Chapter 260: Crossdressing Bing Yuxia

Chapter 260: Crossdressing Bing Yuxia

“Ice Feather Palace!” Li Qiye couldn’t help but narrow his eyes after seeing this girl dressed like a man in front of his eyes. He recalled a memory from his past — Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. He couldn’t help but smile after thinking about a certain matter!

Everyone erred on the side of caution to avoid Bing Yuxia from thinking that they were laughing at her. At this moment, Li Qiye was the only person who was smiling and it immediately attracted Bing Yuxia’s attention.

“It seems like this is not a tomb belonging to an Alchemy Emperor!” At this moment, Bing Yuxia glanced at the grave site that was still being excavated and smilingly declared.

Her smile was extremely beautiful. She was initially a city toppling beauty, yet she chose to wear men's clothing. Her smile carried seven parts of a woman’s charm while the other three belonged to the attractive handsomeness of men. When combined together, this smile was especially attractive. Even women could only sigh at such a scene.

At this time, the female disciples of the Ice Feather Palace who came with Bing Yuxia also prepared a pavilion on the highest place of the area. Even though the pavilion was not large, it had everything from an ice stove to tea pots with a soft bed; everything one could think of was at hand.

Bing Yuxia lay on the soft bed in complete enjoyment and ease while carrying a lazy attitude with an indescribable comfort.

Meanwhile, the beauties by her side were serving her as she slightly smiled and hugged two of them — one in each hand, just like a perverted young master. She even occasionally teased the beauties next to her as waves of cheerful laughter resounded. It was as if she was not a girl, but a peerless, handsome young man who was enjoying the endless, fortunate pleasure of beauties with pretty girls all around him.

This absurd and flowery scene silenced many spectating cultivators. One from the previous generation lamented the shift of attitude in the new generation while a younger cultivator couldn’t help but become envious and imagined that it was he who was enjoying so many beauties like this.

Bing Yuxia was clearly a girl, yet she was acting like a shady young master. However, with her gentleness like jade and an impressive and personable aura... If she was truly a man, then she will definitely enchant numerous young girls.

Her romantic style caused men to be envious and women to lament with praises — such an amazingly dirty young master.

Compared to Bing Yuxia, the self-proclaimed outstanding and extraordinary Sima Longyun became abandoned goods. Even though Bing Yuxia was a girl pretending to be a boy, her aura was graceful and completely natural. It was without any trace of pretension, completely contrasting the previous performance of Sima Longyun. A comparison would only cause others to become even more annoyed at Sima Longyun.

Her appearance immediately stole Sima Longyun’s spotlight completely. Just earlier, he could be considered a talented prodigy for he was a grand completion Xiantian Physique as well as being a disciple of the Furious Immortal Saint Country that garnered much attention. However, the moment Bing Yuxia arrived, she was the real dragon and phoenix while Sima Longyun was simply an earth dragon at best.

Although Bing Yuxia stole his fame, Sima Longyun didn’t dare to utter a single grievance. Even as the disciple of the Saint Country, he was still way too lacking compared to Bing Yuxia.

Bing Yuxia was the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace and had an unreachable and awe-inducing status throughout the entire Eastern Descent City. Not to mention, the Ice Feather Palace was an Immortal Emperor lineage and was much more powerful compared to the Saint Country.

And not just Sima Longyun, even the crown prince of their Saint Country would have to give Bing Yuxia some face.

Bing Yuxia enjoyed the pavilion by herself along with all the marvelous satisfactions that life had to offer. Li Qiye couldn’t help but to wryly smile while watching such a scene; he couldn’t help but remember Immortal Emperor Bing Yu! It had been so many years, yet the Ice Feather Palace still didn’t change this particular tone. This girl really wanted to copy their Ice Feather Palace’s ancestor! She even learned her ancestor’s style, but how much of Immortal Emperor Bing Yu's actual abilities had she learned?

“It’s coming out, it's coming out!” Not long after, inside the valley, the Inheritance Ancient Pavilion finally finished digging up the entire tomb that was underground. This tomb was quite old and had experienced uncountable years. It was built by divine rocks as the dao lines still traversed throughout the surface. Without a doubt, this tomb was enforced by a powerful character. However, it had been eroded by time so the dao lines became much weaker.

At this point, the experts from the pavilion lifted up the entire tomb and placed it in the middle of the valley. After a short clean up, the auctioneer finally came out.

“Ahem, fellow daoists, this tomb belongs to a Legendary Alchemist from an old era. He came from an alchemy clan and after our appraisal, we have determined that this is absolutely the real thing and has a fair price. We guarantee this on our golden plaque and reputation for the past millions of years.” The auctioneer declared after stepping up.

At this time, with great focus, all eyes were on this tomb.

“According to our Inheritance Ancient Pavilion’s grave auction rules, we will first start with an auction for the entire tomb. If there is no one willing to bid, then we will open the tomb to start the second auction.” The auctioneer spoke as he glanced at everyone.

“How much do you plan to auction this tomb for?” After hearing his words, a cultivator became impatient and loudly asked.

Even though this tomb that belonged to a Legendary Alchemist did not necessarily have any invincible manuals or peerless treasures and weapons, it was likely to have some valuable ancient medicines.

Many alchemists — before dying — would bury all of their precious medicines and grass along with themselves. Many cultivators with special needs, especially grand characters of the Royal Noble and Enlightened Being levels, highly valued ancient medicines.

For example, Sima Longyun needed ancient herbs to refine his body. Even though a physique paste was appropriate to temper every kind of Physique and the paste formulas were readily available to the world, high level physique pastes and their required ingredients were not easy to find. The finest ranked ones were even more difficult to obtain.

Physique pastes were universal and applicable for any Physique, but there were heritages with their own recipes, or they would use an ancient recipe to temper a specific Physique.

Because many of these ancient recipes required ancient medicines, ancient medicines were quite a hot commodity. Sima Longyun was looking for ancient medicines that could be used for the ancient recipe to refine his Golden Savage Bull Physique.

After noticing the eagerness in all the cultivators that were present at the scene, the auctioneer coughed and carefully said: “I don’t think I need to repeat that, outside of the Forbidden Grounds and Ancient Earths, the majority of ancient medicines can only be found underground. Good ancient medicines are well received universally. After our appraisal, we guarantee that there are quite a few ancient medicines inside this tomb. We have decided that this tomb will start at nine hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades.”

“Nine hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades!” All the cultivators at the scene immediately exploded into an uproar after hearing this.

It was not a sum that vagrant cultivators or even Royal Nobles from the great sects could afford. Even the great powers would not necessarily be able to come up with such a sum! Even if they did, they would have to gauge whether this was worth the price or not.

“What a joke!” A Demon Monarch began to speak: “This is a price up high in the sky! One could buy a finest rank Saint Physique Paste with such a price. If I were to exaggerate a little, one could even buy an Immortal Physique Paste! Who would be willing to gamble nine hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades on a Legendary Alchemist’s tomb!”

These words resonated with quite a few grand characters as they jumped on the bandwagon. Another Enlightened Being shook his head and said: “Nine hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades? Even the lowest rank amongst Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades already have a monstrous price. This price is way too high. Change it a bit; maybe nine hundred thousand Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades is a lot more reasonable, and one would actually think about it. However, finest Heavenly Sovereign Refine Jades will still be a bit expensive.”

“That's right ah!” Many other people quickly echoed: “This price is too illogical. If this was the tomb of a Virtuous Paragon, then your Inheritance Ancient Pavilion can name this price without anyone questioning it. However, for a Legendary Alchemist, this price is unreasonably expensive.”

“Gentlemen, everyone knows that the status of a Legendary Alchemist has always been very high; it is not any less than a Virtuous Paragon! Taking into account the prestige of a Legendary Alchemist, this tomb is worth the price.” The auctioneer was not angry and smilingly answered with a harmonious tone.

This was the benefit of attending a grave auction. If it was just an ordinary auction house, then the moment an item was appraised, there would be no room for bartering. However, it was possible to do so at a grave auction. As long as one was capable, they could try to lower the price.

“That is only when he was still alive!” Another alchemist opened his mouth and retorted: “A living Legendary Alchemist could be said to have an even higher status than a Virtuous Paragon, but this is not the case when he is dead. As an alchemist, the items left behind to his future generations would only be a few ancient medicines.”

The auctioneer remained smiling as he said: “This price is still acceptable. Maybe there is a Nine Transformations Soul Grass amongst these ancient medicines. Everyone is aware that a Nine Transformations Soul Grass buried for millions of years is truly unfathomable. If it is synthesized with an ancient fate pill recipe, then it will definitely be a priceless treasures! It will have an even greater effect for Virtuous Paragons of the previous generation.”

“You speak of Nine Transformations Soul Grass so easily! Even a Legendary Alchemist would not be able to see a Nine Transformations Soul Grass more than a few times in his entire life. Just one or two times would have been plenty.” A Royal Noble shook his head and said: “It is acceptable for Alchemy Emperors to be buried with Nine Transformations Soul Grass. As for Legendary Alchemists? This is impossible. Why would he not pass such a priceless treasure down to his descendants!?”

“Nine hundred thousand Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades — if you guys want to sell at this price, then I will want it!” An Enlightened Being offered.

“Impossible. Five hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades!” The auctioneer shook his head and named a new price.

At this time, an Ancient Saint spoke after some pondering: “Five hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades is still completely impossible. If you guys really want to sell it, then it must be fifty Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades.”

In a short amount of time, great characters with some capital started to haggle with the auctioneer. After a few rounds, the auctioneer finalized the price at two hundred thousand Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades!

“Six hundred Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades. If you want to get rid of it, I would want it at this price!” In the end, the highest bid was from Bing Yuxia of the Ice Feather Palace!

The difference in price between the bid and the desired price of the Inheritance Ancient Pavilion was too high. The pavilion would not want to do such a business no matter what.

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