Chapter 2557: Who Is Unbeatable?

The circling of an entire galaxy culminated in the emergence of an unimaginably large hand. 

The spectators were slack-jawed at the sight of this sky-blotting hand. Not to mention a single sect or kingdom, it could smash the entire system into nothingness.

The frightened crowd finally understood why War King’s group considers this to be their ultimate move. Not many people would be able to stop it.

“Boom!” The sky vault shattered like glass with pieces flying around randomly.

The hand turned into a fist, flying straight for Li Qiye. The mountains and rivers lost their colors; everything turned gray. There would be nothing left of Li Qiye if he were struck by this punch.

“Damn!” People shouted in horror.

Li Qiye was still unperturbed and retaliated in the same manner as always - a single punch.

“Boom!” Despite the casual nature of the move, the resulting force was impeccable. Shockwaves instantly assaulted the world, heralding an apocalyptic scene.

“Is that enough?” People became doubtful because he didn’t use a weapon or artifact.

Though Li Qiye’s punch was boundlessly powerful, it looked like a mosquito before the onslaught of the great figure.

“Boom!” A terrifying sound shocked the world. So many people became dazed and temporarily lost their hearing.

The terrible shockwaves swept through and destroyed everything as if it was the end of days. The world fell into darkness, seemingly eternal damnation.

It took a while before the storm finally passed and came the light once more. Everyone looked up and saw the great hand created from the stars exploding. Though the figure was still there, its technique has failed.

“Look…” The collapse of the starry hand stunned everyone.

On the other side, Li Qiye was perfectly fine as his sleeves fluttered to the wind. He posed coolly as if nothing has happened.

“Impossible!” War King’s group turned paler. They thought the move would at least wound the guy but this wasn’t the case.

“How illogical, that move had the power of a progenitor!” An expert couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Normally, if someone were to say that dealing with a progenitor’s power was no big deal, the crowd would laugh at him - thinking that it was a ridiculous boast.

Alas, they had to believe right now after witnessing in person.

“Anything else?” Li Qiye nonchalantly asked.

“Clank!” The figure raised its hand and the imperial weapons flew out of War King and the others’ hands.

Control of these weapons has been taken from them.

With a series of clanking, these weapons fused together into a large plate.

It floated in the sky, surrounded by stars and laws. It became a newly-born world with the most primal and purest force of chaos energy. The laws of a progenitor and thick chaos aura made it seem that this was the beginning of time again.

“Boom!” The figure instantly attacked again, pushing down on the plate.

Walls of flames surged all over the system, turning it into a heavenly prison. The plate acted as a ceiling slowly pressing down on everything.

“That’s unreal!” Existences and experts were instantly forced to the ground. Even the ancestors couldn’t handle this pressure, unable to remain standing.

This terrorizing power instilled fear deep to the core. Everyone became drowned in despair. This was a heavenly prison robbing the sunlight for an eternity.

“Rumble!” Nonstop explosions detonated while the heaven and earth trembled; the myriad laws lamented as well.

“He can’t handle it this time!” Someone looked up and said.

Many experts strugglingly looked up and saw Li Qiye being pushed down from the sky now. Moreover, he was sinking deeper and deeper as the suppression intensified. His feet nearly touched the ground at this point.

“Li Qiye can’t match this insane force.” The spectators murmured.

“That’s a progenitor for you, not just anyone can face one. They are untouchable.” A youth found pride in this because their progenitor was no different from a god in their mind.

They thought that Li Qiye’s loss was to be expected.

“Bam!” The entire system violently shook as Li Qiye’s feet finally made contact with the ground. The system seemed to have been pushed down from this force.

He resembled a pillar trying to shoulder the pressure of the divine plate.

The crowd shuddered and became worried, not only about Li Qiye but also about whether the ground could handle this pressure. So many kingdoms and sects could collapse from this force.

War King and the others heaved a sigh of relief. This scene finally gave them hope.

“Just an incomplete set of ancestral weapons, nothing more.” Li Qiye chuckled after stabilizing his stance: “This so-called ultimate move is so disappointing. Fine, time to end this.”

“Boom!” He finally unleashed his vitality and reigned over the worldly laws.

“Bam!” He flipped over the plate before people could grasp the situation.

Just a while ago, it was gradually pushing him down inch by inch, but this reversal only took the blink of an eye.

The crowd had nothing to say. They were powerless before the suppressive nature of the plate but Li Qiye could flip it over with such ease. Just how much power did he contain?

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