Chapter 2584: The Surging Storm

As people evacuated from the city came a period of quietness. From the start, everyone assumed that this would last for a while but the liveliness has returned on the second day.

“Rumble!” A portal appeared after a spatial fluctuation right above the city.

The sky darkened due to a great ship leaving the portal. Next, multiple people jumped off the ship.

“What’s going on?” This surprised the city inhabitants.

“Outsiders, experts from another system.” An old expert murmured.

“The army of the Mu?” Spectators took a deep breath.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the army of the Mu, contrary to everyone’s expectation.

These experts took a look around Mingluo after landing down. They were civilized and didn’t chase away the people here.

After an inspection, they left and took camp in the ruins outside the city limits.

“Where are they from?” This question naturally popped up.

“How rare, such a powerful system visiting us, is something big really happening?” The older experts were still afraid.

Stone Harmony rarely had visitors now, and for personal reasons. Big groups seldom entered this system since it was inferior to a third-rate sect.

The withering world didn’t produce any precious herb and material so the rest of Imperial had zero interest in it.

Even the merchants wouldn’t come here since the poor members of this system couldn’t afford to buy anything. Not to mention making a profit, they would only be throwing away the money invested into the traveling fees.

Thus, this powerful group brought about a wave of astonishment and curiosity.

This was simply the beginning. A while after this group, one could hear buzzing noise again above the sky.

Multiple portals emerged and out came various groups - legions, sect expedition, or a party of three to five…

There were around 100,000 or so outsiders arriving in just a short time, perhaps even out-numbering the city inhabitants.

These experts came from the big systems and have disrupted the short-lived tranquility on top of scaring the natives.

Normally, these natives knew each other very well but now, the streets were filled with strangers powerful enough to destroy the city in a rage. Fear was the correct reaction.

It wasn’t all bad though. The inns were instantly filled and businesses had a great time because of the outsiders’ generosity.

Some big sects even chose to pay a handsome sum so that the native sects would give up their place. 

Of course, it was all relative. What considered to be sky-high payment to the natives wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

This influx of experts from all over the world didn’t end. More and more continued to come to Mingluo City.

“I don’t get it, is a heavenly treasure appearing?” Anxiety remained for the natives.

In their mind, their system was a place where even the birds didn’t want to shit. The outsiders had nothing but contempt for Stone Harmony. Coming to this system would only dirty their shoes, akin to city people visiting a pigsty out in the village for the first time. But now, it was as if a gold mine has been found here. 

Thus, many native cultivators thought that a great treasury must have appeared in their city.

“Well, maybe, we do have a lot of ancestors. Remember when our system reigned the world. Numerous treasures have gathered here.” Someone quietly said.

In fact, many shared this thought. There had to be a reason why these outsiders choose to come here. Because of this, a few hopeful natives actually began digging in their own house or familiar areas to test their luck.

Meanwhile, Li  Qiye ignored the rowdiness outside. He continued to meditate, as still as a statue.

Some outsiders entered his ruins as well but they only took a look before leaving without caring about Li Qiye. In their eyes, he was only a normal cultivator not worthy of their attention.

He simply smiled and shook his head at them: “So greedy like a snake wanting to swallow an elephant. They won’t even know how they’ll die when the time comes. The more people, the more prey for it to fill its stomach.”

He naturally knew why they were coming. The news of White Orchid has attracted the attention of numerous systems. The powerful ones have guessed a thing or two so they hurriedly made their way here.

Stone Harmony was too weak to stop invaders so they could come to Mingluo without facing any opposition. They could do whatever they wanted in this weak system and would leave after the party. It didn’t matter if the entire place would turn to ashes or not.

Li Qiye didn’t care enough about these outsiders as long as they don’t provoke him. They would be courting death otherwise.

Today, two people returned to see Li Qiye.

“Why are you two here? I told you to run as far away as possible.” Li Qiye opened his eyes to look at the two kneeling on the ground.

They were no other than Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue.

“We couldn’t thank you on that day so here we are to show our gratitude.” The two respectfully bowed.

Li Qiye accepted and waved his sleeve: “Stand up.”

The two obeyed and got up. Li Qiye left right after saving their sect so they never got the chance to thank him until now.

“I’m sure you two didn’t come here just to bow.” Li Qiye looked at them.

Youzheng smiled wryly and told the truth: “This place is still our home. Our legacy is here, so I’m just back to take a look.”

After taking everyone to a safe location, he couldn’t abandon Mingluo due to the history here. He returned in order to protect it because he was old and didn’t have much longer to live anyway. At the very least, he wouldn’t feel any regret by dying in this manner.

Thus, after preparing everything, he decided to return. Lin Yixue also wouldn’t take no for an answer. He had no choice but to take the stubborn girl back as well.

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