Chapter 2581: Slash Of Carnage

“Clank!” The soldiers stopped surrounding the fort and focused on Li Qiye instead.

The shiny spear tips aimed straight at him. There was no doubt that this was the most elite force in Stone Harmony. They were battle-hardened and personally trained by Yang Tingyu.

“Master, will he be alright?” A disciple inside the fort became worried and asked Wu Youzheng.

“Don’t meddle since that might annoy the young noble.” Youzheng shook his head, thinking that the eccentric masters didn’t like others interfering with their business. He could finally breathe easy now since Li Qiye was here. Their sect was saved.

“It’s about to start.” The spectators said softly.

A soft voice sounded: “Can Li Qiye stop the Blacksteel Elites? They’re definitely unstoppable in our system.”

“Even if he can, Yang Tingyu is waiting to make his move on the side. He’ll be killed once Tingyu uses his imperial moves. He’s the only one with them here.”

“Those imperial arts are indeed unbeatable.” A few have witnessed the moves with their own eyes and became intimidated. They saw him suppressing Wu Youzheng with them, causing the guy to vomit blood.

Li Qiye chuckled at the enemies and said: “Picking the hard way instead of the easy way.”

Yang Tingyu shouted: “I’ll show you the fate of those who dare to look down on our Luo Fact-...”

Before the guy could finish, Li Qiye casually swung his sword as if he was playing with fallen leaves. 

“Go-” Yingjian shouted before coming to a halt.

“Pluff!” Several thousand heads started to fly up in the air at the same time from a single sword sweep.

Their eyes were wide open as they watch the pillars of blood gush out of their neck, resulting in a rain of blood. They tried to scream after seeing their falling body but no sound could come out.

“Rumble!” Several thousand corpses fell on their back, resulting in an amazing scene almost like a blossoming lotus flower.

Blood flowed and came together through the gaps, heading for lower elevation just like rivers.

The astounded crowd couldn’t believe this scene. Just a second ago, these soldiers were in their prime state, ready to deliver the fatal blow.

Alas, just one casual cut from Li Qiye decapitated them before they could react.

Blacksteel was considered the strongest legion in Stone Harmony but it has become history after today. A single slash has annihilated an entire force.

“Ugh…” The pale Lin Yixue couldn’t help but vomit everything, even the bile in her stomach. Her legs felt weak so she nearly dropped to the ground.

As a cultivator, she has seen murders before but nothing to this extent - one raised sword and thousands of heads fell down.

Many spectators started vomiting as well. The soldiers in the fort were scared out of their mind and felt strength leaving their body.

A tiny place like Stone Harmony has never experienced such a grand carnage before.

“That’s horrifying…” One frightened soul murmured.

This would traumatize the crowd for the rest of their lives. Earlier, some were chastising Li Qiye for being arrogant but they shut their mouth now.

“Why do people never believe me?” Li Qiye blew away the blood on his sword and returned it to the sheath held by Yixue: “I always tell the truth. If I say blood will flow like rivers, it will.”

The crowd staggered backward, shuddering at his sight. He looked like a god of death to them now, one horrifying beyond imagination.

“Do you believe me now?” He looked at Tang Tingyu.

The guy composed himself and felt an overwhelming dread. Li Qiye’s gaze made him stumble backward.

“Make your move, I’m not a bully.” Li Qiye stood there with both hands behind his back.

The crowd was utterly convinced by Li Qiye, no longer thinking that he was too arrogant. They wondered if the number one expert of Stone Harmony could actually take him on.

“You think you’re unbeatable? No, my master is a True Emperor, capable of plucking the stars and stomping the sun.” Yang Tingyu coldly said.

He couldn’t be any more blatant - that Li Qiye was strong but his master was even stronger and could take him down.

The crowd took a deep breath. One person recalled his identity: “Right, he’s still the disciple of an emperor.”

They stared at Li Qiye instead. The emperor was one thing, but he also had a behemoth in the Mu Clan behind him.

Though Tingyu was only a disciple in name, he was still the emperor’s disciple. The emperor himself had acknowledged this.

These beings rarely took in disciples, so they wouldn’t ignore the murder of one. If Li Qiye were to kill Tingyu, the emperor would definitely get involved.

This person was strong, but how was he compared to Puresword True Emperor?

“Start.” Li Qiye demanded.

Tingyu didn’t expect for his threat to not work. Bringing up Puresword True Emperor wasn’t enough to scare his opponent.

“Fine, to the death today!” He gritted his teeth and no longer gave a damn.

He really had no other choice since he couldn’t escape. Fighting was the only option.

“Boom!” He raised both hands to the air as flames engulfed his body. A majestic aura shot upward.

“Screech!” A totem in the form of a fire phoenix appeared behind him. It soared to the sky with a blazing trail.

This particular creature emitted the aura of a True Emperor.

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