Chapter 2599: Palace

The being became a large ball of steel in just a short time.

His flame began flowing like water in a silent manner and seeped into the ball.

The sphere has been compressed to the limit due to Li Qiye’s power. Numerous impurities have been removed. There wasn’t that much space left but the flame still easily infiltrated like a fish entering the ocean.

It burned the sphere, turning it red like molten metal. Nevertheless, the spherical shape remained.

“What an insane display of power…” An Eternal shuddered.

“Why do you say that, Senior?” His junior didn’t understand the implication.

This Eternal put on a serious expression: “The ships of Hidden Grotto, especially the main ones, have been tested numerous times. All were built from precious metals and cast by Eternals or even True Emperor for several years or even longer. Thus, each of them is extremely tough with perfectly refined materials. Ordinary flames can’t burn them down to molten iron. A powerful Eternal might be able to do it, but this process requires a very long time. But look, Fiercest’s flame has done it in such a short time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one single spark from this type of flame could burn through a sect and the ground beneath in entirety. I know for a fact that very, very few people in Imperial can create a divine flame like this.”

A different alchemist added: “The strength of his flame is one thing, but his fire mastery is incredible. In my opinion, he would make an amazing alchemist.”

“Buzz.” Li Qiye closed his palms and added more force to compress the sphere, further refining away the impurities.

Impure essences of a red shade began to fall, resembling a heavy rain in outer space. The drops crossed through the sky before disappearing altogether.

“Just imagine the level of weapon he could make by using this method. He can just take everything out of a mine and directly refine them into a sword, for example. It would be perfect.” An experienced blacksmith said emotionally.

“As the adage goes - temper a hundred times to make great steel, but this is more than just that. The materials here have been refined numerous times already, now with this final step, they are very precious already even before taking form.”

The refinement process was a magnificent and enjoyable spectacle. Only the core essences were left while the liquid impurities were pushed out. The bright red sphere became smaller and smaller.

Just imagine, the main ships were as big as continents, so the sphere was gigantic as well. Only one-third of it was left and Li Qiye wasn’t done yet.

“Isn’t this too wasteful though?” Someone felt bad about all the wasted drops disappearing in space: “Those molten metals are considered impurities…?”

Just the abandoned drops alone were viewed as priceless to many sects, given their origin. But now, Li Qiye was throwing the majority away. One could consider this to be very prodigal. Alas, all they could do was watch him throw away tons and tons of molten iron.

The expert blacksmiths were more affected than anyone else and started to feel physical discomfort. They murmured: “Just give me those drops… I can build full armaments for every single disciple in the sect.”

Eventually, the sphere became one-tenth of its original size.

“Buzz…” The molten iron seemed to have its own life and started an automatic process to form a large palace.

After the outline was completed, he removed the flame and the molten iron began to cool.

Just like that, a palace appeared before the world. It had a holy glow with extraordinary splendor despite being quite simple. This glow was there even before any blessing and augmentation. People were in awe at this sight.

It slowly descended and eventually landed in the ruins.

“Boom!” The ground couldn’t handle its massive weight. 

Nevertheless, its glow started to spread across the ruins. The mud and soil here had colorful particles embedded within them. Just like that, the dao power returned to this area.

The crowd became astonished since the ruins became lively and bright again, brimming with the dao.

“How the hell? It just turned this abandoned place into dao land. Can something be so magical?” A youth couldn’t believe it.

“This palace isn’t normal since it’s made out of incredible metals. One can even call them immortal metals after the refinements so that’s why its divinity is spreading to the ground beneath.” An Eternal said: “These materials don’t need further augmentation and blessing since they already have enough divinity and innate power.”

“Not many systems in our world can come up with this level of material, especially not in this great quantity.” One blacksmith master salivated: “You can definitely create around ten of the finest weapons with them, it’s such a waste using them to make a palace.”

Knowledgeable spectators understood the worth of the materials. They coveted them but were smart enough to not have any idea. The ten Vajras were prime examples, who would want to follow their footsteps?

“Forget that immortal stone or whatever, we just need to take that palace to be rich.” One naive junior said.

“Shut up! You can go and die by yourself, don’t drag the sect down with you.” His senior immediately slapped him and scolded.

The pale senior then turned towards Li Qiye, afraid of him misunderstanding.

If he were to think that the people here coveted his palace, he could kill them all with just one finger. No one wanted to even talk since provoking Fiercest was unwise and could lead to sect destruction.

That’s why the crowd could only stare at this glowing palace with bated breath.

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