Chapter 2598: Dismantlement

“Boom!” Li Qiye swung his hand again to further divide the giant. The dissembling was finally completed.

“Like I said, just scrap metals.” He patted his hands and casually said. 

Meanwhile, the crowd wasn’t as relaxed as him. This powerful steel giant was done for.

The ten Vajras and ten warships have been utterly destroyed. Their past prestige and battle records seemed meaningless now.

They have been winning recently, allowing their sect to become the fourth strongest in Imperial. Wherever their fleet appeared, so would the flames of war and the destruction of a sect. Countless cultivators were sure to fall.

Thus, their sect carried a notorious reputation in recent years. People would shudder after seeing their great fleet, aware that someone was going to suffer a big misfortune.

Alas, this arrogant group has turned to ashes thanks to Li Qiye. Ten Vajras, ten warships, and more than a hundred guardian ships along with several hundred thousand disciples were taken down.

The scariest part was that he didn’t use a weapon from start to finish, only punches and kicks. Most wouldn’t take this news seriously if they were to hear it, attributing it to mere exaggeration. Even the ones here found it astonishing. They wouldn’t believe it if they didn’t see it in person.

“That’s more than half of Hidden Gold Grotto’s firepower gone.” An expert commented while looking at the broken giant.

Remember, this armada consisted of the elites in the system. They had numerous meritorious achievements in the past so their destruction came as a shock to everyone.

“He’s strong enough to destroy a lineage alone, not many can replicate this feat in Imperial.” An Eternal praised.

“A rival has appeared for the two emperors.” Another speculated: “It looks like the two aren’t the only ones who can reach the realm of a progenitor in this generation. Fiercest is qualified too.”

“Not just that, I’m sure he’ll surpass the other two to become the number one expert among the young generation.” One ancestor viewed Li Qiye very highly.

Though he was a nobody prior to this, people had a different evaluation of him after the battle just now. Even those who were annoyed with him before felt admiration and fear while staring at him.

This was the world of cultivation. As long as one was strong enough, this person could force those who have treated them with disdain in the past to lower their arrogant head.

“I doubt he can overwhelm Jade-break True Emperor, but it’s possible for him to beat Puresword.” An expert compared the three.

“Hmph, Puresword True Emperor isn’t weaker than any of them.” Someone refuted instantly. This emperor had plenty of fans and supporters as one of the top geniuses.

“Really now?” Of course, plenty of people didn’t like him and sneered: “Where was he when Jade-break True Emperor broke into his clan and made Mu Shaochen flee like a rat? I’m pretty sure he’s afraid of Jade-break True Emperor.” [1]

“Puresword True Emperor was in isolated cultivation in search of the dao.” His fan defended: “Plus, don’t forget that Jade-break True Emperor didn’t break into the clan alone. The great ancestor, Gu Yifei, was there too. Hmph, I highly doubt she alone could have done so. The Mu is on the same level as the Li, they’re not that easily bullied. It’s just that Puresword True Emperor has great self-restraint and didn’t bother pushing this issue. We have no idea who will actually win between the two of them. [2]

“I don’t know if Puresword True Emperor is strong or not, all I know is Mu Shaochen took liberties with a girl from the Li, inciting the wrath of Jade-break True Emperor. The Mu had no choice but to throw Mu Shaochen into prison on top of paying the Li a handsome sum. That’s how they successfully appeased Jade-break True Emperor. As for Puresword True Emperor whom you all praise so much, he didn’t even show up for his clan.” Jade-break True Emperor’s fan said with disdain.

So it turned out that Mu Shaochen was quite full of himself back then due to his talents. He was adored by his seniors in the clan so he actually went as far as messing with a female disciple from the Li. [3]

This invited the wrath of Jade-break True Emperor so Mu Shaochen had to run back to his clan.

The Mu naturally didn’t want to hand Shaochen over so Jade-break True Emperor killed her way into the clan while causing total chaos.

Of course, the Mu had plenty of ancestors at the Eternals left. Unfortunately, so did the Li.

Gu Yifei from the Li came himself to support Jade-break True Emperor. This allowed her to do as she pleases and made blood flow like rivers.

Anyone else would have thought about the serious consequences in potentially starting a war between two behemoths, and that this wasn’t worth it over one female disciple - not a logical choice.

In the end, the Mu couldn’t handle her domineering act and conceded. They threw Shaochen into prison while paying that one female disciple a large number of treasures and artifacts. This successfully appeased Jade-break True Emperor and she triumphantly returned to her clan.

This feat made her world-renowned and elevated her already impeccable status. After this, people would always back off at her sight.

Who would want to provoke someone who dares to break into the Mu?

“It is because Puresword True Emperor is a benevolent and forgiving person. He doesn’t want to cause a war over a personal feud. He’s thinking for the people.” Puresword’s fan retaliated.

The antagonism between the fans of these two emperors has been long-running. Recently, Jade-break True Emperor seemed to have the upper hand.

Her supporters believed that Puresword True Emperor was no match for her invincibility. 

On the other hand, the fans of the emperor praised him for his magnanimity and merciful vision, and that he wasn’t weaker than her.

Both sides wouldn’t relent on this issue so arguments always ensued.

“No one can take on Jade-break True Emperor, not even Puresword.” One group sneered.

“Don’t be so sure now, we won’t know who will be the last man standing.” The other side barked back.

This conversation no longer involved Fiercest due to these fanatical fans.

The older cultivators only chuckled and shook their head after hearing this.


Up in the sky, Li Qiye smiled while looking at the disassembled giant: “This is enough crap to build a palace.”

He spread his palms and moved them to the center, creating a flowing flame in the middle.

“Crack! Crack!” The pieces of the giant were actually being pushed together into a circular sphere by Li Qiye.

1. We don’t know Jade-break True Emperor’s sex so I’ve been avoiding pronoun. I’m pretty sure it’s a woman though

2. Okay, this fan uses “she” for Jade-break. I think I can assume it’s a woman and start using pronoun from this point on

3. The term for “messing” here is pretty ambiguous. It can range from just mild sexual assault or even disrespectful taunting to rape

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