Chapter 2591: Ten Vajras

The swift end of the guardian fleet not only surprised the spectators but also the disciples from Hidden Gold Grotto.

Their armada has swept through the realms in an unstoppable manner. Numerous kingdoms and sects fell to their firepower.

Normally, whenever their armada appeared in the sky by the outskirt of a sect, it meant imminent destruction. That’s why these sects would voluntarily surrender before a fight, aware that not only would their sect be destroyed, the land would be damned for eras to come as well.

As a result, just the appearance of the armada was enough to win without actually fighting.

However, their strongest fleet right now has been instantly destroyed. That’s why their disciples were so startled.

After regaining their wits, fear overtook other emotions. Who is this brat? Why is he so brutal and strong, actually daring to go against them?!

“Buzz.” A light arc appeared above one main ship. A figure emerged with a golden glow, resembling a supreme god above all beings.

“Iron Vajra, one of the ten!” An expert immediately recognized him.

“So maybe all ten Vajras are really here. And here I thought it was their ships.” People took a deep breath.

“Is this necessary? Why is Hidden Gold Grotto going all out? What are they here for?” Someone became confused.

The four Treasure Monarchs and ten Vajras represented the pillars of the grotto. More often than not, these Vajras wouldn’t personally lead the expeditions. Just having three or five meant that it was a big event. But now, all ten could be here to the astonishment of the crowd.

Few events in Imperial warranted this level of prudence.

“Then what are you here for?” Someone gave the questioner the side-eye.

A few people smiled wryly while the man himself answered: “It’s no secret, everyone knows there is an immortal stone hiding here. That’s what we’re all here for.”

The crowd exchanged glances. Not all of them chose to divulge their goals.

“Who are you?” Iron Vajra on top of the warship glared at Li Qiye. His eyes pulsed with a terrifying flame.

He was intimidating and awe-inspiring enough without becoming angry. People shuddered after seeing his eyes. The weak felt their legs giving in.

These ten Vajras were very famous in Imperial and have killed numerous masters during their conquests. Countless sects have fallen because of them. Their hands were stained with blood.

“Just a passerby.” Li Qiye said.

“My grotto has no grievances with you yet you have killed a million of our disciples!” Iron Vajra opened his eyes and revealed his oppressive fury. The ground trembled as a result of his shout.

“Oh?” Li Qiye lazily said: “There was no grievance but they didn’t have eyes, breaking my wooden house and annoying me so I killed them all. Is that a good enough reason for you?” 

The crowd was stunned to hear this response. At the start, they didn’t know why this fight started and assumed Li Qiye was vying for the treasures as well.

But now, Li Qiye did it over a wooden house? No one would believe that he did this to an armada over something so trivial.

“A massacre because of a wooden house…” One spectator murmured in a daze.

“That must be one expensive wooden house then, trading for a full fleet. Yeah, the most precious house in history.” One older expert said sarcastically.

“Haha, this is a good thing. Hidden Gold Grotto has always been imperious and ruthless. They came and ruined someone’s house for no reason, not even the three behemoths would act in this unreasonable manner. They finally met their match.” Another expert gloated.

“...” This Vajra almost vomited blood. And here he thought Li Qiye had some pre-existing hatred against them. Who would have thought that he did it over a single house?

His heart was bleeding. Not to mention the value of those ships, it also required a long period of training for both the soldiers and generals. One-third of their firepower was gone now.

“You are insane, massacring one million over nothing!” Iron Vajra shouted: “If you wanted reparation for your wooden house, we could have given you a golden city! But now, we won’t let our disciples die in vain!”

“He speaks as if he’s so moral.” One listener couldn’t help but say: “The ten Vajras have killed tens of millions. Taking down this fleet alone doesn’t put Li Qiye over their kill count.” 

“Haha, this is a case of the strong being above the laws.” An older cultivator chortled then quietly said: “If Li Qiye was weak, not to mention a wooden house, his clan could be massacred as well, and Hidden Gold Grotto would think nothing of it, only akin to crushing a few worms. But now, they speak as if they have been wronged and are on the side of justice.” 

The crowd snorted and scowled in response. Recently, the ten Vajras have destroyed too many lineages and made the system hate them.

“I’m not interested in a golden city.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “I just wanted you to know that if I’m in a bad mood, I will still annihilate you, your family, and your entire system even if you have only looked at me the wrong way.”

“...” The crowd became slack-jawed by this tyrannical statement.

“True to his title.” One person said with admiration. Fiercest was the right title for his style.

“You!” Iron Vajra became furious. This was the first time someone spoke to him like this. Others would tremble in fear after hearing their titles.

“Destroying a system over a single stare? Damn.” An elder smiled wryly at the previous comment.

“There’s always someone fiercer.” Schadenfreude was a common response for the crowd.

Everyone watched attentively, waiting for a big battle since it would be very enjoyable - the ten Vajras versus Fiercest.


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