Chapter 2559: It’s Lonely At The Top

The destruction of the progenitorial image still left everyone in despair. Many couldn’t get up as if their strength has been sapped completely.

War King and his allies felt the same way. Their legs gave in as they dropped to the ground, powerless and paralyzed.

They stared at Li Qiye looming above, unable to lift a single finger. 

Even Wild Bull and the others were paled. They have experienced his power before and knew that he would win regardless of War King’s ultimate move.

However, to personally witness the takedown of a progenitorial image was an entirely different story. They became frozen just like everyone else while feeling an invisible grip on their throat.

Their prior assessment that he was at the progenitor level, but this assessment wasn’t as shocking as seeing him in action.

“You can’t be much stronger than this.” Ill Lord murmured.

Li Qiye turned his gaze towards the defeated combatants on the ground: “Your ultimate move isn’t that great.”

The ashen group opened their mouth but no words could come out. They have suffered a complete defeat with no chance of rising again. Death was coming for them; destruction for their sects.

Everyone watched with bated breath, waiting to see how Li Qiye would deal with them.

“I’ll send you off now.” Li Qiye chuckled and pointed one finger at them.

The group has already given up on struggling. They closed their eyes since resistance was futile. Plus, they have already expended all of their energy on the ultimate move and had nothing left.

“Pop!” The group turned into mists of blood with no chance to scream.

The mists eventually scattered to the wind. These powerful beings have fallen and didn’t put up much of a fight.

Myriad Formation Kingdom and Calm Lotus Monastery became quiet just like the rest of the system. Its inhabitants became speechless, overwhelmed with dread.

Even the winds subsided, not wanting to bother the great existence.

“This is the end. This contest for authority was just a game.” Li Qiye smiled.

The match has been decided. No one would dare to oppose him from now on. The throne was his for the taking once more.

“How boring.” He stretched before slowly landing down to Great Desolate Mountain.

Everyone was still on their knees to show their submission, not daring to disturb him.

“Your Majesty.” Liu Chuqing happily said and rushed forward into his embrace.

She prayed every day while he was inside the prison and was the happiest person to see his return. Anxiety no longer haunted her.

“You’re back…” She whispered intimately while weeping. She was afraid of not seeing him again - that the prison would trap him for an eternity. Her tears wetted both her eyebrows and his shirt.

“Silly girl, no place in this world can trap me.” He patted her soft hair and smiled.

“I, I really thought you couldn’t come back.” She put on a smile.

“I had to because you were waiting for me here.” He said.

She immediately turned red, looking like an innocent girl in love.

“Aa…” She cried out in surprise because he lifted her up and began to carry her into the stone hall.

“Your Majesty…” Embarrassment overtook her: “People are watching…”

“So what?” He domineeringly said and continued on his way.

She buried her head deep in his chest, flustered, and didn’t dare to look at anyone else.

Once she looked up again, they were already inside.

“What, what are we doing?” She became bashful because his hand was touching her buttocks while her legs wrapped around his waist.

She wanted to jump off but his grip was too tight.

“You tell me.” He smiled while lifting her exquisitely-sculpted chin.

“But the sun is still up…” She didn’t dare to meet his gaze. Her body trembled along with her voice.

“And?” He gave her a kiss.

“Mmm…” She found strength leaving her body, causing her to limp into his chest…


A hush fell over the system after the end of the battle. People were still prostrating in Nine-linked Mountains and only got up a long time after Li Qiye was gone.

One person stood up and looked at the sky: “Looks like the king will have another coronation soon…”

His senior immediately reprimanded him with a slap to the back of the head: “Nonsense! The land has always been under the rule of the king, so there’s no need for another coronation. Those fools simply overestimated themselves with the rebellion!”

“Yes, every sect will submit to His Majesty.” An ancestor solemnly stated his loyalty.

Even a fool could see how suicidal it was to go against the king right now.

“From now on, the five powers and War Saint Dynasty no longer exist, only the king.” A different ancestor said with reverence.

He shuddered after publicly voicing this opinion upon facing the reality of things.

Because of the king, the other powers became insignificant. No one else would have any say in his administration. He became the most supreme existence in the system with full authority that surpasses Lucidity King’s reign. He could do whatever he wanted now with impunity.

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