Chapter 2600: Back From The Dead

The palace looked like an ancient building from the olden days. Its glow gave it an otherworldly appearance as if it came from the world of immortals.

It was built with the purest divine metals, free from any impurity. In fact, it has probably exceeded this classification after being refined so many times.

It didn’t need empowerments and blessings to have its own divinity, similar to a holy fetus - blessed from the very inception.

The sheer concentration of materials embedded in the palace made its divinity immensely oppressive. People couldn’t help wanting to prostrate before this place.

Its glow made hearts beat faster, especially the blacksmiths. The materials found here were too rare. Just one single piece could allow them to create the most powerful weapon.

“It’s hot so a place to hide from the sun like this is perfect.” Li Qiye seemed quite pleased with himself and smiled.

The crowd became speechless with a bitter smile on their face. Using such extravagant materials to build a palace was already wasteful enough, but doing so just to escape the sun? 

Numerous Eternals and True Emperors didn’t have access to a palace of a similar level. If they did, it would become their clan’s legacy and heirloom. They would use it as a carriage of sorts to go everywhere.

However, Li Qiye treated it as a summer home. This was indeed unimaginable. The level of ludicrousness found here exceeded all conventional limits.

What else could people say now? Perhaps only Fiercest would be insane enough to do this.

Li Qiye slowly landed and was met by the ecstatic Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue. They prostrated on the ground.

“Thank you, Young Noble. You are the savior of Mingluo, saving its inhabitants. This little one can only repay you by being your ox and horse for lives to come…” Youzheng was moved to tears. Their entire system could have turned to ashes if it wasn’t for Li Qiye. 

His presence alone has guaranteed the system’s safety. At the very least, people couldn’t bully them anymore without thinking twice.

“There’s no savior in this world. Others can save you today but not tomorrow. You can only rely on yourself.” Li Qiye looked at the two and said flatly before entering his palace.

Despite his harsh comment, Youzheng still performed a full ceremonial kowtow before following him into the palace.

“It’s done.” A spectator quietly said. 

Numerous masters that have come into space finally returned to Mingluo and heaved a sigh of relief.

In fact, the fight earlier was quite short, only lasting the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Strangely enough, this little period was more than enough for many shocking things to happen. The death of the ten Vajras and the destruction of the armada would take Imperial like a storm.

The rowdiness didn’t last in Mingluo for long despite the influx of visitors. A bizarre serenity pervaded the area.

These visiting sects were arrogant and overbearing just a while ago. They strutted around the streets like a crab, doing whatever they wanted without hesitation. These experts didn’t care about the inhabitants and cultivators here. Stone Harmony has fallen and only ants were left here.

Thus, the visitors would directly name a price for territories. Of course, they considered this to be quite civilized already. The more ruthless bunch would just take over and chase the natives away without any reparation.

The natives were helpless and couldn’t do anything. Protests could result in their death.

Hidden Gold Grotto was the best example of this behavior. They immediately dropped down territorial markings the moment they arrived at the city, thinking that no one here would oppose them.

Who knows if they would have done the same if any of the three behemoths were around?

However, after Li Qiye dealt with Hidden Gold, the arrogant visitors played nice right away. No one dared to take over places like during the beginning of the event. In fact, some intruders quietly left and returned the houses and sects to the natives.

Li Qiye’s massacre has threatened these intruding systems. They became obedient and no longer acted in the same imperious manner.

Li Qiye’s place was especially left alone. Even the strongest systems and Eternals took the long path to avoid the ruins, not wanting to make the same mistake as Hidden Gold Grotto.

The night was silent and so was Mingluo. Though bright lamps illuminated every nook and corner, people kept quiet. Rowdiness was nowhere to be found.

“Crack!” The ground outside the city cracked during this tranquility and a person climbed out from the gap.

No, it was a corpse covered in a gray miasma, seemingly derived from the darkness.

The miasma blended with the night and was hard to see. This corpse started heading for Mingluo.

Its movement seemed slow but its actual speed was far superior to that of an ordinary cultivator.

It held a long saber and looked the same as a living person. No one noticed that it was a corpse.

Too many guests have visited in recent days. This newcomer was rather inconspicuous.

“Ploosh!” A hand reached out of a muddy field. Another corpse came out and also headed for Mingluo.

“Crash!” One more armored corpse climbed out of rocky debris and walked towards Mingluo with a spear in its hand.

This strange phenomenon wasn’t only happening outside. 

“Boom!” Inside the city, one corpse made its way out of a wall.

This repeated in some houses, especially the abandoned ones. Some broke out of the walls, the ground, and even the larger trees. 

Both the natives and visiting cultivators didn’t notice these trespassing corpses during the quiet night.

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