Chapter 2587: Flat Meat Bun

Li Qiye slowly turned towards the captain and said: “And if we refuse?”

“No?” The captain’s eyes turned fierce with murderous intent. He raised his voice: “Capture the girl, kill the men!”

Hidden Gold Grotto was indeed tyrannical, ready to kill after one word of disagreement, not allowing the other party to explain.

“That brat is going to get it, he’s suicidal for going against Hidden Gold.” The cultivators who left the ruins shook their head.

“Haha, I like cute girls like you the most. Men, kill the other two.” One member smiled deviously and pulled up his sleeves before reaching for Lin Yixue.

“Young Noble!” She was frightened and hid behind Li Qiye right away.

“Brat, die!” A different member snorted and swung his sword for Li Qiye’s head.

“Pluff!” Heads started flying. Every member of the group got decapitated outside of the captain. Their blood gushed everywhere. 

It was a pitiful and confusing way to go. They didn’t know how Li Qiye did it at all before dying with their eyes wide open.

“Brat, you....” The captain staggered backward.

He couldn’t finish his sentence before Li Qiye held him by the throat. No one saw how Li Qiye’s exact movements.

“Tell me, what’s the consequences of not leaving?” Li Qiye asked with disdain.

“You…” The captain couldn’t speak or breathe.

“The consequence is your death and the extermination of your nine clans!” A cold voice answered instead.

The small ship’s door opened again with an old man standing there.

“General Chi… save me…” The captain did his best to shout.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Another group led by the old man landed. He glared coldly at Li Qiye.

“That’s Vanguard Chi Jiu. A murderous brute.” Numerous spectators recognized him.

“Junior, release him or you’ll suffer a fate worse than death.” Chi Jiu coldly said.

“Release him? Okay.” Li Qiye chuckled and released his grip.

“Poof!” The captain violently exploded into a mist of blood without the chance to scream.

Chi Jiu’s expression became extremely unsightly after Li Qiye killed his subordinate before everyone.

“Kill him.” He ordered with bloodthirst.

“Rumble!” The other group attacked at the same time with their explosive treasures.

“More ants.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and flicked one finger.

“Boom!” All of the treasures instantly crumbled. The rest of the members turned into blood before they knew what was going on.

“!” Chi Jiu didn’t expect this ordinary-looking man to be so powerful.

He quickly returned to the ship. With a buzzing noise, the ship lit up and shot out a pulsing current.

It started hitting the ground below the ship before moving towards Li Qiye while leaving a deep trail. This pulse was terrifying, seemingly capable of piercing through everything.

“It’s over for the brat, these warships are famous for being powerful.” The cultivators outside concluded.

“Pop!” His body didn’t explode contrary to everyone’s expectations. The pulse struck him but couldn’t hurt a single hair of his.

Li Qiye chuckled and spread then closed his palm.

“Crack!” This little gesture resulted in the warship being deformed and crushed.

“Ah!” Screams came from inside. Chi Jiu wanted to escape but couldn’t so he was mangled within.

Blood seeped out of the cracks and finally, only a ball of metals was left of the ship. The guy has also turned into a meat paste.

The spectators were naturally stunned. They stared at Li Qiye in a daze.

“Who is this guy? Fierce people really do like to talk with their fists instead of their mouth.” Someone said with admiration.

“I can’t believe it.” An older expert blurted out: “Straight annihilation after a single disagreement, even more ferocious than Hidden Gold Grotto. He crushed that warship without using any technique, what a monster.”

“I haven’t seen this type in a long time, to actually go against the grotto?” Another admirer said.

“He can be fierce all he wants but nothing good will come out of this for him.” One expert commented.

“Buzz.” The warships in the sky lit up again. A total of ten smaller ones broke up from the formation and flew towards Li Qiye while being ablaze.

“They want revenge.” This attracted the spectators and many inside the city. Everyone started watching.

“Have a taste of the grotto’s revenge. So many fierce masters treated others with disdain until they faced the wrath of the grotto. They then learned the meaning of the word, obedience.” A master said.

“Who is he? Does he not know the infamy of Hidden Gold? They go as far as exterminating the nine clans of those who oppose them.” One ancestor became startled.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The radiant ships shot out pulsing currents straight for Li Qiye. Numerous holes were added to the ruins.

Finally, the full firepower of the ships concentrated on him. These pulses together looked extremely bright and were scorching hot. The sun paled in comparison as the ground started to sizzle.

“Damn, even an Ascender can’t handle these pulses.” Many became afraid.

However, these pulses amounted to nothing.

“Impossible!” The captains on the ships were shocked. These pulses could kill gods but not this man.

“That tickles.” Li Qiye said then clapped his hands at the air, seemingly wanting to kill a mosquito.

“Bam!” A terrifying event happened. The small ships attacking him were pushed together and completely flattened, taking the shape of a plate.

Calling them small was only a relative term compared to the ten primary ones. They were actually bigger than a mansion; real monsters in the eyes of regular people.

Tiny drops of blood dripped out onto the ground from the gaps of the metal plates. The plates eventually dropped and rolled on the ground for a bit before stopping completely. The pulverized fleshy bits of the men inside stuck to the metal hulls, creating a flat meat bun.

Jaws dropped to the ground. No one expected that he could take care of these ships with a single clap. That’s an intimidating way to kill.

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