Chapter 2547: An Immortal Or A Devil?

The group saw him and quickly composed themselves then kneeled on the ground while shouting: “Greetings, Young Noble.”

They have been won over completely by this master. Working for him would be an honor.

“It’s time to go since there’s nothing left to do here.” Li Qiye patted his hands and smiled.

“Young Noble, you were successful?” Wild Bull wasn’t one to hold his tongue in the group: “What did you get from there, really an item for immortality? 

“Want to take a look?” Li Qiye glanced at him and chuckled.

Everyone became excited. Even Ill Lord couldn’t continue acting cool and took one step closer.

There was no doubt they wanted to see the item but hesitated from asking directly.

“Of... of course, I do.” Wild Bull spoke without thinking and scratched his head: “I’ve never seen an item of immortality before.”

Since Wild Bull had already spoken up, the rest of the group no longer needed to hold back. Golden Dragon smiled: “Young Noble, will you broaden our horizon by letting us see how magical the item is?”

“Young Noble, it must be an immortal grass?” The lady became anxious as well.

“I suppose I can let you all see it.” Li Qiye took out the black soil and gave it to Wild Bull.

“Young Noble, are you messing with us? This looks just like the mud in my old fish pond.” Wild Bull didn’t expect to be given something like this.

“Idiot.” Ill Lord slapped him on the neck and glared: “Your fish pond’s mud has this majestic life force capable of gestating three thousand worlds? If that’s the case, you must be an immortal, so why are you trapped in this god-forsaken place?”

Wild Bull immediately took another look at the soil: “I think you’re right.” 

“What kind of mud is this? Immortal mud?” The scholar carefully observed and became startled: “I’ve never seen muddy soil at this level before. It really can gestate three thousand worlds.”

“If there are immortals in this world, then it makes sense for you to call it immortal mud.” Li Qiye chuckled: “But since there are no immortals, this classification is inaccurate.”

“What is it then?” The lady joined in: “I actually think that one can grow any immortal grass with this soil or even an entire world.”

“You need the right seed for that particular type of grass in order to do so. If you want to plant a world, then you need a world seed as well. As the saying goes, even the most talented housewife can’t make rice without grains.” Li Qiye answered.

“So you’re saying it can really handle an entire world?” Golden Dragon looked at the soil with widened eyes.

“You have a world seed?” Li Qiye retorted.

“Uhh…” Golden Dragon didn’t know how to answer since he has never seen a world seed before. Who knows if one even exists?

“Young Noble, you said that there are no immortals in this world, but where else can such a fertile piece of soil originate from?” Ill Lord had a deeper reflection on this issue. The rest only viewed the soil as a great treasure.

“Who knows? That’s beyond your reach right now.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Haha, Young Noble, there is no one else here, just tell us.” Wild Bull didn’t show any reservation.

“You really want to know?” Li Qiye smiled and pointed at the land: “Who do you think this prison is meant for? Your group? No. Look over at that pit, inside is an incredible existence. This prison was built solely for this being. You’re all just insignificant intruders. Now, look at the yellow sand here. The crystallization process seen in every speck started from the most terrible true fire employed by this being to burn the chains of captivity. This went on for long enough to give the sand its current texture.” 

He went on: “Just imagine, this person was already imprisoned so definitely not at their peak state. The true fire was only a tiny part of their power. From that, one could infer the being’s original power.”

The group felt dread, even Ill Lord who has correctly predicted this already.

“But who can imprison such a great existence?” Ill Lord murmured.

“That’s the interesting part.” Li Qiye smiled: “Do you think the imprisoned existence is an immortal or a devil? If he’s an immortal, then his captor must have been a devil. If he’s a devil, then the captor must be an immortal.”

This topic was very interesting yet daunting to the group. Ill Lord was the first one to speak again with his hair standing on end: “But there are no immortals in the world.”

“The terrors of this world are beyond your imagination.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The group got cold sweat all over since Li Qiye had broadened their horizons with knowledge about the world. A while ago, they were prideful and confident in their own abilities.

They knew that they couldn’t fight against progenitors, but they were still at the top of Imperial Lineage - capable of looking down on the rest of the world. Only progenitors were above them.

This was especially true for Ill Lord. He didn’t care for anyone below the progenitorial realm until now.

They found the world was much bigger than expected. The real masters were something else.

“I guess we’re really just ants.” Ill Lord emotionally concluded. The rest didn’t say anything because they were inferior to Ill Lord; this wasn’t a conversation they could join in. The four of them together couldn’t take him on, let alone someone even stronger.

“Time to leave this place since there’s nothing else here.” Li Qiye said.

“We’re leaving now?” The scholar’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“Really?” Wild Bull was even more out of control: “It’s about time to leave this hellish place, haha, it has trapped us for an entire generation. I was gonna go crazy pretty soon.” 

Ill Lord was eager as well, wanting to move on from this chapter of his life.

They used to think that they would follow the footsteps of those who have died here, eventually turning into bones. Being able to actually leave this place alive was a dream come true, so their excitement was understandable.

“Where do we leave from?” The scholar asked.

“Wherever your heart is.” Li Qiye said: “The prison’s exit is not fixed since it doesn’t have one in the first place.”

“It doesn’t? Then how do we leave without a path?” Ill Lord became confused.

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