Chapter 2586: Hidden Gold Grotto

The influx of cultivators to Stone Harmony continued on a daily basis. The number of outsiders now far exceeded the natives.

The arriving sects were more powerful and famous than the previous, such as Hundred-leaf School, Soaring Dragon System, Dancing Crane Sect, Agility System… 

These renowned powers made the atmosphere quite tense, resulting in minor skirmishes.

Despite the sea of newcomers, they still ignored Li Qiye’s ruins for now and didn’t come to bother him.

Alas, his peace didn’t last long. On this day, a deafening explosion resounded.

A gigantic gate opened in the sky allowing a great warship to slowly fly out. Its size was unbelievable and had the shape of a weaving shuttle with two wings by the back.

It looked just like a city. Behind it came smaller warships acting as protectors.

This sky unit was monstrous, capable of destroying any sect or kingdom.

Moreover, it had more than just one large warship. Several more came out later, also accompanied by several smaller types.

“Hidden Gold Grotto’s armada!” Everyone looked up at the incoming warships. An expert naturally recognized them.

“Hidden Gold Grotto is coming too?” These experts trembled.

This was one of the strongest lineages in Imperial, only weaker than the three behemoths. It has been ruling Left Bank System for generations now. Its power left others in shambles.

A total of ten warships emerged and took up a special formation with dozens of smaller ones scattered about. This was enough firepower to take down any foe.

“The ten Vajras of Hidden Gold…” One ancestor’s expression soured: “Why is the whole armada here? Do they want to destroy all of Stone Harmony?”

The crowd naturally became frightened by the warships in the sky.

This sect was quite famous along with their ancestors. It had ten Vajras and four Esteemed Monarchs that have dominated in the past.

The Vajras came personally with their strongest warships - quite a terrifying spectacle. Some even thought that if all of the ships fired at once, it could penetrate and destroy the entire system right away.

“What do they want?” Fear permeated the atmosphere.

“Maybe they want everything here and will challenge the rest?” One ancestor wondered.

“Whoosh.” A smaller ship slowly descended into Mingluo City amidst the chaos.

It flew straight for the ruins and hovered above. It opened up and shuttles came out. They looked like thirty-feet-high pillars pinning on the ground. The top cracked and shot out a ray of light. These rays of light came together and seemed to be creating a boundary.

This process continued for a bit with more shuttles being released. They shot out the rays and eventually encompassed the entire ruins.

Li Qiye was naturally inside this boundary.

“What are they doing?” People asked about the intent and the connecting rays.

“They’re establishing their territory. Everyone needs to stay out or face the consequence.” Someone who knew this sect’s style answered.

“Isn’t that too overbearing? They’re taking up such a large area.” A cultivator couldn’t help but protest.

“Overbearing?” An older expert sneered: “You haven’t seen them being overbearing yet. They’re not afraid of anyone outside of the three behemoths. Look, they’re about to take action and chase all the spectators out.”

“Buzz.” The small ship above the ruins opened its door and disciples leaped out.

“Everyone, leave this place at once. It is under Hidden Gold’s jurisdiction. Stay without permission and face the consequences.” These disciples began chasing people away.

Heavensound Ruins was very large. Outside of the spectators, many were strolling around but they were pushed out now.

A few were annoyed and protested: “This isn’t your Left Bank System, so how can you monopolize the place?”

One disciple from Hidden Gold pointed his spear and sneered: “So? What are you going to do about it?”

The cultivator wanted to retort but his friend immediately pulled him out of the ruins.

“Calm down, nothing good will come by fighting Hidden Gold, it’s suicidal.” The friend said: “They have always been imperious like this.”

At this time, the disciples of Hidden Gold have arrived right outside of Li Qiye’s wooden house.

“Young Noble, people are coming to chase us out.” Youzheng was frightened to see the group and rushed back inside.

He saw the great warships in the sky. Since he has never left Stone Harmony, this was his first time witnessing something so amazing, a real legion of a strong system.

Just one small ship alone could destroy all of Mingluo and every other sect in the system.

“Let them come.” Li Qiye calmly sat there.

The group got in front of the house. Loud banging came before Youzheng could come out to talk.

The house was blown flying by the group, the same with the items and furniture inside.

“What are you doing?!” Yixue became angry since she spent a lot of time decorating this house. This was their home after returning so she didn’t take it well. Of course, she was slightly afraid as well.

The captain of the group glared at the group and threatened: “This place is under the watch of Hidden Gold now. Scram or face the consequences.”

Youzheng looked at Li Qiye. He wasn’t bold enough to antagonize this powerful sect by himself.

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