Chapter 2535: The Ancestors

Silence reared its head again in Nine-linked Mountains in a dreadful and suffocating manner.

Ma Mingchun’s death didn’t carry the same weight as the emperor’s.

Many were certainly shocked and became afraid of the king after Mingchun’s demise, but Eight Formation True Emperor was a rising star. He had so much potential and would reach a higher realm in the future.

Mingchun was a settling sun, standing at his apex. That’s why his death wasn’t as shocking.

“The end of a genius…” An expert bitterly smiled.

In fact, some didn’t know how to feel. Ever since his birth, Eight Formation True Emperor was destined for greatness due to his excellent bloodline and incredible talents.

Moreover, his characters and personalities were top-notch, a dragon among men. Everyone knew about how hard he had trained in the dao, so his current accomplishments were expected.

So in a sense, they believed that he had superior genes and would become as bright as the sun, the symbol of the young generation.

On the other hand, the king was an illegitimate son, hidden away by Lucidity King. Moreover, he became a tyrant after inheriting the throne.

So it was a case of a prodigy versus a prodigal tyrant. Unfortunately, the hero of the story lost today. Reality was often cruel and ironic.

Nevertheless, all they could do was stare at the king in fear, not daring to utter a word. Saying no to him right now was courting death and complete extermination.

Li Qiye recalled the three immortal swords and stared towards the direction of Myriad Formation Kingdom: “Well, at least you are still acting like a proper ancestor.”

People also looked over at the kingdom after hearing this. They remembered that it also has one of the five supreme ancestors. Some believed that outside of Lucidity King, the five ancestors were the strongest in Nine Secrets.

However, this ancestor didn’t interfere during the duel between the emperor and the king. No sneak-attack either, unlike Ma Mingchun. He still didn’t take action to save the dying emperor.

“Why didn’t that supreme ancestor help?” A youth asked.

His ancestor glared sternly at him and said: “Cultivators don’t only focus on strength but also characters. A supreme ancestor represents his sect and the juniors, so one can’t act in a despicable manner. It would reflect badly on his own forefathers and ruin the reputation of his sect.”

“Indeed.” A different ancestor agreed: “After all, this was a fair duel between the emperor and His Majesty. Plus, the emperor managed to maintain his prestige and reputation.”

Some recalled the ambushes from Tang Hexiang then Ma Mingchun. Both of them were prestigious characters: an Imperial Guard Commander and a Central Commander who was also an Eternal.

Everyone was surprised when they decided to ambush Li Qiye and looked down on them for doing so. 

Nevertheless, this had an adverse effect on young spectators. If these big shots could ambush others, then why shouldn’t they do so as well? This terrible thought consumed some of the youths’ righteous dao.

“It’s one thing to start a fight with a number advantage, that’s already bad enough.” One ancestor firmly asserted: “But a sneak-attack is utterly contemptible. If everyone in the system is despicable to this level, the system will fall into ruins in due time.”

“I agree. Eight Formation True Emperor did a great job. Though he had passed away, he still put up a just and honorable fight, a death befitting that of an emperor. The ancestor from Myriad Formation Kingdom at this crucial moment properly composed himself, not ambushing to save his sect’s talent.” Many ancestors agreed with this viewpoint.

They were afraid that the bad examples set by Ma Mingchun and Tang Hexiang might affect their young disciples. This was a good time for a lecture to fix their mentality.

“Boom!” Endless light surged from Myriad Formation Kingdom, culminating in a fire burning in the wild blue yonder and illuminating the realms.

A gigantic figure appeared inside the kingdom, stately and mighty, stars above his head and oceans below his feet.

People couldn’t help wanting to bow to this old man. A frightening aura of an Eternal took Nine Secrets like a storm.

“The supreme ancestor of Myriad Formation.” People could see him despite the great distance.

“Wait, does the ancestor want a part in this too? Going all out against the king?” Some speculated.

“What other choice do they have?” An old expert said: “The king is invincible. Once he takes back the throne, Myriad Formation Kingdom will be the first on his list, so if they don’t go all out now, when?”

The crowd glanced at each other. This feud has indeed escalated beyond mediation. 

“And to think I’ve just praised you. Losing your patience?” Li Qiye smiled at the massive figure.

“Boom!” Another pillar of light erupted from the Bingchi Clan.

A sonorous clanking of a weapon resounded; other weapons in the world resonated back with a hum as well.

Another old man emerged with a weapon floating above him. It emitted endless imperial might, seemingly capable of suppressing every other artifact.

“Supreme ancestor of the Bingchi!” Another shouted.

“That’s Allbreak.” One ancestor recognized the weapon floating above his head.

“Weaponbreak True Emperor’s artifact, Allbreak!” The experts became startled.

Allbreak was rumored to be the Bingchi’s strongest weapon.

Their patriarch, Weaponbreak, was a peerless blacksmith and his masterpiece was Allbreak. Some believed that it was on the same level as ancestral weapons.

“Is this really happening?” People glanced at each other.

“No…” Bingchi Hanyu’s expression darkened. She didn’t want her clan to be destroyed.

“Well, it’s not surprising, they’re allies.” Another whispered.

Ever since the siege, these two have formed a marriage alliance. They were on the same boat now and needed to act together against the common enemy.

“Boom!” At the same time, another divine beam rushed to the air with a holy affinity.

A man came out of the light, looking quite transcending.

“Calmlotus Monastery’s supreme ancestor…” His appearance was more shocking than the other two.

“What is going on?! Are the ancestors crazy? I told them that we can’t oppose the king!” It was Qin Jianyao’s turn to be astounded.

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