Chapter 2570: Mingluo City (Teaser)

“I was just passing by, it’s no big deal.” Li Qiye said insipidly.

Nevertheless, the old man still thought of Li Qiye as his savior and bowed again: “My name is Wu Youzheng. Though you do not wish for repayment, just say the words in the future and I will come running and do everything I…”

He couldn’t finish because Li Qiye has already disappeared into the horizon. He didn’t care nor want to care about the old man’s gratitude.

The old man gently sighed while looking at the sky, aware that he has met a master. The guy was capable of destroying those tree demons so easily. Such masters were hard to get close to.


Li Qiye continued on with smooth footsteps. The pacing looked slow but he was actually traveling...

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