Chapter 2601: Corpses And Chaos

The corpses stealthily entered the city as if wanting to be part of this world.

During this process, Li Qiye in his palace opened his eyes. They flashed up and illuminated the depth of the earth.

He suddenly stood up and started heading out.

“Young Noble? What’s the matter?” This woke up Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue who were sleeping near the gate.

He didn’t say anything and got out. He looked around the night and finally noticed a pile of debris.

The other two were right behind him. Youzheng saw his expression and knew that something big was happening.

He quietly asked: “Young Noble, what happened?”

“Someone’s here.” Li Qiye chuckled and focused his vision, undeterred by the night curtains.

“Someone’s here?” Yixue was surprised. 

No one dared to take half a step inside Heavensound recently. Everyone took a long way around out of fear.

But now, there was an intruder so late at night? Who was actually so bold?

“Bam!” The pile of rocks scattered everywhere. A muscular man crawled out while holding a spear and had a long blade of grass in his mouth. He started walking towards the palace.

“Who’s that?” Yixue felt that this man didn’t have the friendliest intention.

“Not who but what. It’s a corpse.” Youzheng stared intensely at him and found a lack of vitality before shouting.

“Yes, a corpse coming back to life.” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised at all.

Yixue was shocked and took one step back. Though she was no stranger to corpses, one coming back to life and walking in front of them was a different story.

“Crack!” More mud separated, giving way to another hand. It was an old man with gray hair, also walking towards the palace.

“Look, over there, it’s another corpse.” Yixue pointed at it; her finger trembling. She immediately hid behind Li Qiye, thinking that there was no safer place.

“That’s Elder Lin of White Orchid!” Youzheng was shocked to see him.

“Master, are, are you sure? Didn’t you say Elder Lin is the number one expert of White Orchid, why is he like this now?” Yixue said in a daze.

“I don’t know. We might not be considered close friends but I’ve drunk with him several times. I’m not mistaken.” Youzheng spoke with a solemn expression.

“Didn’t White Orchid disappear? Why, why are they appearing here now?” Yixue became frightened.

The scariest part was the distance between the two cities. It must be one million miles away or so yet these corpses were still here. [1]

“Over there, another one!” Yixue shouted and pointed at a different direction and inched closer to Li Qiye - the only place she felt safe.

“Bam!” More corpses came out further away from the ground.

“What the hell is going on, why are the dead coming back to life? Are all of them coming back?” Youzheng turned pale and shuddered despite having seen many strange things in his life.

“No, just darkness is coming.” Li Qiye said with a flashing glint in his eyes.

“What, what will happen when, when the darkness comes?” Yixue leaned on him while trembling.

Li Qiye said: “All of you will be food. No, the entire world will be nothing but nourishment.”

“They eat humans?” She got goosebumps all over.

“Yes.” He nodded: “Unfortunately, it still won’t be enough to satiate the incoming monster’s appetite.”

“They’re coming.” Youzheng said as the corpses drew closer to the palace.

Li Qiye was as relaxed as always, resembling a master welcoming his guests.

Of course, this scenario also happened all over Mingluo.

“Hey brother, where are you heading to when it’s so late?” A cultivator met a corpse on an empty street. He didn’t recognize the guy and started a small talk.

“Pluff!” A saber penetrated his chest from the back all the way to the front.

He looked down and saw his own blood dripping from the blade. Another corpse had quietly snuck up behind him and pierced through his body.

When he looked up again, the first corpse was standing right in front of him and leaped forward to bite his neck.

The corpse in the back also bit the other side. The sound of blood being sucked and swallowed resounded.

“Ah!” Screams happened since cultivators were ambushed by the corpses.

“Stop, you monster!” One friend saw this happening to his companion and took out his sword, successfully decapitating the corpse.

“Brother Hu.” The victim fell but was caught by his friend. Unfortunately, the guy was already dead; his whole body turned black.

“What the hell?” His friend was shocked but he noticed some movements.

The decapitated head actually started rolling towards its body and connected back to the neck. It then got up and ran.

“Monster, where do you think you’re going?!” The friend immediately gave chase.

However, he didn’t get far before stopping because three corpses stood side by side in front of him.

He leaped backward, wanting to run but three more corpses have appeared out of nowhere to block his path. “Die!” He roared before swinging his sword.

“Ah!” Screams echoed across Mingluo. 

No one noticed the infiltration in the beginning. After mounting an assault, the corpses caught many cultivators off guard and began sucking their blood.

Furious cries of battle also resounded. Many experts joined the battle in order to kill these monsters.

“The dead are coming back to life, watch it!” Warnings also spread.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to stop the screamings. The corpses weren’t that strong but they couldn’t be killed, not even after decapitation.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Skirmishes occurred throughout the area.

“Watch out, everyone, they’ve infiltrated the main areas. Find them and kill them right away, be thorough!” A master commanded.

The city erupted with commotion. One could see corpses everywhere now on the streets and alleys.

Fortunately, there were enough visiting cultivators with ample power to kill these corpses.

“Let’s go, don’t let them run away!” These experts roared and gave chase to the fleeing corpses.

1. The word is literal as one million, but it could just mean a lot. No idea

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