Chapter 255: Chi Xiaodie’s Doubts

Chapter 255: Chi Xiaodie’s Doubts

Because the matter of his sister’s marriage was brought up, Chi Xiaodao softly sighed as his normally cheerful mood was dampened. Even though his sister was the princess of the Lion’s Roar Country and was made out of golden branches and jade leaves with her high status, she couldn’t decide her own fate.

After winning the support of Chi Xiaodie, Chi Xiaodao finally gathered enough money and went to buy the medicinal ingredients from the sect.

After he left, Chi Xiaodie glared at Li Qiye with her golden eyes, revealing a cold glimmer. She said with some gravity: “If you dare to trick my little brother, I will be the first one to kill you!”

Li Qiye didn’t care as he shrugged and smiled: “You want to kill me? You are welcomed to try, but unfortunately, you have to wait in line. There are too many people who want to kill me at this moment. But no matter how this line was formed, you’re definitely not the first in this line ah.”

Chi Xiaodie simply snorted at Li Qiye’s attitude. Without a doubt, she didn’t trust Li Qiye as she was maintaining her antagonistic and cautious attitude towards him.

On the other hand, Li Qiye essentially didn’t care for her attitude. He smiled and left the yard to take a stroll throughout the Lion’s Roar Gate’s territory.

At the same time, Chi Xiaodie scowled and followed Li Qiye. Of course, she was not friendly enough to be his guide; it was more accurate to say that she was supervising him.

“There’s no need to be my tail and follow me like this. This much property of your Lion’s Roar Gate is really not enough for my taste!” Li Qiye nonchalantly stated his thoughts about Chi Xiaodie’s supervision.

Chi Xiaodie was very unhappy with Li Qiye so she drily retorted: “You don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth — so conceited and ignorant! A dog’s mouth will never be able to spew out ivory!”

Of course Chi Xiaodie was annoyed with Li Qiye’s response. Even though their Lion’s Roar Gate was not a grand heritage, it still had a considerable amount of strength and their outlook was still quite optimistic. At the moment, Li Qiye spoke as if it was not worth a single coin, so how could Chi Xiaodie remain at ease?

“A girl should be more soft-spoken and have a gentler attitude!” Li Qiye glanced at Chi Xiaodie and freely spoke: “If you are a bit more friendly, then maybe out of love for your ancestor, I can think about taking you in as a maid; personally, I personally still want a maid to take care of my daily necessities!”

“You!” Her complexion immediately turned ashen from anger. With a clanking sound, she suddenly drew her sword and, with a murderous shimmer in her eyes, she coldly spoke: “Do you believe that I will kill you right now or not?”

How could she not become angry? She was the golden child of the Lion’s Roar Gate, the princess of the Lion’s Roar Country. As a Royal Noble, it was not outrageous to call her a heaven’s proud daughter. [1. Golden Child is originally one thousand gold, but that sounds a bit weird in English. However, one thousand gold is a common phrase to describe royal/noble ladies.]

And now, this little demon before her was spouting out craziness and even wanted to take her in as a maid. This was truly degrading her! It would be strange if she didn’t lose her colors from rage.

“Forget it, it is you who chose not to take this opportunity!” Li Qiye only glanced at her while gently shaking his head; he was too lazy to say anything else.

At this moment, Chi Xiaodie was shaking with anger. She had met many arrogant people, but this was the first time she had seen such an overbearing egotism to this extent! While looking at this little demon ahead who had his don’t-give-a-damn attitude, her face turned beet red and she wanted to chop him up with her sword. However, in the end, she managed to calm it down.

As he casually strolled through the Lion’s Roar Gate, he eventually glanced at Chi Xiaodie and asked: “Recently, did your Lion’s Roar Gate get besieged by a powerful enemy?”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Chi Xiaodie angrily exclaimed: “My Lion’s Roar Gate does not have bad relationships with outsiders, so how could we have an enemy besieging us!?”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye stroked his chin and let out a long laughter: “In my opinion, the younger generation of your gate is actually really relaxed. There are plenty of ordinary ones coming and going. On the contrary, experts of the last generation are hiding, and they are not leaving their positions. Is this the state of secluded meditation of your elders and protectors?”

“What does it have to do with you?” Chi Xiaodie’s expression slightly changed as her golden eyes narrowed. It was as if she was in deep contemplation due to a certain something.

Li Qiye noticed the change in her demeanor and smilingly commented: “You are not too dumb! It seems like there is a problem with your Lion’s Roar Gate! It is just that they are not telling your group of juniors.”

“Hmph, stop blabbering at this place. If the elders hear you, they will take you in and question you!” Chi Xiaodie coldly warned.

While her words were cold, her heart was shivering. She thought about something, and this something had to do with her.

She did not pay attention to this matter prior to this. However, with Li Qiye’s reminder, she couldn’t help but recall about this particular matter. While being slightly shocked, she glanced at Li Qiye and didn’t expect that this arrogant brat was so observant like this!

During the afternoon, Chi Xiaodao came back after buying the medicinal ingredients from the gate. He immediately spoke after seeing Li Qiye: “I’ve bought all the other ingredients, but I’m still missing one Rotten Underworld Bean!”

“Rotten Underworld Bean?” Li Qiye’s eyebrows slightly batted after hearing this. He then said: “I almost forgot about this. This item is indeed a bit hard to buy. We will go outside a little bit; maybe the stores run by the Immortal Emperor lineages will have it.”

“We should go to Eastern Descent City. Eastern Descent City can be considered the first or second best city in the Eastern Hundred Cities. That place will surely have it!” Chi Xiaodao quickly suggested.

Li Qiye nodded his head and said: “I will go as well. You are still a novice and I’m afraid you won’t be able to discern the Rotten Underworld Bean. If you actually buy an Underworld Bean that was rotten, then it will be a great loss.” [2. My guess is the actual Rotten Underworld Bean isn’t rotten.]

“I will go with you guys!” At this moment, Chi Xiaodie — who was gazing at Li Qiye — also exclaimed.

Chi Xiaodie was gazing at Li Qiye as if he was a thief. This caused Chi Xiaodao to feel quite awkward for he was at a loss of what to do.

“Fine.” Li Qiye didn’t mind Chi Xiaodie’s attitude so he leisurely replied: “It is a nice thing to have a beauty as company during a trip. The only flaw is the lack of gentleness; otherwise, it would be quite fitting to cure one’s loneliness!” Having said this, Li Qiye then winked at Chi Xiaodie.

Once again, Chi Xiaodie was driven livid by Li Qiye. Countless people always adored her and repeatedly spoke flattering words, yet this little brat right here dared to say such things in front of her. It would be strange if she was not exasperated.

“It is best to watch your foul mouth!” In the end, Chi Xiaodie snorted and turned around to leave.

After she left, Chi Xiaodao finally became relaxed. His eyes turned and began to laugh: “Hehe, Brother Li, what do you think about my big sister?”

“About what?” Li Qiye looked at Chi Xiaodao’s strange demeanor and replied: “She’s very far from being virtuous!” [3. Virtuous here is the virtues of a lady/wife — wise and kind/perfect in her traditional roles. Personally, I think gentleness fits here more for a localisation but I’ll leave virtuous in.]

Chi Xiaodao wryly chuckled and didn’t give up. He continued to ask: “The truth is, my big sister is very protective of me and is only afraid that I will be tricked. Normally, she is actually very gentle and virtuous. Hehe, in my opinion, Big Brother Li is talented and knowledgeable — definitely a dragon or phoenix amongst men. You’d make the perfect pair with my sister.”

Chi Xiaodao actually wanted to pair his sister together with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at him and only smiled without saying anything else. He didn’t want to diminish Chi Xiaodao’s goodwill. With his requirements and expectations, taking in Chi Xiaodie as his maid was already very forced. Out of sentiments for the Chi Clan ancestor and Lion Monarch Ba Xian, he could still train her for a bit. However, as for becoming his wife…

“Since Brother Li did not object, does that mean you are interested? Heh, do you want me to say one or two good things about you to her? Even though my big sister may say some harsh words, her heart is very soft. Maybe it won’t take too long to change her opinion of Brother Li!”

Since Li Qiye did not voice his disagreement, Chi Xiaodao kept on trying to pair the two of them together.

“I am still young and I still have a very long road to tread!” Li Qiye smiled a bit and slightly shook his head.

“When you think it through later, you have to let me know. I will be the one to connect the red string for you two.” [4. Red string of fate is also referred to as the Red String of Marriage (and other variants). This is an Eastern Asian belief that originated from a Chinese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or to help each other in a certain way.]

Although he was disappointed, Chi Xiaodao still didn’t give up. At this time, Chi Xiaodie impatiently urged them on from the outside: “Hurry up, what are two grown men gossiping about inside?”

“Let us go.” Chi Xiaodao smiled and told Li Qiye.

Eastern Descent City was a famous city in the eastern part of the Mortal Emperor World. It had been established for a very long time. Someone even said that when the Mortal Emperor World came into being, Eastern Descent City was already there.

It was extremely prosperous, and this had a lot to do with its ancient history along with the geography.

It was adjacent to the four most powerful heritages and countries of the Eastern Hundred Cities. To its east was the Eternal River School, the west was the Heavenly Dao Academy, the north had the Ice Feather Palace, and the Brilliant Ancient Kingdom was to its south.

Keep in mind that outside of the Heavenly Dao Academy, the other three were all Immortal Emperor lineages; one could only imagine their might. As for the Heavenly Dao Academy, it was not any weaker than an Immortal Emperor lineage. Its prestige ran side by side with the War God Temple, and the world’s inhabitants referred to them as the two original lineages of the human race!

Even though Eastern Descent City was adjacent to these four powers, it did not belong to any of them or any sect. Its status was very special; as the source of the human race, it was untouchable by any sect!

Because of its geographic and social advantages along with its independence, it became extremely prosperous as one of the richest cities in the Eastern Hundred Cities.

Although the Lion’s Roar Gate was only a small country, it was very close to Eastern Descent City and the Heavenly Dao Academy so it did not take long for the group of Li Qiye to arrive.

While standing outside and overlooking the walls of this ancient city, Li Qiye’s heart began to recall a myriad of memories of this ancient city that belonged to the human race. It was not an exaggeration to call it the place that gave birth to the human race!

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