Chapter 2544: Death Pit

Wild Bull led the group across the heavenly prison. Time seemed to be stagnating in this place. A thousand years could pass in the blink of an eye; a myriad years were nothing but ephemeral. 

Who knows how long the group has traveled for?

“Young Noble, it is ahead.” Wild Bull eventually stopped and told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked over and saw billowing murderous energy, almost like a raging tempest.

Before them was a great abyss. Its murderous energy intended on tearing everything apart in this place.

Any existence jumping in wouldn’t survive for long since they would be turned to pieces.

It seemed to be a natural entity. The gold sand common in the prison wasn’t found here. The walls were made of shiny rocks, almost like crystals and jewels - very pleasing to the eye.

Who would have thought that this murderous pit would be so beautiful inside?

Li Qiye took a deep breath to taste the air. He nodded: “This is the right place.”

“Yes, this is indeed the most mysterious location in this prison.” The lady added: “We have checked every other place here during our imprisonment and found nothing, with the exception of this place.”

Li Qiye commented while looking at the pit: “Great Desolate Heavenly Prison, true to its title. The heat starts from here.”

This beautiful, crystallized pit was the origination of the heat and the cause for the special specks of sand found everywhere.

Perhaps the flame had raged on for so long here that a pit was created. The mud and stones were incinerated into crystals. If this continued, perhaps the pit would grow in size until nothing was left.

“Young Noble, you mean this particular pit is meant to trap someone incredible in the past?” Ill Lord noticed something from Li Qiye’s comment.

He was stronger and more knowledgeable than the rest. He was aware that the entire prison has been incinerated before in order to have this current appearance.

“Well, let’s say that this prison is meant to trap a tiger. You all are mosquitoes in comparison.” Li Qiye smiled.

One would be hard-pressed to find stronger masters than them in Imperial, but they couldn’t even get angry due to the great gap.

“Hmm…” Ill Lord stared at the pit and started becoming afraid.

The thing imprisoned here must have been something else. He believed in Li Qiye’s comment, that the prison wasn’t built for lowly characters like them.

“Stay here, I’ll go take a look.” Li Qiye ordered before jumping into the pit.

“Boom!” He emitted an absolute aura. The Primordial Tree appeared and poured down its dao, granting him the protection of the world.

He became an eternal lord; the gods were mere ants beneath his feet. With a single thought of his came an entire world and all creations. Just a wave of his hand could start the temporal flow of myriad ages. All bent their knees before his coming.

The group was scared out of their mind and became frozen before his tyrannical presence. They shuddered and realized that Li Qiye didn’t go all out earlier in the slightest. 

“This is definitely at the immortal progenitorial level, right?” Poison Phoenix Lady gasped. Even someone as arrogant as her became speechless before this power.

“It can’t be far off even if it’s not at that level.” The scholar forgot about playing with his fan this time around.

“No, you’re mistaken, this is at least at the immortal level, or even superior.” Ill Lord said seriously.

“But I thought an immortal progenitor is the highest level. There aren’t that many of them in the history of our three worlds.” Wild Bull was stunned to hear this.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the three immortals.” Ill Lord responded.

“That’s only in the legends.” Golden Dragon said: “We can’t take it as fact since there’s no way to verify those stories.”

“Don’t be so sure.” Ill Lord had a profound gaze: “Just because we aren’t aware doesn’t mean something doesn’t exist. The rumors and legends have to start somewhere, right?”

“Ill Lord, are you saying that the young noble is an existence like the three immortals?” The lady said with disbelief.

“I don’t know.” Ill Lord shook his head: “Anyway, the young noble’s power is unfathomable, we’ll never be able to reach him. Offering our allegiance is a wise move, not an opportunity we can get under normal circumstances.”

“Yes, the hidden dragons and crouching tigers are incredible.” The scholar said: “We once viewed Lucidity King as a great rival, but he is nothing, just another cultivator in the eyes of some existences, such as the progenitors in Immortal Lineage. And as for us, all we’ve achieved so far are completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.”

The group became quiet, even the hot-headed Wild Bull.

In the beginning, they didn’t accept Li Qiye’s comment about them being ants entirely. After all, few were stronger than them in Imperial Lineage.

But after this moment, they were completely overshadowed by his might. Their usual arrogance and pride dispersed like smokes.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye rushed down the pit while being protected by his aura.

The murderous energy crazily attacked but couldn’t hurt him at all. This was still not on the same level as the sea of tribulation.

In fact, the scariest thing about this pit wasn’t this corrosive energy but rather the bewitching illusions.

Once he entered the pit, a drumming sound whispered in his ears. Such a sound would incite various emotions, such as anger and unwillingness - enough to make people jump up and down.

It was akin to seeing a mortal enemy. One wouldn’t be able to restrain their fury; their eyes would turn red, wanting to leap forward and tear the opponent to pieces.

The farther down, the worse it became. One’s dao heart and mind would be affected. Rage and fury would overwhelm everything. Even the most unyielding would eventually go crazy.

No wonder why the group warned him. This pit played to one’s anger, causing people to lose control and rationality from past hatred and indignation. 

Alas, this mental attack didn’t affect Li Qiye at all. His dao heart was as tough as steel, simply immovable. 

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