groups…

The merchant had a cold expression as always, thinking that these natives were utterly insignificant lifeforms…

His presence served as deterrence against the potential defenders of justice as well as greedy thieves due to the high price of the black stones.

“The Trade Federation is doing it again, it looks like it’ll be a big harvest for them.” One spectator quietly said.

“No wonder why they’re so ruthless, I think they’ll corner the market and have a monopoly after this.” One older expert said.

“Hmm, I think there are around sixty to seventy thousand natives under captivity right now.” One  expert calculated: “After the offerings are over, the federation might be able to get one thousand or more black stones, quite a handsome return.”

“The stones in high quantity can prolong life too, no wonder why the five merchants resorted to this method. Venerable Deer Merchant most likely gave them the go-ahead so they went all out.” One ancestor said.

People were quite envious of the federation’s success. No one really cared about the wellbeing of these natives, only about the number of black stones harvested.

As for the natives, there was nothing they could do. Struggling was futile since to be perfectly frank, one expert from there could kill them all with a single finger strike. They accepted their fate and lowered their head, quietly awaiting death.

“Get ready.” The merchant shouted after another group of natives was brought on stage.

The executioners raised their blades again with flashing glints.

“A bunch of idiots, daring to disturb my serenity.” A lazy voice came about.

The disdainful comment surprised everyone. They all looked over and saw an ordinary man walking over with a slow and lazy pace, yawning and stretching as well.

Lin Yixue and Wu Youzheng were right behind him. The natives’ desperate eyes flashed with hope after seeing these two.

“Fiercest!” People shouted after seeing him.

A path immediately opened outside the gate. People were fast and orderly in making way for him. The strong ruled this world and commanded respect.

Two days prior, Fiercest has made his name by taking care of Hidden Gold’s armada and ten Vajras.

Everyone knew that not only was he strong, his personality resembled his title. This was a brutal man with a penchant for massacres.

The crowd looked at him before turning towards the merchant, aware that the former’s appearance could be ominous. Moreover, the two behind him were natives of Mingluo.

“Sir, may I inquire for the reasoning behind your presence?” The merchant stood up and cupped his fist.

He was being very polite. Back when the powerful ancestor criticized him, he still sat in his palanquin. Though he called the guy “brother”, he didn’t truly mean it.

But this was no longer the case right now. He called Li Qiye “sir” in a respectful manner.

People could understand this. The five merchants were more prestigious and powerful than the ten Vajras. The five of them could probably defeat the ten Vajras in battle as well.

However, Fiercest’s actual power was insane. He destroyed that armada without any difficulty.

Green-robed Heavenly Merchant couldn’t put up an act before someone like this. It was best not to offend him.

Li Qiye yawned, seemingly annoyed that someone has woken him up. He waved his sleeve and said: “You have no business here. Get lost now.”

Li Qiye wasn’t only addressing the merchant but also the rest of the crowd.

“My apology, this foolish one doesn’t understand you, Sir. Please elaborate.” The merchant wasn’t on the same level as Lucidity King or Gu Yifei, but he was still one of the top Eternals in Imperial.

This respectful act of his was quite rare already. Few deserved this treatment from him; maybe Lucidity King and Gu Yifei.

Li Qiye repeated: “Scram now, all outsiders. The natives may stay in the city. If I see any more blood offering, I will massacre your entire clan.”

People understood that he was here to address the injustice right away.

The merchant’s expression slightly changed. This was the first time someone told him to “scram”. 

“So you are here about this matter, Sir.” The merchant glanced at the two behind Li Qiye: “How about this, we’ll immediately release anyone related to you…”

“Idiot.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “I could have spared all of you with a punishment earlier, but now, your foolishness really warrants death.”

The merchant’s smile froze. He coldly responded: “Sir, you must antagonize our Trade Federation?”

He was implying that by messing with him, Li Qiye risked dealing with his backers as well.

“Just a bunch of dog shits.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “From today henceforth, I am taking over Mingluo City. Outsiders must leave. Those who disobey my rules will be shown no mercy!”

People took a deep breath after this. They knew he wasn’t joking and could actually back his words with actions.

The merchant naturally didn’t like being called “dog shit”. His federation has never been shown such contempt before in Imperial.

“Sir, you need to rethink this. We are the largest alliance in Imperial with numerous Eternals and more than one hundred systems. No one dares to oppose us. Do you think it is worth it to become our enemy over a few lowly natives?” 

The merchant might be slightly exaggerating but it wasn’t far from the truth. Many experts nodded in agreement. Opposing a monster like the federation for the sake of these strangers was very unwise.

"Your Trade Federation is nothing." Li Qiye said lightly.

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