Chapter 2594: Buddhist Palms Breaking The Firmament

The scripture was famous for its abilities, so everyone held their breath while looking at the ten Vajras performing this skill.

“Buzz.” The large Buddhist lotus in the sky began to split, similar to the emergence of a kingdom.

Each spreading petal seemed like a page of Buddhism history - eternal and supreme.

“Pop!” The Buddhist kingdom had plenty of Buddhas and monks chanting inside. This affected the entire area. The sacred power permeated and made people want to prostrate.

The full blossoming of the lotus revealed a pair of hands inside, posing vertically with the fingers slightly bent in the form of a mudra. The weak couldn’t withstand its dignified holiness.

“This scripture is powerful indeed.” The older experts could sense the proliferation of Buddhism and become emotional.

“Against this Buddhist power… I’m afraid people will feel their dao heart wavering before even getting in a fight and it will only get worse. Carelessness will result in certain defeat.” One ancestor from a big sect said with astonishment.

“Hidden Gold is from Left Bank System, it’s not a Buddhist kingdom so why does it have such a great scripture? How unbelievable.” Someone who saw this the first time became startled.

“Rumor has it that an old sage from there found it. This eventually became one of their foundational merit laws. Future generations continued to improve it, turning it into a top art of their system.” A cultivator with a love for history said.

The fingers were moving to form various mudras before the hands did a full shift, causing the world to rotate as well. 

“Pop!” One finger among the ten unleashed a finger strike. Time seemed to be coming to a halt - a phenomenon clearly sensed by the spectators. It was about a hundred times slower than normal.

Space resembled the water in a lake before this strike. It easily entered the spatial sphere before piercing through it - a gradual and soft process without causing a single ripple.

This act was as gentle and comfortable as the spring breeze and as quiet as the spring rain. It struck Li Qiye before one knows it.

“Boom!” A massive blast resounded upon contact.

Everyone saw a shocking scene - the area around Li Qiye became a black hole. No, even the sky and the stars behind him instantly crumbled.

An upper sphere spanning for ten million miles turned into ruins. Stars exploded like fireworks into little fragments.

This apocalyptic strike shocked the world and its inhabitants as they watched in horror.

They eventually calmed down and took a better look at the black hole. Only spatial fragmentations were left; Li Qiye was nowhere to be found. Could it be that only ashes were left of him?

“Damn, it lives up to its fame. No wonder why it could push away the domineering Jade-break back then.” One ancestor sighed after seeing this.

“My gosh, that single strike could take down a kingdom.” A youth felt his legs trembling

“That’s not surprising.” His junior shook his head: “Only the biggest events for Hidden Gold warranted the appearance of the ten Vajras. During their reign in Left Bank, they have destroyed numerous sects. Only a few necessitated the involvement of these ten. When they work together using the scripture, destroying a sect with a single finger is no problem.”

The cultivators from Mingluo City shuddered. If that strike aimed for their city, it would penetrate the ground while leaving specks of dust in its path.

“Where’s Fiercest?” People searched but couldn’t find him.

“He’s probably dead.” One master carefully surveyed the area. He seemed to have poof away.

“Fiercest couldn’t withstand the destructive strike, so it looks like there is still a big gap between him and the two emperors.” A famous master shook his head.

“That’s it? And here I thought another genius was going to make a name for himself, such an early death.” One person felt a tinge of regrets.

“Hmph!” A snort seemed to be from the ten Vajras, clearly content with their attack.

“What are you excited about? That finger strike is more like a scratch.” A leisure voice answered the snort.

Everyone looked over and saw Li Qiye coming out from the ruins in space. He gently patted his robe to get the specks of dust away before slowly walking forward. It was as if that strike didn’t hit him earlier.

“Really?” The crowd was stunned to see him completely untouched. Not even a hair was missing.

“Kill him!” The ten Vajras instantly continued. The ten fingers changed and created a large Buddhist seal.

“Boom!” It descended like an apocalypse on top of carrying the force of the believers in the Buddhist world.

Li Qiye flicked his finger in retaliation towards the seal.

The impact resembled the collision of a thousand stars. Sparks and embers scattered and exploded in the sky, subjecting the area to the hot refinement of a terrible cauldron.

However, the seal was unharmed as if nothing in the world could damage it, not even divine artifacts.

Indestructible diamond - a legendary phrase describing a state of invincibility. This looked to be an apt description right now.

“The legend is true. This scripture is unbreakable like an indestructible diamond.” A spectator was amazed that the seal managed to be unharmed.

“Take him down!” The Vajras roared and the ten fingers came together to form two massive palms. They engulfed the world and came crashing down with enough force to annihilate everything. Spatio-temporal affinities, various grand dao, and the myriad laws were instantly crushed. They slapped together with Li Qiye at the center.

“Boom!” The force of the palms barely skirted by the ground yet the mountains collapsed. The destruction of the terrain was truly horrifying.

“Is it over now?” People thought that Li Qiye has been rendered into a pulp. All eyes were on the two palms.

People sighed and became emotional, completely astounded by this destructive display.

“The ten Vajras are something else with this scripture. This combination boosted their individual power more than ten times.” An older expert’s expression changed.

Prior to this, each Vajra was already pretty impressive. However, they haven’t reached the level of world-destroying. Using this scripture allowed them to reach a new height of destruction.


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