Chapter 2553: Time To Fight

War King’s group heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Ill Lord and others back off.

Their enemy was still Li Qiye so they didn’t want to expend energy on different people, resulting in further complications.

Nevertheless, this retreat still stirred their minds. It couldn’t be just Li Qiye saving them from the prison to justify Ill Lord’s subservience. Maybe their prior speculation was right, that Li Qiye was unfathomable.

The group knew that they couldn’t physically defeat Li Qiye so they placed their hopes on their secret move. It was very frightening and saved them from being destroyed by Lucidity King during his prime.

The secret move emboldened them and also necessitated obtaining the robe. Why? Because once Li Qiye understood the rope, their secret move wouldn’t be as effective and they would be in deep trouble.

Without the threat of this move, he could pressure or destroy their sects whenever. Thus, they would lose everything when there’s a lack of deterrence.

That’s why they could support him to be the king, but he needed to hand over the rope!

“Let me see your ultimate move.” Li Qiye glanced at the group and smiled.

War King glanced at the other three. In the end, he said: “Your Majesty, we don’t need to fight since we’re all disciples from Nine Secrets. Plus, you and I are from War Saint Dynasty.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smirked at this soft attempt at reconciliation.

“We have no prejudice or animosity towards you.” War King went on: “It’s just that the rope is the lifeblood of our system. We were merely hasty and anxious since this pertains to the wellbeing of the people, so please forgive us for our impudence.”

“Go on.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye, acting as if he was just a fun-seeking spectator and this had nothing to do with him.

“We want to support and obey you with full loyalty. No sect in the world will say no to you, Your Majesty.” War King continued.

The crowd exchanged glances. Some started thinking that War King wanted a truce.

“But only under the condition that I hand over the rope.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Your Majesty, you can’t put it that way. Nine Immortals Rope is a peerless artifact, virtually invincible. Such an item means everything to the system so it should be carefully safeguarded. The ancestors of the world like us wish to uphold this responsibility. The rope itself still belongs to you and when you need it, you can still summon it.” War King elaborated.

“Your Majesty, Your willingness to concede the supervision of the rope will show your selflessness and love for the system. This will only make people want to follow you, including us. At that point, Calm Lotus Monastery from top to bottom would be more than willing to die for you.” Calm Lotus Supreme Ancestor joined in.

“Yes, my Bingchi Clan will plead our allegiance as well.” Juezun stated his stance: “The millions of disciples from our clan will obey you even if it means marching towards our death.”

“My Myriad Formation Kingdom is ready to obey.” This respective ancestor revealed his attitude.

The crowd started talking among themselves.

One murmured: “This doesn’t really seem like a bad deal. The rope will just be under other people’s supervision, trading that for full authority? That’s good.”

The more insightful ancestors sneered. So what if the king had the guise of full autonomy? Their ultimate move would always be a threat to him, similar to how it used to be during Lucidity King’s reign.

“Your Majesty, as you can see, you lose nothing but gain the obedience of the world, allowing you to start a new age of prosperity, surpassing everyone before you and will be surpassed by no one after you. Your name will forever shine in the historical annals, what say you, Your Majesty?” War King tempted Li Qiye.

The most important thing for them right now was to get Li Qiye to hand the rope over before he could comprehend it completely. If he were to understand it, then everything would be too late.

They would have no place left in the world - all of their sects could turn to ashes at any moment.

Lucidity King naturally thought about destroying the five great powers in the past in order to create a supreme dynasty never seen before in Nine Secrets. They felt that Li Qiye would have the same ambition.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I don’t care about winning the hearts of the people or their obedience, same with your loyalty and what-no. It’s fine for anyone to disobey me because I’ll just flatten them afterward. That’s not hard at all.”

He then stretched: “Alright, I hope you all spoke enough to get everything out of your system. No more wasting time, prostrate now or lose your head.”

His opponents’ expression changed, realizing that a truce was impossible.

“You think you can sweep through the entire world, that no one in Nine Secrets can stop you?” Juezun shouted.

“Who’s going to stop me? I just need a few punches to destroy ants like you.” Li Qiye looked at them and said.

“Brat, I want to see how you will take us down with a few punches!” The furious Myriad Formation Supreme Ancestor lost his cool and roared. 

He has been restraining himself for the overarching goal despite the irreconcilable feud. The attempt has failed so he reached forward and summoned a diagram with metallic ringing.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Pieces of divine metals appeared around his arm.

“Boom!” The plates and the diagram combined, resulting in an eruption of flame.

“Buzz.” A gigantic portal emerged with runes painting the sky. 

A great hand materialized from the runic portal, carrying a majestic immortal radiance.

The suppression of this palm could seal an entire world. Everything would crumble like dried branches.

The crowd was absolutely horrified by this technique.

“Child’s play.” Li Qiye also reached forward and grasped the world in his palm.

“Bam!” Li Qiye grabbed this descending palm and dragged it to the ground in a merciless manner.

This, in turn, swept the supreme ancestor from Myriad Formation Kingdom off his feet. He was smashed against the ground, vomiting blood everywhere.

“Ah!” His runic arm was then ripped apart by Li Qiye; blood gushing everywhere.

This scene was too much for the spectators to take.

A supreme ancestor couldn’t handle a single move before losing his arm - such a tyrannical and overbearing showing of strength.

“Take this, junior!” Juezun roared. The floating weapon above him, Allbreak, surged forward and turned into a massive citadel.

“Boom!” Juezun pushed the citadel straight at Li Qiye with both hands.

It was as heavy as the high heaven on top of being pushed by Juezun’s considerable force. This combination became immensely destructive.

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