Chapter 259: Ice Feather Palace

Chapter 259: Ice Feather Palace

The grave auction had not yet begun when the group of Li Qiye arrived at the little valley. However, the Inheritance Ancient Pavilion’s grave digging had entered its last phase and a corner of the buried tomb had been revealed.

Witnessing the revealed corner of the tomb, Sikong Toutian quickly spoke to Li Qiye: “This grave does not seem to be that big ah. It clearly isn’t a tomb of the Alchemy Emperor level. At best, it will only be the grave of a Legendary Alchemist.”

At this time, Sikong Toutian had turned into an ordinary looking young man. Anyone who previously saw him would soon forget his original appearance after averting their eyes.

This brat didn’t dare to use his real figure in a place with so many people. Just like Chi Xiaodie said before, this guy had committed many nasty acts so his enemies were all over the Eastern Hundred Cities!

Li Qiye didn’t say anything and simply focused his gaze to analyze this place. No one knew what he was thinking. Since Li Qiye didn’t say anything, Sikong Toutian especially didn’t dare to utter the wrong choice of words.

Even without taking his remarkable background into consideration, Sikong Toutian had always been daring, but he was very dreadful of this man who was even younger than him.

Since his debut, what type of trouble had he not been able to surpass? He dared to trespass the ancestral grounds of the great powers, and he even dared to dig the graves of their ancestors! However, after meeting Li Qiye, he was filled with fear. His intuition told him that this young man before him was an absolutely terrorizing character — someone who could even eat people without spitting out their bones. Messing with him would only result in a sad demise. [1. Eat people without spitting out their bones is a metaphor to describe a vicious and ruthless person — eating someone alive, bones included.]

“Sister Chi also came!” While Li Qiye was looking around, Sima Longyun — like the moon surrounded by the stars — noticed Chi Xiaodie and his eyes suddenly lit up. He immediately went to greet her with great enthusiasm.

Chi Xiaodie’s expression suddenly sank down after seeing Sima Longyun. She was quite annoyed at his proud and smug look. However, Sima Longyun was without such awareness. He still approached and enthusiastically asked: “Sister also came to bid for antiques? What does Sister want?”

Chi Xiaodie ignored him and Chi Xiaodao was pushed out as a shield. He had no choice but to put on a friendly face as he smilingly spoke: “So it is Brother Sima, are you here for ancient herbs? I heard that Brother Sima is now a grand completion Golden Savage Bull Physique, congratulations, congratulations.”

The truth was that Chi Xiaodao was also reluctant in dealing with Sima Longyun. Everyone knew about Sima Longyun’s intentions regarding his sister, it was not a secret at all.

Even though Chi Xiaodao didn’t like him, he still put on a friendly smile to greet this fella.

“Brother Chi is messing with me!” Sima Longyun laughed out loud with a proud demeanor that he didn’t try to hide at all. He smilingly replied: “On another day when I visit the great scenery of your esteemed gate, I hope that Lion’s Roar Heavenly King will teach me a thing or two about the supreme Immortal Physique Law.”

Lion’s Roar Heavenly King was Chi Xiaodao’s grandfather and also the person who was in charge of the gate. However, he has already been in secluded meditation for a long time now.

Sima Longyun’s words sent a shiver to Chi Xiaodao’s heart. He quickly replied: “Brother Sima is teasing my Lion’s Roar Gate? The Lion’s Roar Gate is only a small sect; we don’t have an Immortal Physique Law. The items passed down by my ancestors were already missing during our time of declination.”

This was the thing Chi Xiaodao feared the most! His grandfather’s ancestor was Lion Monarch Ba Xian. There was a rumor that Lion Monarch Ba Xian left behind a supreme Immortal Physique Law. However, even though the Lion’s Roar Gate controlled the Lion’s Roar Country, it had declined and could not compare to the great powers. Chi Xiaodao and the rest of the gate were very anxious of people talking about the matter of this law for it could cause a sect-destroying disaster.

While Chi Xiaodao was dealing with Sima Longyun, Li Qiye didn’t say anything as he simply looked around the geography of this place. After millions of years, the mountains and rivers had changed. Li Qiye didn’t have too many memories about this particular place. In fact, he seldom came to this place so he was looking for a memory that had been covered in dust for a long time now.

This was not something he personally experienced; it was a legend from that year, a part of an anecdote. In fact, this matter was not considered earth shattering nor anything that special; he only occasionally heard it in passing. At this moment while standing at this place, he felt a bit strange and wanted to compare to see if this had anything to do with the matter of that year or not.

At the same time, Chi Xiaodie hated Sima Longyun so she stood next to Li Qiye at the side. This attracted Sima Longyun’s attention so he stared at Li Qiye at this time and asked: “Who might you be? You’re very unfamiliar ah!”

Sima Longyun’s attitude was very clear. He wanted to warn Li Qiye — brat, you should know better and get the hell out of my way.

Meanwhile, when the low-key Sikong Toutian saw Sima Longyun provoking Li Qiye, he was quite excited with schadenfreude. He actually wanted to see how Sima Longyun will die. This brat actually thought that just because he was from the Furious Immortal Saint Country, he would be able to do whatever he wants. Heh, provoking this guy in front of him... Even if he came from the Saint Country, he would surely be eaten alive.

Even though Sikong Toutian had not personally seen Li Qiye take action, as a thief and as a qualified grave robber, his instincts were telling him that Li Qiye was even more terrifying than a fierce prehistoric beast — dangerous to the extreme! Even though he appeared to be quite harmless on the surface, he was definitely an embodiment of terror!

Sikong Toutian trusted that his intuition was not incorrect. He traveled underground and hid in the shadows; he cheated and fooled in the face of countless dangers, and it was always his intuition that saved him in times of great peril.

He had met dreadful and ominous things underground. It was a creepy feeling, something that instilled fear deep in his heart, but even this ominous thing was not even close to Li Qiye’s dangerous nature.

In contrast to Sikong Toutian, who was happily waiting to see someone else get in trouble, Li Qiye had no reaction. He kept on looking at the terrain. To him, a character of Sima Longyun’s level was not worth paying any mind. Even though he knew Sima Longyun was talking to him, he was too lazy to even glance at the guy.

This no-name junior daring to ignore him caused Sima Longyun’s mood to sink as his eyes became cold.

“This person is my friend.” Chi Xiaodao immediately smoothed things over after seeing Sima Longyun’s change in expression. They came here for the Rotten Underworld Bean so he only wanted to get it without any trouble; he especially didn’t want to provoke someone like Sima Longyun!

“Is that so? This friend of Brother Chi is a bit too arrogant!” Sima Longyun coldly sneered at this point.

At this time, Li Qiye slowly turned around and glanced at Sima Longyun. He slightly opened his mouth, wanting to speak.

However, before words could come out, a majestic hymn appeared like a heavenly orchestra descending down, resulting in everyone inside the valley to be stunned into a daze.

At this time, immortal flowers fluttered down from the sky like raindrops. This caused everyone to look up to the sky to watch. And this wasn’t even the strangest part. After the rain of flowers descended, burst after burst of sweet sounding immortal music resounded.

Then, women from the sky began to land. The moment these women nearly reached the ground, ice flowers began to blossom right below their feet to hold them up.

These women who suddenly descended from the sky were all wearing clothing decorated with plumes and had a silky veil covering their faces. It was as if they were goddesses from the heavens itself.

“The Ice Feather Palace also came!” Even Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings from the last generation became serious as they murmured after seeing the blooming immortal flowers.

The Ice Feather Palace was one of the most powerful heritages at the Eastern Hundred Cities, and it was also an Immortal Emperor lineage. It was created by Immortal Emperor Bing Yu on top of a high snowy peak! And Immortal Emperor Bing Yu was one of the few female Immortal Emperors since the ancient times.

Even though the Ice Feather Palace did not create their own nation to rule over one domain like the other emperor heritages, they were above a snowy peak and had an aloof aura; they wanted to be removed from the crowd. However, even without a nation, no one ever dared to disdain the Ice Feather Palace. Even until now, the Ice Feather Palace has been unfathomable with great hidden powers.

“It seems like I am not too late!” At this time, a very pleasant voice appeared, followed by several figures descending down from above! Everyone became shocked the moment they saw these people falling from the sky. These women were all charmingly beautiful like newly bloomed lotus flowers above a pond. It was such a visual pleasure to witness so many beautiful women appearing at the same time.

And all of these beautiful women were like stars orbiting around one man. No, they were surrounding a girl, a girl crossdressing as a boy.

The girl surrounded by these women was not any less than those around her; she was even a bit more dazzling. She had a pair of pretty eyes like the morning stars that had an alluring charm, like the brightest glittering stars amidst the night curtain. With red lips and snow white teeth along with a fine and tall sculpted nose like a prime piece of jade, her face was as white as powder. There was a glow filled with health and vigor amidst her eyes. This was absolutely a country and city toppling beauty!

However, such a charming beauty like this was crossdressing. Even the loosely laid crescent robe adorned by males on top of her body could not hide the jade peaks before her chest. One could easily see the visible rolling ridges, and it only added even more to her charm.

This crossdressing beauty before them did not cause people to be taken aback. Instead, they were filled with exultation from witnessing such grace and allurement, causing their hearts to beat faster.

“Bing Yuxia!” Even the arrogant Sima Longyun lost his colors after seeing this crossdressing girl. He definitely didn’t want to mess with such a person.

Even though the Furious Immortal Saint Country was ancient and powerful, the Ice Feather Palace was even more mighty. An always aloof Immortal Emperor lineage. And not to mention, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu was an invincible existence who was even feared by the True Gods!

“The descendant of the Ice Feather Palace!” Many people shivered at her sight. Even though a girl dressing as a man was quite humorous, but at this moment, no one dared to laugh at her!

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