Chapter 2596: Steel Giant

“Boom!” The fusion between the Vajras and the main ships resulted in a blinding radiance, akin to the awakening of a divine artifact.

The world trembled from the frightening and eruptive divinity. It spread from one domain to another with no bounds in mind and alarmed others in Imperial.

These warships ceased to be mere warships and turned into an artifact cast from supreme metals with a rich accumulation of might and dao. This was only the beginning.

The ships eventually assembled into a gigantic being. One ship became the head; another two became the legs and two more became the arms…

This giant was of unbelievable size. All of Mingluo City became dark. In fact, the city was insignificant in comparison. Just one part of this steel giant was enough to blot out the city.

The warships alone were massive and looked like floating continents. Thus, this assembly resulted in a great being, perhaps the largest creature in existence.

The sun and moon floated above its head while the stars circled around. The vast oceans looked like puddles of water in comparison.

It seemed to encompass the length of Stone Harmony itself. If it were to fall, the entire system would be smashed.

People had a hard time seeing the entire giant with a single view. Only experts at a certain level could utilize their heavenly gaze for a full view. Of course, they took a deep breath after seeing its true size.

“What is this monster?” This question popped up.

“This is insanity, tt can easily trample a kingdom or destroy a system when attacking from above.” Another commenter shouted.

“We should get the hell outta here now before it’s too late!” Numerous experts began to fly out of Mingluo. The stronger experts chose to step into space in order to watch from safety.

Everyone could see the giant’s capabilities for destruction. Mingluo was only a speck of sand in comparison.

“Please protect us, ancestors.” The natives of Mingluo began to quietly pray. They felt inferior to ants before this massive being and wouldn’t be able to survive a stomp.

Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue felt their heart hanging on a string while clenching their fists. They were hoping that Li Qiye could win and destroy this giant in the air.

If this monstrosity were to fall down, it would spell the end of their weakened system. It couldn’t withstand the sheer force. Even if it didn’t turn to ashes right away, just having cracks and further damage made the system creeps closer towards its demise.

Once this happened, the only way to escape this disaster was to leave the system. Just escaping from Mingluo wasn’t enough. Their sect was far away from Mingluo but it would be meaningless if this giant were to fall. That’s why the two were praying for their home while being more nervous than anyone else.

When some experts flew into space and got a better view of the giant, they became astounded. This was probably the biggest entity they have ever seen.

“Boom!” A divine flame oozed out of this giant and blocked out everything. It accumulated behind its back and turned into a pair of wings made up of energy. Just one flap was enough to destroy numerous stars.

“Buzz.” A divine halo appeared above its head. A sacred and oppressive pressure materialized, oppressing all of Stone Harmony. It didn’t matter how far away they were from Mingluo, they were still subjected to this pressure and forced down on the ground, unable to get up.

“Is this a deity?” Someone blurted. The divine halo and wings of light made the giant look like a descending god from above.

It was fine for an Eternal or a powerful character to possess these images. After all, these visual phenomena were normal from possessing great abilities. But now, a body made out of steel also had these characteristics? It made the scene very unbelievable.

One ancestor put on a serious expression: “According to the legend, this is an ancient art of Immortal Lineage, an archaic style of blacksmithing unavailable to Imperial. No wonder why Hidden Gold Grotto has been so imperious recently with the ambition of replacing the top three.”

“Boom!” The giant stomped down towards Li Qiye. Its sole looked like a great continent aiming to leave a massive crater in Stone Harmony.

Even though the sole has yet to hit the ground, a frightening shockwave instantly struck the ground.

“Rumble!” Mountains and rivers collapsed all around Stone Harmony. The great hills were divided before crumbling in full.

“Ah…” Screams of horror echoed across the system. The only thing people could do was being paralyzed on the ground, devoid of the courage to even look up in the air. This was an apocalypse rendering them helpless.

“Boom!” Dust covered the sky and engulfed Li Qiye.

In the next second, the world became quiet while the spectators tried to make sense of things.

They took a deep breath while contemplating if their sect and system could withstand this disaster. The answer was - unlikely.

“Wait, Fiercest stopped it!” An eagle-eyed spectator saw through the dust and shouted.

Everyone followed his gaze and became astounded by the spectacle.

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