Chapter 2549: War King

More time has passed. The prison’s entrance remained black with no discernible activities.

“Looks like a miracle won’t happen.” A spectator murmured: “Yeah, the king is dead now. What a shame, he could have surpassed Lucidity King yet he threw his life his away so carelessly.”

“You’re right.” People sighed and lamented at the loss of talent.

“Buzz.” The disappointment in his death was interrupted by a light pulsing from the cavernous entrance of the prison. Strands of light took form, weaving together into a gate.

“Look over there, what’s that?” Some spectators finally noticed and shouted, garnering attention from the rest.

“He’s really, really coming out!” Liu Chuqing who has been watching the entrance each day murmured, ecstatic.

“Yes.” Hanyu was happy as well even though it was within her expectation due to her blind confidence in him.

“Whoosh!” A figure rushed to the sky and landed on top of Great Desolate Peak.

“It’s really the king!” People finally got a good look at the person.

“Simply unbelievable, he broke a curse existing for millions of years.” One ancestor said with disbelief.

“It’s a miracle, he might be the only one who has left the prison alive in the history of Nine Secrets.” An old True God gasped, only believing this because he witnessed it with his own eyes.

“Unfathomable.” Southpeak Woodcutter dropped his pipe to the ground and murmured: “My old eyes were still muddled. He is far more terrible than my imagination. Ordinary progenitors can’t stand before him.”

“Truly boring.” Li Qiye smiled and reached for the prison.

“Rumble!” The entire thing surged out of the ground and shrank in size, before turning into a tiny cage in his palm.

The miracle of the ages shocked the crowd already but now, he even took the prison for his own? This man was invincible. The world should submit before him now.

“Boom!” Four pillars of light in the mountain range shot to the sky like four illuminating suns.

Three majestic figures appeared on top of a floating pavilion with a dominating momentum.

They could suppress the eight directions and crush the sky vault with their terrible auras. It didn’t take long before the presence of Eternals permeated this sect.

“The supreme ancestors want to make their move.” Everyone retreated since they knew a fight was coming.

“One can’t be stupider than this.” The woodcutter picked up his pipe and wiped it clean. He glanced over at the figures in the sky and sneered: “They actually think their ace moves could suppress him, such daydreaming. Even a progenitor is not enough right now. When will they realize the horrors of the monster they are facing?”

“Now that’s more like it.” Li Qiye looked at the opponents and smirked.

“Creak.” The heavy gate made out of stone at the pavilion slowly opened, revealing a man sitting cross-legged.

This is a burly old man in full armor. It emitted a majestic and fierce battle intent. Though his hair was white, he still looked vigorous and ready to fight just like a young combatant.

His eyes were especially bright and intimidating. People couldn’t help but shudder, feeling both dread and respect.

“War King! He’s still alive!” An ancestor became startled.

“The king from several generations ago.” A few old men recognized the title. One murmured: “After his abdication, he joined Sacred Cabinet and became one of its strongest ancestors. When Lucidity King took over, his fate was unknown. Everyone thought he got killed by Lucidity King. Who would have thought that they were just hiding?”

War King was quite famous and the dynasty also prospered under his reign, albeit not to the same level as Lucidity King’s rule. He was a good king and a powerful Eternal.

Everyone assumed that someone like him would lead the cabinet and fight Lucidity King to the death, so his presence right now came as a surprise.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty. Your return from the heavenly prison is worth celebrating, a blessing for our system.” The old man kowtowed towards Li Qiye with a smile.

This respectful act surprised the crowd once more. Just a while ago, these characters showed up with fierce momentum. The spectators thought that they were coming for the king in order to capture him.

“What? They’re not attacking the king?” Someone blurted out.

Everyone started exchanging glances of bewilderment.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye calmly accepted the congratulatory remark.

“The great land of Nine Secrets still requires your rule. We are here to welcome you back to the dynasty and your throne. May you direct the world once more.” War King smiled and slowly said.

“Your Majesty, the citizens are blessed to have a brilliant and talented ruler like you. Everyone believes that your reign is mandated by the heavens.” The supreme ancestor from Calm Lotus added.

This particular ancestor looked quite young, at least among his peers. He looked educated and gentle like a scholar.

The crowd thought that they were completely wrong before. These people didn’t come to take down the king but to welcome him back instead?

“No.” Someone disagreed: “Myriad Formation Kingdom shouldn’t be up for this.”

It was one thing for War King and Calm Lotus Monastery to support him. Calm Lotus had no prior conflicts with him, and War King was from War Saint Dynasty anyway, so his support made even more sense.

On the other hand, Myriad Formation Kingdom had an irreconcilable feud with the king. There was no way they would welcome him back.

“And?” Li Qiye looked at them and said flatly.

“It is in accordance with customs to have an offering ceremony for the heavens. This event will herald prosperity to our system, so such a great event requires a supreme artifact as the offering. Your Majesty, please take out the Nine Immortals Rope to start the ceremony for an age of opulence.”

“Oh. So much blabbering, should have just gotten straight to the point. You want the Nine Immortals Rope?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Hand over the rope and everything will be easy.” The supreme ancestor from Myriad Formation Kingdom finally spoke. He snorted: “Hmph, you will still be the king of Nine Secrets with full authority, a lord who can order the rest of the world.”

This ancestor was straightforward, unlike the other members of his group.

In fact, it wasn’t easy for him to use this slightly-neutral tone towards his sworn enemy since he wanted nothing more than to tear Li Qiye to pieces right now.

“Nine Immortals Rope.” Everyone finally understood the purpose of these great powers. So they came for the king’s artifact.

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