Chapter 2556: Progenitor

Silence pervaded the area after the emergence of the four ancestral weapons. The crowd became emotional after finding out that their system still had these artifacts.

Everyone thought that the big sects would only have imperial and Eternals’ artifacts until now. It was indeed a reason for excitement to see not just one but four.

“Rumble!” Dao explosions continuously sounded as if the combatants were wielding a grand dao of their progenitor.

This grand dao became resplendent after being fueled by their own power. The progenitorial aura filled the world as if one was descending.

In the beginning, this aura wasn’t that massive and majestic - only a thin mist. Nevertheless, it still made the spectators feel as if there was a progenitor slumbering in Nine Secrets.

They got the sense that their progenitor has never left them before. The great being has only been sleeping underground.

Power surged from the ground with an oceanic momentum after this aura became more invasive. Each inch of the land was filled with dao power, seemingly coming back to life.

The land was affected by these weapons and exuded wisps of light. It didn’t take long before the system’s momentum was waking up.

“Boom!” War King and his allies released their vitality to the limit. True energy shot to the sky in massive streams. One could even hear something burning.

They clearly went all out, even going as far as burning their own longevity and true blood. This, in turn, would create a greater fuel to wake up their weapons.

Burning longevity and blood was very serious for any cultivator, especially for these Eternals near the end of their lifespan. Each year of life and each drop of true blood were precious. Perhaps they could even fall down before defeating the enemies.

However, War King’s group had no other choice. This was their only chance so they needed to use the strongest power of the artifacts to destroy Li Qiye in one move.

Success or death, simple enough. Unfortunately, even their sects would fall as a consequence.

“Rumble!” As top existences of Nine Secrets, they could muster the power of the land as well. Though they didn’t have access to the dao source, gathering a part of the system’s power was still possible - far exceeding the amount a young genius like Eight Formation True Emperor could borrow.

Because of this, the majestic power of the system spewed out like a flood. The entire land became bright with waves of grand dao rushing towards the group.

“Boom!” They channeled these various forces straight for the ancestral weapons. These artifacts resembled bottomless abysses and absorbed the energy.

Their auras intensified and ravaged the land. More and more people lost control of their legs and started dropping to the ground.

“Buzz.” The divine rays from the artifacts pierced through the sky, revealing runes and totems shaping up to be a portal.

An archaic aura descended from within and drowned out the system.

“The progenitor!” Everyone shuddered, feeling too familiar with this aura since it has permeated across the system for numerous years.

In fact, it has accompanied every living being in the area for their entire life. This was the most primal aura in Nine Secrets - the aura of their progenitor.

“Boom!” The sky seemed to be splitting apart as a figure stepped out of the crack.

This was only a shadow created from the power of Nine Secrets. Everything became as small as specks of dust in comparison - the stars, mountains, and rivers…

Even the Eternals felt unworthy before this figure. They looked up with reverence.

When the figure opened its eyes, one could see a flowing temporal light. This was a being that has experienced countless years.

It was capable of creating anything in this world without any difficulty - the profundities of the grand dao and the mysteries of the myriad laws.

“Progenitor!” People shouted.

Not just in Nine-linked Mountains but many all around the systems got on the ground and started worshipping this great figure.

“It’s really our progenitor! We’re looking at our progenitor right now!” An emotional few started crying with tears streaming down their cheeks.

Even the ancestors became emotional after seeing the figure.

Though they knew it wasn’t their real progenitor, just this image alone was more than enough. It was an honor for any system’s member to witness something like this.

“Boom!” The figure floated in the sky and faced Li Qiye.

War King and the rest held their breath. They were pale and completely drained, having spent all of their vitality. They wouldn’t be able to use it for the second time. Losing would mean losing everything.

They silently prayed, hoping that the protection of their progenitor would be enough to suppress Li Qiye.

“It’s about to start.” The spectators watched with bated breath.

“There’s no way the king can match this.” The older experts quietly claimed.

They weren’t underestimating Li Qiye; it’s just that their progenitor had an exalted position in their mind.

Since they were born in Nine Secrets, they believed that everything they got was thanks to the progenitor. They didn’t believe that anyone else could defeat this great being.

It would be a painful matter for many disciples of Nine Secrets if Li Qiye were to win. Most considered him to be the underdog versus this image.

However, the ancestors had a serious expression, not feeling completely confident in the image’s ability to defeat Li Qiye.

“Boom!” The figure reached forward with its right hand and slightly waved, causing spatial ripples. The stars in the sky immediately gathered around it.

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