Chapter 2604: Researching The Source

The black octopus might be humble in size but its evil aura made Youzheng cower in fear.

He was a Grand True God with decent abilities and has seen plenty of monsters and masters in the past. However, none of them could match this black octopus in terms of evil aura.

It was particularly pure, seemingly born with darkness and evil serves as its life force. Light would be devoured instantly.

“Zzz, zzz…” The octopus continued making noises as if furious and ready to attack Li Qiye. Alas, it was wasting its time because of Li Qiye’s pressure.

“Show me the source!” Li Qiye raised his hands and added more energy into the maelstrom.

“Boom!” A large current surged in the maelstrom, increasing its rotation and separating process by ten times.

“Zzz…” The octopus bellowed and was divided into strands of dark energy.

“Pop!” The maelstrom continued to crush this energy as if wanting to reach the very origin. Space slightly fluctuated as a black fog appeared with a particular image.

There existed an unimaginably colossal octopus. Just one tentacle from it could easily destroy a mountain range. Its nefarious aura engulfed the world - the very start of the darkness.

“My goodness!” Youzheng was alarmed to see the gigantic octopus. Its frightening aura deterred people from looking at it.

“It’s only an image.” Li Qiye said.

Youzheng took a closer look and saw that the octopus was only an image made from the feeble dark laws. This was also the case for the smaller one earlier.

Youzheng took a deep breath while trembling. Just an image alone has already unleashed such evil, what about the real thing? Could this octopus be the mastermind before these events?

Li Qiye eventually sent out a golden beam from his eyes while coldly uttering: “What I want aren’t trivial details, only the true source! These things before me are meaningless!”

“Buzz.” He released a golden glow all around him with a fierce glare. The pulsing golden beam from his eyes was especially frightening, seemingly capable of refining everything just by looking at it.

Youzheng no longer dared to look even though Li Qiye wasn’t exerting any pressure on him. The guy was assuming a terrible state. Looking straight at Li Qiye’s eyes would render him to nothingness.

The maelstrom suddenly solidified and sealed the image of the large octopus.

“Bam!” The great beast struggled because it realized Li Qiye’s aggressive intention. Alas, it was too late. The maelstrom has completely sealed it. Struggling was futile - a waste of strength.

Li Qiye raised his finger and exuded strands of light. Tiny golden laws began to swim and coil around each other at the tip.

He then touched the octopus’ head. The contact issued a small hum as he imprinted an indelible seal on its head.

In this blink of an eye, he was able to lock the source. Using any method to hide or escape was impossible. With the help of the seal, he could chase it back to its source, and to all of its ancestors - if he wanted to.

The hair-like golden laws on his fingertips then drilled into the dark octopus’ mind without leaving any wound.

They coiled around each other inside - a process that led to more golden laws being born. It didn’t take long before the creature’s head started glowing yellow. The laws continued to multiply and spread inside.

“Zzz, zzz…” The creature could sense the danger and struggle harder. Unfortunately, the result was still the same.

Youzheng looked back and saw the golden laws interweaving inside the octopus’ head. He felt cold sweat running down his spine.

He could see that Li Qiye wanted to control the creature’s will and take its memories in order to find useful information about its source.

He has only heard of this method in the past. Rumor has it that when people wanted another sect’s supreme merit laws, they would use this forceful method against that sect’s members.

Of course, the success rate was pitifully low. The stronger the merit law, the harder it was to take over. There was a high chance of implosion.

“Pop!” The creature’s head was torn open by the golden laws from the center, a similar sight to a tangerine being peeled. 

“Find the source.” Li Qiye increased his concentration to control the grand dao and reverse the yin and yang. He went upstream in the river of time to look at the past. The most profound and mysterious technique was being performed right now.

“Buzz.” The exposed head of the octopus had a maelstrom inside too, seemingly growing within its brain.

This yellow maelstrom rotated with a speed allowing it to surpass the temporal confinements. Youzheng felt the world spinning around him. He was crossing through one era after another to the past.

The maelstrom suddenly stopped, revealing a faint figure inside - completely dark in nature.

The purest darkness trapping all the light. It resembled a bottomless abyss with no end in sight.

This figure walked out of the darkness and released a might capable of suppressing all gods and devils.

“Bam!” Youzheng instantly dropped to the ground, unable to move a finger.

Just the faint image of this being alone was above all gods and emperors, no, even above progenitors. 

These masters would instantly turn to the darkness before its unmatched evil. The figure seemed to be waking up and immediately noticed Li Qiye’s spying. 

“Pop!” The image popped like a water bubble. The maelstrom also crumbled along with the black octopus and turned into smoke. Li Qiye couldn’t freeze this moment again in time even if he wanted to.

Everything was annihilated. The only proof of this happening was the slight ripple in space.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything, only standing there looking quite cold.

Youzheng was still trembling on the ground, unable to stand up. He was completely drenched in sweat now. That terrible aura left a permanent shadow in his mind.

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