Chapter 2580: Yang Tingyu

The inhabitants of Mingluo held their breath during the containment. Ordinary mortals were powerless to get involved in a feud between cultivators.

Though Stoneclearing had a good reputation and their sect master was beloved by the people, no cultivators dared to speak up for them right now, let alone joining in.

Luo Faction prospered in the present, especially after Yang Tingyu became its leader. Everyone could see that this guy had boundless potential, definitely able to become an Ascender - perhaps even an Eternal. He was the real deal.

Due to these circumstances, who would want to become his enemies or offend him? Everyone could see that unification under him was only a matter of time.

The black-armored soldiers have surrounded the fort in entirety and Stoneclearing was making its last struggle. A defeat was inevitable.

“Stoneclearing is going to be history.” An older cultivator became emotional and took a deep breath.

It wasn’t only out of pity because they could be the next victims after Stoneclearing. Alas, there was nothing they could do to stop Yang Tingyu’s pace.

Wu Youzheng was extremely worried and continued to look towards the ruins. Though they managed to break Lin Yixue out, he wasn’t confident in Li Qiye coming for help, not even in the slightest.

After all, they didn’t know Li Qiye so why should he help their sect? A master like him was completely unpredictable with conventional wisdom.

He was wounded after fighting against Yang Tingyu’s domineering imperial arts. The only reason he managed to survive was due to his ample energy.

He knew that they wouldn’t be able to resist the faction for long after several more attacks. If Li Qiye didn’t appear then, destruction was imminent. 

“Master, will that person come?” A disciple next to him asked. His peers were shuddering while looking at the combatants sieging them.

They have tried several times to break through but only ended up with heavy casualties.

“He should.” Youzheng murmured, trying to raise morale for both his disciples and himself.

In this blink of an eye, two people descended from the sky and landed in front of the fort, standing before the sieging army.

Youzheng immediately noticed this and shouted with jubilation: “He’s here!”

“Thank goodness, we’re saved now.” Tears filled his eyes since he was ready for the worst but at the very last moment, a savior has appeared.

The appearance of these two naturally caused a stir.

“Isn’t that the girl who ran away earlier? Why is she back, does she have a death wish?” A spectator became surprised.

Another paid attention to Li Qiye: “Who is that guy? Reinforcement? That’s useless because no one in our system is stronger than Yang Tingyu and his faction.”

“Clank!” Many black-armored soldiers turned and aimed their sharp spears at Li Qiye, full of bloodthirst.

“It’s you!” Xu Yingjian was astounded to see this person and staggered backward: “Be on guard!”

The soldiers obeyed and surrounded Li Qiye, ready to kill.

Yingjian regretted being unable to stop Yixue from escaping earlier. He didn’t think she would be able to invite this man.

“Who is this brat?” Yingjian’s serious reaction took the crowd off guard.

Everyone shook their head since they didn’t recognize Li Qiye, let alone know who he is. He didn’t look like a master at all.

“Hmph!” A thunderous snort resounded. The soldiers made way as a group came forward.

This group consisted of many experts from Luo Faction.

“Yang Tin-, no, Faction Lord Yang is here.” The spectators put on a respectful act.

Yang Tingyu looked quite gallant with an exceptional presence. He wore a big robe while his cloak fluttered in the wind - definitely looking like an impressive lord.

“You’re the master in the ruins.” He coldly asked while glaring at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “My name is Li Qiye, people refer to me as Fiercest, remember this well.”

“Li Qiye, Fiercest?” The crowd exchanged glances of confusion. No one has heard of this person before. The guy was boasting about being the fiercest? That’s a very arrogant title.

Tingyu stared intensely at Li Qiye before speaking: “We’re not enemies. The Mu Clan will deal with your murder of that child. Today, it is an internal matter of our system, outsiders shouldn’t get involved. So, please, stand aside, don’t interfere with our feud.”

This respectful response surprised people again. Why was Tingyu so courteous towards this ordinary person? Remember, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Tingyu is standing at the apex in Stone Harmony.

However, he was right about one thing. In Three Immortals, outsiders really shouldn’t interfere with internal affairs or the feuds between members of one system. It was a known taboo.

Sects might be killing each other but they were still considered as part of the same system. They didn’t need others to get involved.

“Oh? That’s your problem but I’m here now. Be smart and scram or I’ll make blood flows like rivers.”

Jaws dropped to the ground and eyes started seeing stars. People couldn’t calm down.

“Does he not know who he is facing? That’s the number one master in our Stone Harmony.” One spectator blurted.

“Who the hell is he? Boasting like that against Yang Tingyu.” An older cultivator said.

“You!” Yang Tingyu’s expression soured while taking one step backward from shock. His eyes became fierce: “You are too arrogant, this is Stone Harmony…”

“I know. I won’t repeat myself again, scram.” Li Qiye interrupted with a hand wave.

Yang Tingyu turned red since he has never experienced such disdain before in Stone Harmony. While outside the system, everyone knew that he was an emperor’s disciple so even the experts treated him with courtesy.

Now, such public disdain forced him to make a move or his reputation and prestige would be gone with the wind. It would deter his ambitious path towards unification.

He decided to bark back: “You’re pushing it! Our Luo Faction has never been afraid of anyone before. Anyone who dares to act all that in Stone Harmony will become ours and the entire system’s enemy!”

“Sword.” Li Qiye ignored the guy and raised his hand.

The shocked Yixue regained her wits and brought her sword over. Li Qiye casually unsheathed the sword without looking over and said: “Flee now, or it will be too late once I make my move.”

“Get ready for battle!” The alarmed Yingjian commanded the soldiers.

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