Chapter 2552: Frightened

Numerous members of the old generation still remembered Ill Lord so dread overwhelmed them.

“That’s a monster of an existence.” An ancestor turned white and murmured.

“He’s really that strong?” The juniors noticed his ancestor’s expression and became inquisitive.

“Strong is not the right word, that’s why I said monster.” The ancestor took a deep breath: “Some believe he’s stronger than Lucidity King. Listen, in order to capture him alive, Lucidity King and Immortal Emperor Jiu Ning had to work together on top of mobilizing troops. That’s the only way to get him.”

“Wow…” The group got a good idea of Ill Lord’s power after this clear comparison. Everyone lived under Lucidity King’s reign in fear and couldn’t do anything about it. This guy was even stronger?

“Moreover, Ill Lord was actually Lucidity King’s Senior Brother. He had better aptitude and comprehension. If he didn’t leave Nine Secrets System back then, Lucidity King might not have been able to take the throne.” An older ancestor interjected.

“Really?” The older experts became afraid.

Everyone looked at him was frightened as if they were seeing Lucidity King in person again.

The three supreme ancestors and War King’s heart skipped a beat. As top masters of the system, they obviously knew about Ill Lord and how strong he was.

War King, in particular, was actually Ill Lord’s senior. Ill Lord’s display of talent during his youth was insane. If he didn’t leave Nine Secrets, his achievements might have been even greater than True Emperor Jiu Ning. It certainly couldn’t have been inferior.

“It would be strange if Nine Secrets didn’t decline when idiots like you are in charge.” Ill Lord glared at the group with disdain.

The group turned red, becoming quite exasperated. Unfortunately, they couldn’t muster a retort since they have lost to Ill Lord before, War King included. Not one of them could take him on. Of course, they had secret moves but someone like Ill Lord should have plenty of evasive methods.

“Ill Lord, it’s no fun with you showing up, this fight won’t be fun now.” Wild Bull begrudgingly said.

“You all stand to the side, I’ll take them on alone.” Ill Lord replied, completely looking down on his foes.

The others didn’t have the will to retort against someone who has beaten them before. Defeating him would require the use of their secret moves, but these moves were meant for Li Qiye, not Ill Lord.

The spectators saw the frustrated group and thought that Ill Lord was powerful indeed. Otherwise, his opponents would have lashed out already.

“Ill Lord, don’t be so arrogant. This arrogance is why Lucidity King was able to throw you into the prison.” War King uttered coldly.

“Lucidity King? He would need to take the long way around after seeing me! Only True Emperor Jiu Ning in Nine Secrets can handle me. The rest can’t do anything.” Ill Lord replied insipidly.

Despite the flat tone, it sent an aggressive message looking down on the world. Ill Lord has always been an eccentric and proud character. This personality of his remained even after the long imprisonment.

He clearly didn’t respect Lucidity King even after being captured. This was understandable since he wasn’t weaker than the king. His loss stemmed from the emperor herself.

“True Emperor Jiu Ning is so strong.” People understood that she was more powerful than her father after hearing a first-hand account.

“That’s how it should be, the True Emperor probably has twelve palaces now.” Someone whispered.

“Like father, like daughter.” An old expert commented.

Lucidity King was strong but his daughter was even more impressive. That’s why she left Imperial for Immortal Lineage.

“Ill Lord, you are unjustifiably haughty. We might not be able to take you one on one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take you down if you continue to push us!” Bingchi Juezun coldly said.

“Is that so?” Ill Lord looked at him and said: “Still the same old moves, no improvement at all. You claim to have peerless weapon mastery, but that’s only due to Allbreak. If you’re so capable, then take out your clan’s hidden weapon, but I guess you can’t.”

“You!” Juezun was furious at this revelation.

“So the legend is real.” An ancestor murmured.

“What legend?” His juniors became curious.

“It states that their emperor’s strongest weapon isn’t Allbreak. There’s something even more powerful named Force, nearly as strong as an ancestral weapon. However, their clan has never used it before, looks like they don’t have the right controller.” He explained.

This wasn’t quite a secret among the older generation but many considered it to be a false rumor. After listening to Ill Lord, they realized that it was indeed the truth.

“Ill Lord, cease your impudence. Don’t make us take you down today.” Calm Lotus Supreme Ancestor threatened.

This ancestor was much more forceful and contentious compared to Juezun. This wasn’t strange because he was far stronger than the latter.

People glanced at each other, thinking that this group truly came prepared. Otherwise, this ancestor wouldn’t be so domineering right now.

“What is their ace card?” Both the young and old spectators became curious.

The fact that they could go hard against Ill Lord showed the power of these hidden moves. If it was enough to handle Ill Lord, it would have been enough to take care of Lucidity King as well. No wonder why Lucidity King still had qualms in the past despite having full control.

“We’ll see how many times you can use it. You all only have one thing that could have scared Lucidity King back then. Very well, I shall have a taste and see if it’s enough to suppress me.” Ill Lord’s eyes turned fierce with this declaration.

This provocation prompted his opponents to ponder. They were naturally confident in this move. Alas, it was meant for Li Qiye.

If they used it on Ill Lord, they didn’t know if they could use it to the fullest potential for the second time against Li Qiye.

This put them in a difficult spot. They only came for the rope, not to create more enemies. Their opponent was only Li Qiye but if they were to back down after those strong words were thrown, all face would be lost.

“Ill Lord, don’t trouble them now. They’re here for me so let me deal with them. All of you, stand aside.” Li Qiye chuckled and waved his sleeve.

“Yes, Young Noble.” Not to mention the four, even Ill Lord cupped his fist and bowed before backing off.

They didn’t need to interfere if Li Qiye wanted to join in. They knew full well that his opponents were nothing - same with their ultimate move.

“Damn, he’s cool, those masters all listen to him. You can’t find a better group of followers, that’s a real king for you.” People were startled to see Ill Lord’s group being so respectful and became envious.

“Well, the king saved them from the heavenly prison to give them another chance at life, so he’s like a second father to them. That’s why they listen to him.” Someone murmured.


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